The Fact Snaps Kim So Eun on Late Night Date with Son Ho Joon

This so-called breaking dating news almost seems inevitable and bound to elicit angry fan reaction based on other recent developments, yet at the same time it’s still just two happy people dating which is never a bad thing. Tabloid fixture The Fact (formerly Sports Seoul) has just released photo evidence of resurgent popular K-actress Kim So Eun out on a late night date with rising young K-actor Son Ho Joon. Their faces are clearly visible and identifiable even under their big parka hoods and they are seen walking through a neighborhood together.

The Fact is also claiming a so-called close friend of the couple has confirmed they have been dating for awhile now, with Son Ho Joon reportedly even paying a visit to Kim So Eun’s hospitalized mother when she was ill. Bombshell dating reveals always grip the public’s attention but this particular one is sure to ignite an additional firestorm of potential backlash since Kim So Eun is currently participating in the variety program We Got Married where she’s in a pretend marriage with Song Jae Rim. Their pairing has been especially popular and with it comes some measure of shipping them in real life. Looks like that’s totally never going to happen now.

I don’t think stars sign away their personal lives when they agree to participate in WGM but I’m sure contractually they are required to limit certain exposures, likely exposures such as letting the public cotton on that any currently airing WGM star is dating someone else in real life outside of the onscreen pretend marriage. It’s almost like “see no evil, hear no evil” and the fans of the show get to enjoy it in the bubble of make believe, whatever that’s worth. Kim So Eun has immediately denied that she’s dating Son Jo Joon. which is either the truth or desperate damage control. I suppose two opposite gender friends could be just hanging out late at night together. The producers of WGM has further responded to this dating news and confirmed that Kim So Eun will not be leaving the show and her onscreen fake marriage with Song Jae Rim will continue until their coupling comes to a natural conclusion.


The Fact Snaps Kim So Eun on Late Night Date with Son Ho Joon — 62 Comments

    • I really don’t understand Kim So Eun. Maybe she doesn’t want to become the next It girl or big name actress, but then why go on a show like WGM. First, she did the interview that pretty much cooled down her burgeoning popularity, and now this.

      Personally, I detest that dating is a scandal in K-entertainment, and find the whole thing ridiculous, but if you agree to play the game, then you stick by the rules. WGM has a quote unquote policy regarding maintaining the illusion for the shippers. Because frankly, who other than the shippers is watching the show.

      It’s like she finally has a chance to cross the bridge and break out from her Boys over Flower role from almost 10 years ago, and she just keeps getting in her own way. Weird.

      • @Buthy
        Very well said.
        Although I know that the show is “fake”,and that they will never date in real life,
        I stop watching them after her interview. She just came off too arrogant for me.

        Interestingly, even though Yura’s couple is also having issue, they became more endearing to me, because in a way, they’ve always been “real”.

        Yura comes off very genuine; she works so hard at making the guy like her. And he’s so stiff to the point of actually being funny, and his friends that came on the show said that he’s always been like that.

      • @buthy 100% agree with you here… I personally lost any interest in her because it just seems really unprofessional to be on WGM and poke a hole in shipper’s boat…for no good reason.

      • Ditto @buthy. I find it hilarious that KSE fans claim she’s not looking for popularity (despite being 10 years in the biz and still not quite reaching the stardom level of her BOF colleagues – that’s got to eat at her), so why sign up for a variety show that will surely catapult you to “idol” level thanks to the many delulu and hardcore viewers/shippers? And why a marriage/romantic/dating themed show at that? There are many variety shows on K-ent TV, I’m sure. But not as popular as WGM, right? So there is a strategy there to boost her image and gain recognition. Let’s not claim otherwise folks.

        Now, being fully aware of the nature of the show, fan-service is highly expected. Like you said, she’s got to play the game and abide by the rules. And WGM has rules alright. According to the statement of the WGM producer from the last scandal with Jonghyun, Sun Hye Yoon states “the celebrities on the show promise the staff that they will not be involved in scandals or any other activities that could damage the show.” However, KSE has done so in two occasions. And just in case some people ask how she damages the show by saying “she was only walking with a male friend,” “she was being honest in the interview,” “they’re not dating, they denied it,” and other reasons, think first, what is WGM really selling to the viewers – what is at the core of the show? And what exactly are people buying/lapping up? They’re tuning in for a story of burgeoning love and potential romance between two people who, by the way, use their own names and claim to be showing their “real” selves during each episode. And if you say you show your “real” self, expectations are set that there some level of sincerity in your actions. Sure, in reality, no one really believes any of the couple will end up together, but the fantasy is kept alive until the end of their run. But if the star of the show acts or states the opposite, then what WGM and the casts who willingly signed their name on the dotted line, are selling is no longer sellable. And that’s damaging to ratings and “credibility” of the show. In addition, I’m sure the clause for avoiding dating scandals or saying anything contrary to the nature of the show is in the contract so she needs to uphold her part and be professional. (Now, it’s a whole different discussion to just pull off WGM from the airwaves because it’s just a dysfunctional show and breeds rabid shippers.)

