Dull and Lifeless Drama Posters for Shine or Go Crazy Does the Opposite of Impress

I gotta give MBC credit for the level of epic fail on the promos for upcoming fantasy fusion sageuk Shine or Go Crazy. Remember well that this meshed genre was also used to describe last year’s laughable mess Records of a Night Watchman, which let’s not forget also aired on MBC. Sure ROTC led the ratings for a very weak competition stretch, because apparently viewers prefer nonsense bad acting over dullsville. Shine starts next Monday on Jan 19, taking over the time slot from Pride and Prejudice, coming in at an inopportune time where the former ratings leader P&P has fallen to the bottom behind Punch and Healer.

Same thing happened on Wed-Thurs MBC K-drama Mr. Back, starting well and falling off the cliff is too often a MBC thing recently. I love Jang Hyuk but this sageuk looks like a boring hot mess already. I also think he’s way too seasoned a serious sageuk vet to be doing moony fated-romance bits not to mention I find leading lady Oh Yeon Seo mostly unappealing to watch onscreen. The latest lackluster promos include cloying OTP posters while the group drama poster brazenly identically copied the RotNW group poster, exchanging only the moon for the stars. Is it too late for Hyukkie to bail?

Did no one at MBC ever think twice about visually plagiarizing a group drama poster from its own network? I see Im Joo Hwan shoved into the corner and that’s making this even more unappealing for me. Worse part is everyone looking like wax figures, especially the love triangle poster right above. It’s actually kinda freaky to look at.

Jang Hyuk’s solo posters are the only good thing to come out of this drama’s promotions. My favorite is the first pic that has shades of Yoo Seung Ho in Warrior Baek Dong Soo. Sometimes I feel this charismatic man is born in the wrong era or at least was really a warrior during his previous life.


Dull and Lifeless Drama Posters for Shine or Go Crazy Does the Opposite of Impress — 19 Comments

  1. This drama smells like a disaster. Jang Hyuk is great! But for some reason, I never liked Oh Yeon Seo…….

    Hopefully this drama turns out good! 🙂

    • I miss watching sageuks T_T Where have all the good historical dramas gone. So many awful ones lately, the terrible Night Watchman and now this. I am not a big Jang Hyuk fan, I feel he overacts a lot of the time. His tics and antics follow him to each role.

      I really want to like this drama, because I prefer the pre-Joseon era, where all the fighting were always between the Noron and Soron aka Moron ministers.

      ps. If anyone has a recommendation for a Chinese historical drama please post.

      • Try Chuno which Jang Hyuk masterpiece, the best fusion historical drama. I also don’t like Korean saguek, but Chuno is totally different genre.

      • I feel the same wrt Jang Hyuk. And Korean sagueks just don’t appeal to me. They all look like they are operating on a budget too tight, like the TVB ones. Anyway, recently Empress of China is really popular in China. If you’re not too bothered by the censored edition you may want to have a look. I think there may be places where you can catch the original version, but I’m not sure.

  2. I want to see more of IJH!!! Ahhhh..

    I didn’t know he’s playing the villain here. Not sure if I am up for this drama anymore…sigh!

  3. The premise of star crossed lovers is always good for me, but this looks uninspiring. Pass!

    BTW! Ms K! The last Kenshin is out with all the subs! Have you seen it? *squeee* (sorry for the spam I just needed to let that out *flies away*)

    • Where in the world did u get subs? :O as far as I known there are none available. There’s a couple floating out there that are terrible. I never watched with any of it past the first scene. There’re grammatical errors and term and expression errors. There’s no way you can suffer the whole movie with it 🙁

  4. Their promotion for this drama is dismal at best. To bad since I like the cast. I will still watch but I worry for this dramas chance at any type of high ratings

  5. Why are all three in that trio picture and JH in his solo pics wearing dark lipstick and tan makeup? Too zombie, undead looking and gives off strange vibes for the show. Is it that kind of far out sageuk? I like JH and hope it doesn’t tank.

  6. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hate all you want
    but the previechws look really good
    the costumes are beautiful too
    i’m watching this for Oh Yeon Seo anyway,the currently promising actress

  7. Actually Pride and Prejudice gained back its top spot with the last episode.
    At least MBC is doing better than the rest of major broadcasting channel.
    The outfits i’ve seen so far have been the best in saeguk i’ve ever seen.

    OYS is one of the best leading actress too. Never paid attention to her before but jangbori has shown how good she is.

    And sorry that she is climbing to the top 10 best actors since last year unlike those fading actress who have lost their fame with continuous failure of low rating dramas and has to accept movie with a co star of criminal. *cough*

    • well, if u like then u like. No need to bash other actress. i see what u did there. And i think i know which actress u refer to. Co star with a criminal or not, it none of ur business i suppose.

      • I think it’s up to people to bash anyone as the writer aleo bash th actress of this drama , i’m free to bash anyone as well

      • The writer can write whatever she wants because it’s HER blog. She gave an opinion about Oh Yeon Seo but the post-er above gave a low blow to another actress, and one that the writer loves. Unnecessary and immature.

  8. am i the only one who like the poster? I do find it beautiful and magical.
    The teasers are really nice too. I just hope the writer and MBC won’t butcher the drama and wasted such amazing casts.

    I watched the making of the poster and the casts look good with colourful costumes. I wonder why they have to photoshopped the colour to be so dark.

    I’m dissappointed by the cancelation of Three Muskeeters so at least i hope this will quench my thirst for beautiful saeguk.

  9. Actually I really like the concept of this drama so far… I don’t know if u saw the trailer but they are so funny ^^!
    I also find Oh Yeon Seo a promising actress, in “Unexpected you” she was sooo good in the role of the bad sister, and I have to admit that she also looks really beautiful in the photos bts.
    Hope u’ll give a chance to this drama 😀

  10. I watched this drama. It’s a mixture of romance, action, and humor. If you watch this, you will be hooked up since you laugh at the same time will be fascinated with the action scenes. There’s a bit of political struggle but all in all you will enjoy this drama.

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