Preview for Episode 5 of Hyde, Jekyll, Me Finally Shows Potential and Spark

I’m feeling pretty optimistic now that the first four episodes of Hyde, Jekyll, Me are done and I’ve vented my disappointment. The preview for episode 5 is the first time I’ve gotten excited about what’s to come, it genuinely looks fun and interesting now that Seo Jin and Ha Na are going to be living together. I’m glad I like Seo Jin already at this point, mostly because his suffering and torment makes him the more interesting one compared to Robin’s beatific smiles and compartmentalized thinking that he can exist merely as a selfless presence in this world.

Life’s not that easy so it makes sense that the good Robin does generates negative consequences in other ways, and that appears to be driving Seo Jin’s rigid self control to keep Robin at bay. The previews show Ha Na perking up considerably once she lives with Seo Jin, and anything is better than so far when she’s shown only the combination of being damsel in distress and confused unwitting participating plot device. Ha Na does have more chemistry with Robin mostly because Seo Jin just antagonizes her, hopefully the cohabitation will force some mutual empathy soon.

This is one drama where the drama stills are prettier and more alive than the actual scenes in the drama. Not sure exactly where the disconnect is but Han Ji Min is delivering the attitude in the pictures but falling flat when seen in action. Hopefully she really will get better otherwise she’ll end up a Jin Se Yeon in Dr. Stranger, shippable if her character is the one the lead actor loves but lacking the connection with the audience that comes from good acting.

Episode 5 preview:


Robin: I’m know you’re angry but I’m angry too. If you make the person who allowed me to exist cry, then you’re dead.

Seo Jin: If you use my face to say that line again then you’re dead!

Ha Na: From today on, two days one night, destination Suncheon. Thank you for cheering me up.

Seo Jin: Are you crazy! Did your brain short circuit? Otherwise how dare you do that! We agreed to never pretend to be the other but you…..

Ha Na: Don’t get hurt. Why do I care if you’re hurt or dead. Live well. Immediately leave my house! What’s going on?

Seo Jin: Until then, let’s go back to the old rules, me during the day, you at night.


Preview for Episode 5 of Hyde, Jekyll, Me Finally Shows Potential and Spark — 31 Comments

  1. I think episode 4 actually had some spark. I am so happy, I don’t want this to be a flop for Binnie!! Hoping it just keeps getting better! Thanks for the recaps!!

  2. It’s passion. Not necessarily passion as in lust. More like passion and emotions when delivering the lines. Otherwise she is so bland why the hell would a good looking rigid tight-ass man fall for her? The McDonald’s service staff says perkier delivery lines than her. Here being Australia.

    She reminds me of the people delivering memorised lines at present. Give me some spark. I want her to ignite so badly with her male leads. I feel zilch inclination for the other guy and her as well.

    And maybe the PD could speed up any scene by making any random scene about 15 to 30 sec shorter? The directing is so so slow.

    • The sad thing is, she was actually really good in Fatal Encounter, where she actually worked with Hyun Bin but wasn’t playing a bland Candy – she was his step-grandmother and out to kill him!

      and yeah, tighten up that script already. Who’d have thought a Hyun Bin drama would turn out so meh.

  3. Do you think he intimidates her? I mean HB not the character.
    She was so good with Yoochun – totally boss – but here she’s too stiff, at least so far.
    I think it picked up, too, in ep 4.
    I have hope for the show if the creative team is listening to the complaints.
    Do you remember how the heroine in That Fool/The Accidental Couple started out too cool, then Kim Ah-joong warmed up. That is when the drama took off for me.

    • Hmm maybe it was cause Yoochun was younger than her so she was more comfortable? Since they can talk informally without any worries

  4. I agree that ep. 4 picked up. The only place I fast-forwarded was at the end with Robin and Ha Na. They were trying to make it romantic, but without that connection between them it was just blah and boring, at least for me it was painful enough to skim through.

  5. Thanks for the recaps and updates! The fact that Han Ji Min has more charisma in the stills than in the show is a sign that it’s not so much her acting that’s the problem here, as it is the directing and script. I remember liking her in “Rooftop Prince.” But the writer here gave her a one-dimensional character who interacts with other one-dimensional characters. (Though I can’t decide if HB is playing one two-dimensional character or two one-dimensional characters.)

    I wish HJM was outstanding enough to do something with this part in spite of the script, but I can’t put all the blame on her for the snoozefest OTP. The director seems to believe that swoony music and “romantic” plot devices are more important than getting the characters right and drumming up some chemistry.

  6. Sadly i’m not feeling it i want to but i don’t see any spark between the leads. “Han ji Min is delivering the attitude in the pictures but falling flat when seen in action” 100% true HJM is lifeless on screen she lacks charisma and the Pdnim or writernim should start fixing this first otherwise the otp will be wasted for sure.

    • I think han ji min performs pretty. She has great chemisfry with Hyun bin. Besides, the drama is getting more and more interested.

      • I means han ji min performs pretty well. Please don’t allways criticize someone due to your bias

  7. Even though I really do love this drama and will support it, I would also like to see the drama really step it up. Critics are right – the scenes are just a little too long and there are too many like that. Just a few key ones ok – then we know but not all of them. They really need to spice it up. I still maintain that HB and HJM have chemistry but it is lost somewhere between the script and the editing. I would like HJM to inject more life into Hana and for the director and editor to allow that spunk come across. She shows traces of it and then it’s back down to flat.

    Fighting!!!!!!!! 🙂 I want to see the story more in terms of SJ. Getting his neatly organized life turned upside down better give us some sparks!