        So basically, if you deliver the job, you win the Couple Award with SJR. But the opposite is also true, you don’t deliver the job, you can only expect the natural reaction of fans. You keep bursting their bubbles, you’ll hear from them for sure. Unfortunately, you reap what you sow.

      • @sogazelle, you should see yura on another dating program. i used to like yura on wgm until i stumbled on this show. she refused to be paired with 2 of the guys there because they weren’t “full korean” and her attitude was pretty crappy after she was paired off with a guy

      • exactly i dont understand her either. what’s her purpose of joining WGM when she continually eff up everything? i get pissed off with fans saying she is popular since she was 10 years in the industry. 10 years?! and still b list actress? surely she needs to catapult her fame by joining WGM as what jaerim did but why eff it up everytime? her sina intervew already pissed me off of her arrogance. impossible to date jaerim because too busy but she can find time to date this guy? regardless if friends or lovers. i hope she leaves the show, its irritating to see her smug face just because jaerims show overflowing affection to her. i hope they would make an excemption for jaerim and replace that so eun if not then i can watch his drama this february. so eun can just go on continue living her private life as she desperately needs it. she cant even wait until wgm is finished atleast be wise enough not to get caught. her carelessness is like a big slap on the face of their couple shippers. who will watch WGM, no plot and they are only selling the pretend couple? of course those fans of solim. its not too much to ask to feed their delusion while they are still on the show but soeun being stubborn fierce as she is is displaying her midnight friendly date uncaring about the speculation that will arise. WGM is a show i get that but they sell a make believe couple and how they will do it if everytime her stupidity effed it up big time?? go date who ever she wants, if she continue to be in the show a lot of people will still see her as a user and too greedy for fame and disregarding her bf, this might not be true but in general public this will become the case. any denial from her will just look like a desperate attempt of damage control.

      • I so agree on what you’ve said. Yup, I used to enjoy watching WGM because of the LTE couple, but after her interview and this…to me she comes off as arrogant and doesn’t care about her “co-workers”. Yup, I said co-workers because we all know it’s a pretend show which she signed up for and she is well aware of the conditions. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being true to oneself, however, be considerate of other people feelings and the people behind the scenes who works tirelessly for the show.

      • i think you need to watch WGM Song jaerim Kim soeun ep. 22 (CUT). This eisode explain everything about that issue. That scandal was fake. It’s all media harsh doings.

  1. hmmm still it was just a rumor since neither sides are confirming. the same case with jonghyun-nana since both sides denied they act like nothing happened afterward between jonghyun-yura of course. still it will definitely take a tolls on fans affection towards their coupling considering many negative rumors that have already surrounded them before this. but by all means i still enjoyed their coupling very much because they have that much chemistry that make me love them together. thanks god my delulu state is not that sserious. hahha~

    • Hi, I’m just stating facts here, but this rumor is a bit different with Jonghyun & Nana’s dating rumor, considering:

      1. Jonghyun & Nana dating rumor was not backed up with pictures, whereas this one is.
      2. Both Nana’s reps and Jonghyun’s reps as well we WGM’s PD adamantly denied the rumor from the get go, whereas in SoEun’s case, SHJ’s initial statement was that he has “positive feeling towards her, though not dating” (read: he has a crush on her). This statement was retracted afterwards and changed into “a close oppa-dongsaeng” relationship.
      3. Jonghyun’s agency was late in denying the rumor because Jonghyun was inside a moving airplane from Singapore by the time the rumor broke out. So there was no way for the agency to confirm the rumor, until after he landed which was 6 hours later. Whereas in SoEun’s case, her agency was late in denying the rumor, despite her being in Seoul the whole time.
      4. During Jonghyun and Nana’s dating rumor, WGM PD adamantly denied that the rumor is baseless and claimed that there was no ground to question Jonghyun’s sincerity in the show and therefore no further discussions regarding their couple’s future in WGM. Whereas in SoEun’s case she summoned SoEun’s reps to “further discuss the SoRim couple’s future in the show”.

      I’m not claiming that the rumor is true, but this case is a bit different with Jonhyun and Nana’s dating rumor.

  2. is it her fault or the media who digs her private life? The girl’s mother is sick and he helps her with that. She just falls her his kindness when she needs someone to help.

