Filming Starts on the Kim Hye Ja Lead Female-centric K-drama Unkind Women

Those bemoaning that the K-drama landscape is a wasteland of no good roles and stories for women might have be seeing a shining beacon of hope soon. Filming is underway for the upcoming Wed-Thurs KBS drama called Unkind Women which takes over for the forgettable sageuk The King’s Face. KBS still hasn’t had a real hit drama in the weekday slot for quite some time and the network has definitely tried various disparate genres and stories without much success. Maybe a story about the lives of women in one particular family might resonate with the viewers, who knows?

I’m in it for the incomparable Kim Hye Ja and her return to drama land after four years away. It’s been that long since she did one of the best K-dramas of all time in I Live in Cheongdamdong, made all the more amazing since it was a daily drama that aired on cable no less. Joining Kim Hye Ja in her family of Unkind Women (hope it’s not literal) are her daughters played by Chae Si Ra and Do Ji Won (love them both!), and playing the patriarch is everyone’s favorite gramps Lee Soon Jae. The younger generation is less my cup of tea but at least it’s fresher faces all around with Lee Ha Na romancing Song Jae Rim while Kim Ji Suk plays his older brother with his own love line.

This cast really is packed with insanely talented actors and actresses including the additional presence of Son Chang Min, Park Hyuk Kwon, Lee Mi Do, and Seo Yi Suk. Directing is the PD who did My Daughter Seo Young, Brain, and God of Study while the screenwriter did When a Man Loves, Equator Man, and The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry. Unkind Women is slated for a 24-episode run from February through May.


Filming Starts on the Kim Hye Ja Lead Female-centric K-drama Unkind Women — 13 Comments

  1. I’m glad poor Park Hyuk Kwon gets to play a nice husband this time around. I’m also kind of curious as to who exactly Kim Ji Suk is supposed to be romancing other than Lee Ha Na? In any case, I have a soft spot for those big old dysfunctional weekenders so I’ll probably check this one out.

  2. Cast & writer & premise: One of the most interesting projects this year for me. And sistermance: 1 drama every 5 years or so with this angle: I can’t miss it!

  3. I might be in minority, but I find King’s Face one of the most enjoyable dramas airing right now. I just wish that there was no love story in it, it’s cheesy, cliched and all around cringe-worthy.

    As for Unkind Women, I have my doubts. Son Jae Rim can’t act (yes, he is adorable on WGM, but that has nothing to do with his acting skills) and Lee Ha Na made me drop King of High School.

    • Woah finally someone that doesn’t like SJR acting I literally thought I was the only one! He’s hot & all but honestly his acting is plain of course I don’t mind him as he’s not annoying & stuff… But he’s as great as everyone says.

      • Actually, there are lots of people who aren’t impressed with him.

        I’m just a very noisy fangirl so it looks like a lot of people like his talent. huhuhahaha~

        (Also, I’m very sorry about that…. XD)

    • Lol. Agree. His acting is lackluster and I’m in the minority that doesn’t find him all that attractive either. But I’m looking forward to this because I think he’ll fare better not playing second fiddle and has room to expand his character and range. I also like Lee Hana and Kim Ji Suk, so it’s great to see them also given the opportunities to do more. 🙂

  4. Wow that’s one heck of talented actors, from Granny/Grandpa, to mothers/fathers to younger generation!
    I would love to see Kim Ji Suk gets the girl this time, although it’s unlikely.

  5. I was initially interested in watching this, until I realized the writer is the same as the one who wrote When a Man Loves, and Woman Who Married Three Times. The latter’s ending was SO ugly that it completely ruined the entire drama for me, and I still can’t get over it! :} WAML was horrid too but thankfully I dropped it before I could be too adversely affected by it. The writer writes compelling characters but somehow there’s a horrid feeling in the aftermath.

    • Like @ Rina said, you got your writers mixed up. WAML was bad but I loved loved loved Kim In Young’s The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry (aka Still Marry Me) so I know she has the writing chops however inconsistent. But that’s NOT the same drama as The Woman Who Married Three Times (Thrice Married Woman) which I abhorred.

  6. I beg to differ, actually. I find SJR quite a good actor for a newbie. Yes, he was forgettable in Flower Boy Ramen Shop (I mean, come on that was his first foray in dramaland and a very minor role), but I think he made quite an impression with Inspiring Generation, Nail Shop Paris and Moon Embracing the Sun (can’t say anything about the mermaid one since I haven’t seen it). I mean every character he plays is different and nuanced from the other, and that’s not a small feat to accomplish from a self-taught actor. He’s got a lot of growing to do in his craft, of course, and I have a feeling he took this role to learn from all the fantastic sunbaes in the cast. So I for one, can’t wait to see him hone his acting skills and succeed. 🙂

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