Jay Chou’s Agency Releases Official Video of His Ornate Wedding to Hannah Quinlivan

For those who have a romantic fairytale and/or princess streak, the wedding of Taiwanese music genius Jay Chou to his very pretty and very young now-wife Hannah Quinlivan will be right up your alley. The wedding and reception all took place in England, fulfilling both Jay and Hannah’s dreams of having a very romantic traditional fairytale-esque event. The price tag for staging the ceremony at┬áSelby Abbey in North Yorkshire followed by the reception at nearby Howard Castle reportedly came to a whopping three quarters of a million US dollars (around $730,000 to be exact).

For walk down the aisle, Jay composed an instrumental piece that he had the assembled full orchestra play for the ceremony. Apparently the wedding start time was delayed because notoriously prickly perfectionist Jay had to run through the orchestral arrangement for the piece multiple times before he was satisfied. Jay’s agency released an official 2-minute video of the entire wedding and it’s seriously quite lovely if a bit over-the-top. Only 50 guests were invited to the ceremony so it’s nice of the couple to release the video to share with their fans. As long as the couple is happy so congrats again!

Jay’s custom tux was by Alexander McQueen while Hannah’s monstrous princess style wedding dress was custom made by a team of European designers with her design specifications, especially the heart-shaped open back lace detail. Her diamond encrusted tiara and necklace totaled about $2 million dollars and was Jay’s gift to his wifey, and Jay also footed the bill for the entire event without taking a single sponsor dollar which is how he controlled every detail and kept everything under wraps. Below are some pictures from the reception at Howard Castle

Jay and Hannah’s wedding at Selby Abbey:


Jay Chou’s Agency Releases Official Video of His Ornate Wedding to Hannah Quinlivan — 13 Comments

  1. Some girls just have all the luck. Not that I care for Jay Chou but one would die for a wedding like that. I love her dress. I like that she’s young but she opted for classic gown.

  2. Our sincerest best wishes and congratulations to the newly wed couple. It was indeed a fairy wedding every woman would dream of. Truly envious, hope they will live a happy and fruitful life together “Till death do they part”

  3. Really hate Jay for setting the bar up so high for our fantasies! Everytime I look at that unbelievable castle and the decor and the cakes…I want to cry out of jealousy!!!! :'( TOO DAMN RICH!!

    Anyhow, lolol so many hearts were broken that day……. Know too many people who were super, super sad. Love Jay and his music, but I suppose I accepted it and don’t exactly feel heartbroken, but am kinda sad :'( (I feel like I’m just sad cuz the wedding looks too unbelievable -___-) Quite a lot of people don’t approve of Hannah (I understand), but I guess I’m not too against it. Just think that this girl is just sooooooo extremelyyyy lucky! Must’ve done some good deed in her previous lifetime hahahaha

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