China’s Top Actress Zhang Zi Yi Gets Engaged to Rocker Wang Feng in Lavish Proposal

With all the naysayers around the relationship of aging C-rocker Wang Feng and his much more famous girlfriend China’s top actress Zhang Zi Yi, it’s no wonder he decided to go big or go home when the time came to propose to his lady love. Love her or hate her, Zhang Zi Yi indisputably is the first Chinese actress to cross over to Hollywood and do so with considerable success not just playing characters that fit Western stereotypes of Asian women. Her love life has been intensely scrutinized by the C-media for years and her choice to date locally known rocker Wang Feng over a year ago had led to the usual clucking of “she’s too good for him!”

The couple has ignored the derisive bets on when they would break up and this weekend took their romance a step further and got engaged. Congrats to the happy couple! Wang Feng planned a lavish, star-studded 36th birthday party for Zhang Zi Yi and during the cake cutting, he flew in a 9.15 carat diamond engagement ring via a white drone and then got down on one knee to propose. Who wouldn’t be swept away with such a romantic grand gesture and Zhang Zi Yi reportedly happily cried out “I do!” when he asked if she would marry him. Fireworks then exploded outside the venue over the river to cap the moment. With Zi Yi engaged, and Gao Yuan Yuan married, poor Fan Bing Bing is going to have triple the public fixation on her love life now.


China’s Top Actress Zhang Zi Yi Gets Engaged to Rocker Wang Feng in Lavish Proposal — 15 Comments

  1. I hate that movie about Geisha, but love her to bits in House of Flying Daggers. For me, she’s forever the Beauty from the North.

  2. Okayy, he must have a very nice personality or something because base on these pics alone, he ain’t all that. But if Ric Ocasek and Paulina Porizkova are still married, there’s still hope for this couple, too.

    Anyways, congratz!

  3. Awww, sweet. She is so beautiful.
    Now onto the importance issue of the drone. Where can you get one and can you program it to bring you snacks while binge watching the latest series?

  4. Um Wang Feng is super famous in China while Zhang Ziyi is not well liked in China at all. If anything, netizens are saying he’s too good for her as she has a rep of being a gold digger.

    Also, I would say she has “broken” into Hollywood but rather Hollywood selected her because she’s willing to play stereotypical roles.

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