  8. there was already an improvement on ep4 but it’s still slow. there were many random scenes. i even prefer scenes with Seo Jin since there seems to be genuine emotions whereas when it comes to Robin, i feel all the gay and happiness seems forced. it’s kinda sad OTP wise since there are more to look forward to on the SJ-Robin end than on the real OTP itself. though i have high hopes for in the upcoming episode.

  9. Agree with ck10z and Jomo.
    Memorised lines is what it felt like – eg. her “confontation” with Seo Jin in his office after the gorilla attack. I mean the guy manhandled you and you were barely indignant – there was no “I’ve gotta rein in my desire to slap this guy cos I need to save the circus” feel about it.
    McDonald’s service staff is perkier… LOL!!!!!

    And the slow – so true, so true.The scene where the attacker chased after Ha Na and tried to throw her off the rooftop – It took a whole 2 minutes of movie time – for Robin to appear, strip and strut and then still make it in time to save the day.

    Anyway – still sticking it through – I really hope it gets better.

  10. Because of that, thanks God, I’m so glad Han Ji Min turn down Valid Love. Or else Valid Love will be less memorable for me. Uhm Tae Woong has more chemistry with Lee Si Young than with Han Ji Min in Ressurection

  11. I have never felt such overwhelming sisterly united “looking for the silver lining” kinship than the fervent hopes HJM improves. @jomo @nonski@ lovedramas @Madkr @ck10z We’ve been through worse together haven’t we, ladies?

    • Agreed ms koala!
      I supposed because there IS quite a promising story set up if excecuted right.

      I’m quite happy with ep4, felt the story was tighter and the preview for ep5 looks fun.
      HJM was better in ep4, I’m beginning to feel that ep1 and 2 were simply badly directed and written. Which is kinda wierd … Might be better if the characters to be introduced differently…for the viewers to connect first before romance or danger.

      In any case drama is picking up from 3 onwards/ I see marked improvement in ep4 which I enjoyed watching and didn’t have to really slog through it just for hyun bin (I did for 1 and 2)
      I’m beginning to like some characters and contrary to some comments here I didn’t find the ep4 scenes too cheesy and some were actually quite pretty and nicely filmed (underwater world/ snowy car ride)

      It’s beginning to feel promising…I mean Binnie vs Binnie. Day and night and omo robin pretending to be Sj? Nice direction for some comedy, I like! Thank gawd because I’m really hoping for this drama to pick up! And the best chemistry in the show belongs to robin and seojin. Currently the OTP for me.

    • Amen to that Capt. K!!! Even when the HJM threads turns into a half kmhm thread, I will still be here posting about hjm… Til the bitter end LOL. Oh boy, really hoping it sincerely improves for our sake and the cast/crew’s sake.

  12. Hyun Bin’s acting is overrated. So Ji Sub, Jo In Sung, Jang Hyuk even Eric who has idol background are better and versatile than him. Stop complaining Han Ji Min’s acting.

    • Lol I just wrote a reply that we seemed to be having a civilised commenting section. And back to the usual name calling and comparison again from fans who cannot accept negative comments of their bias.

  13. I am OFF Topic but I have to say how happy I am that too many actors turn down” Kill Me Heal Me” before Ji Sung and Hwang J Eum and gave us for one more time the chance to witness:
    A. the acting talent of Ji Sung ,
    B. the amazing chemistry between Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum.

    • Right? i just love them together! they are like a bomb (and that was proved in secret). i watched almost all HJE recent drama episodes endless love and didn’t love her charcater there (and the drama itself was a mess) but in KMHM she remind me why i like her as actress. and Ji Sung is another level for me. he was awesome in secret but here he’s a joy to my eyes. if i watch certain drama and it makes me want to rewatch the episodes that means i’m addicted!

      • I am so with you!
        hahaha did you see him as Yo Na ?
        Ji Sung deserves a Baeksang award for this role.
        When he is together with HJE on screen doesn’t feel like 2 pieces of puzzle fitting together?
        Ockoala can you please write for KMHM so we dont have to use the space of JHM?

      • Of course, yo na was so cute! i plan to rewatch this episode again:)
        indeed this role of his deserves Baeksang and Daesang (but pity the drama airing so early so maybe another actor will take it) but i hope he will take top excellance award together with HJE and let’s not forget couple award naturally.
        For me their chemistry is one of the best i seen in recent’s like they have some tension between them. that was why i loved secret so much and one of the reasons i like KNHM.

      • I So agree with you Kill Me Heal Me is just adorable and honestly it is just to hard not to talk about because of how great it is!


    Seriously, if the audience is complaining about an ost being overplayed in the first episode it’s featured, you’ve got yourself a problem. And i never complain about baek ji young.

  15. I think it strange that Ha Na is able to train and not be afraid of a gorilla, which they never really showed or explained since the first episode, but she was so afraid of the masked man. The choking scene was funny too. For one they never show how she gets from the elevator where she fell to where the man was choking her. Then she didn’t even fight when he was doing it. She just hung over the edge of the balcony. It was contrived to me. Not well done at all. And then why they act like Robin is some kind of monster chasing him around with stun guns is a question they should answer. It’s not like he attacks people and tries to kill them. Too many crazy things so far. I hope they give us more story and stupid stuff.

  16. Don’t know about you guys, but i’m sticking around for HB . yeap i’m shallow but i love him and i won’t give up on him and the drama so fast. i still hope it gets better from now on. in worst case scenerio i simply won’t pay attention to hana scenes lol.

  17. Wow! Some people here are extremely negative. The drama improving each episode, despite a slow beginning. I really think that there is good chemistry between Him and hb. People who don’t like this drama: don’t watch this and go somewhere else.

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