Kim Hyun Joong Fined by Police for One Admitted Instance of Injuring His Ex-girlfriend

The Kim Hyun Joong assault allegations case came to a surprising end this week, surprising for me only because I thought it was completely over after he issued a public written apology to his ex-girlfriend for physically hurting her in the past and she subsequently dropped the charges against him. Turns out the Korean justice system isn’t as douchey as it sometimes appears to be as the investigating police department just announced that Kim Hyun Joong has been fined 5 million won (approximately $5000 US dollars) for physically injuring his ex-girlfriend in the one incident which he acknowledged happened.

The police statement explained that Kim Hyun Joong admitted to injuring his ex-girlfriend but explained that it was not intentional. Turns out he was just showing her a martial arts move and accidentally hurt her. But because there was physical injury regardless of intent or reason, the police therefore wrapped up the investigation into this incident only even after the ex-girlfriend dropped her charges against him after getting the apology she asked for. In the end the investigation concluded that Kim Hyun Joong did injure his ex-girlfriend therefore he was fined for that one incident.

Now that I’m done writing about the latest turn of events in this case, can I just unleash my inner snark now? He hurt her while “showing” her some “martial arts moves”? Seriously? Jinga? Really? Honto? So he just took method acting too far from headlining the period street fighting drama Inspiring Generation (Age of Feeling)? I never took him for a method actor and this coming from someone who loved him in Playful Kiss even if his acting ability was still way too middling to even be called a legit actor. My suggestion for Kim Hyun Joong is to henceforth only play characters like Ji Hoo sunbae from Boys Before Flowers and also a warning to his future girlfriend/wife to avoid being in his company when he’s cast to play a serial killer/abuser/sociopath since it appears he is unable to keep acting from seeping into his real life. As for Kim Hyung Joon, the fine seems ridiculously low for causing a broken rib regardless of intent. His fans have been looking forward to his upcoming comeback through a new Japanese album so this news likely won’t affect their affection for him in any way.


Kim Hyun Joong Fined by Police for One Admitted Instance of Injuring His Ex-girlfriend — 23 Comments

    • I agree. Also another sad thing is that even though he admitted to this crime there are still people who defend him because he is their “oppa”

      • Yes that’s right. The difference was that he pressed charges but it seemed so harsh to imprison them even though blackmail is wrong… Couldn’t they just get a big big fine?

      • @Shue Rei – Two wrongs does not make one right. It was right for the girls to be fined because blackmail is illegal, just like breaking someone’s bones intentionally is a crime. I think KHJ got out of this unscathed which is disgustingly unfair. If the girls did too, that wouldn’t make it less fair.

  1. I guess KHJ thought she was that tree… Facepalm. Irks me to see he has the gall to release a new album. Where’s the remorse and shame.

  2. WTF. It’s unbelievable that he just gets fine such a pittance sum. What is USD5k to him? He can get it back easily with album n concert sales. Maybe even CF. There should be a jail term !! Looks like domestic abuse is acceptable in Korea but not blackmail. Regardless whether his ex pressed charges or not, there should be a heavier punishment then that pittance fine. Even more disgusting are his delusional fans who still insist he’s innocent. It’s so messed up!!

  3. Nice one.
    You would think that with such dedicated method acting he would be a much better actor. *sarcasm*
    I feel for the girl but she prob loves him enough to let him off. Well..her choice. But stay away KHJ you are a sad piece of work.

  4. Next time when I get charge for assault, my reason is that I’m practicing my MMA skills. Gotta train hard, even if it means practicing it on a love one. 😀

    On a serious note, Shame on KHJ. I hope he gets a taste of his own medicine.

  5. I can not believe that sexual and domestic violence is still accepted in such a progressive country like S.Korea. Over and over again, I read about the harsh fines and TV bans against ‘criminals’ like gamblers or tax evaders, but rapists and beaters have their agencies buy their way out of taking responsibility by blaming the victim. It’s shameful on the industry, the celebrities, and the fans who accept such behavior.

  6. What i heard is that the girlfriend cheated on him. check your information sources very well, before judging. After all, he’s human too

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