    Where is SJR when the girl needs help? Those WGM’s fans are really annoyed me. Why “poor SJR this,” ” poor SJR that?” He is getting so much popular now thanks to the show and KSE, and now many of his fans treat her like a criminal who commits adultery

    • The paparazzi is doing their job and KSE-SJH is just living their life outside of limelight.
      The source is solely at fault. why tell thay story and say many people are cheering that great couple. I would like to ask that person “so many are cheering for them, but not me. I wanna ruin them.” That is super underhanded!!!

      people hating and bashing on kse is just wrong. I get the whole shipping thing, been there one time of another. And one can get betrayed but people needs to think more than broken shipping hearts. Think about kse side of the story. The girls mom is at the hospital, maybe she just needed someone to be her strength in that hard times and in this case it is in SHJ she found. Whats so wrong with having someone when one is having a hard time. A friend or lover, whatever/however/whenever the case and circumstance she has that in him To ease whatever pain/stress/worries She has.

      her past statements notwithstanding, when she was in wgm she played the part but outside, she is free to live her own life as long as its legal. for whatever the case, i hope that all people involve will weather this storm. and i realky think iys time for kse to live the show of she is just getting hate for lovibg her life outside the wgm world

    • I don’t feel ‘poor SJR’ beyond if their segment gets cut earlier than planned it screws up their hardwork, visibility and paychecks. KSE is getting hit harder than he is because she’s the one that’s deflating things, however you stand on whether fans of WGM should expect anything beyond what’s being present on screen.

      She’s also gotten equally popular do to him.

      I have to saw that after the interview she gave, I see them as coworkers not even friends. Beyond a cordial text he’s not obligated to help her.

    • i never thought of it that way but now that you said it, it is strange. why did they only catch son ho joon visiting so eun’s mom and not jae rim ? this just once again subtly implies that wgm is fake and so eun and jae rim need to be nominated for oscars

  3. If this is true…she’s dumb. Not for dating but for getting caught. I will never ever understand why dating is a scandal in K-ent, but I’ve also never witnessed a young star almost willfully sabotage their new found popularity.

    They started off so well and are now flaming out. Oh well.

  4. She was already on fire when she stated that being an item with Song Jae Rim was not possible, and now this. Good gracious LOL!

  5. Anyone who’s familiar with WGM, how does it end? When couples need to leave the show, do they just go or is there some sort of divorce? This show is still something I can’t grasp. It’s not real and everyone technically knows it. So why is there such a hullabaloo over Kim So Eun dating in RL when she can still pretend to be married on the show? That’s like saying someone can’t be romantic in a drama and date in real life. This actually makes no sense to me.

    And that’s not even a diss. I legitimately don’t understand.

    • Me too, i don’t understand the show too. The PD try to sell lies, that those couples have real feeling with each other, that there are no script whatsoever. At one point, they even make the rules that you can’t have real partner when you’re in the show. Is it even make sense? Why pretend this is a reality show when we know it’s a variety show and variety do have script and certain characters. So the viewers left all confuse. It become the games of who’s a better liar

      • Basically, the concept is like ‘a romantic comedy with your favorite celebrity in real time minimally scripted’…there’s always the possibility or hope that they will date.

        The fun is watching cute attractive celebrity couples meet, date, and interact.

        Consider watching the 1st episode of the 1st season of Global We Got Married. I thought it was cute.

  6. So Eun and Jaerim is charming couple .
    But i hope fans understand that Wgm is only the show. Rather than purely enjoy watching the show , They tend to be too delusional thinking everything is real.
    When things are not what they expect , they end up hating and hurting those celebrities since they felt betrayed and cheated. What? It’s just a variety show
    Jaerim might be dating someone too. Are those netizens not learning from the past? Lots of celebrities who taken part in wgm in relationship while doing this show. It is just business.
    There are few couples end up dating after the show. However they are mostly rare and shortlived
    Congratulations on the new couple! Ho joon is such a cutie . Love him in Reply 1994 and Youth over flowers. Too bad they are both 2015 rising stars. More opportunities are coming to them after years of hardwork.
    And now they will get hate and opportunities might go to other pl because of their relationship got known.
    It’s so sad.
    Dating is beautiful thing . It supposed to be congratulate by lots of pl
    Be strong -.-

  7. We all know WGM is a variety show but dun get caught when u want dating with somebody. Especially KSE in the hottest cake popularity. Everyone can have their own private life but not for celebrity. U want popular & money or a normal life. It is all your choices.

  8. have a love hate relationship with WGM because sometimes i ended up liking the couple. Never get their weird concept. Like what’s the point of the show? it’s so wrong in so many level that they are trying to sell lies that those fake couples have real feeling with each other and they don’t fake it when they are most of the time by keep saying there are no script when in fact it’s a variety show and variety do have script and sometimes they’re given characters. That’s why there’s negative response everytime they found out someone is dating. If this is dramas noone will care. I don’t know it feels like you either make it 100% fiction like dramas or give them characters like in normal variety show or make it a reality 100% so if they don’t like each other they can have other partner or something. Is it even make sense that they all end up liking each other in the show. If it’s real they will be some couple who really don’t get along and bickers everytime.

  9. yes…you’re right…I feel annoyed too with all of haters who still bash her,,i wonder how responses from netizen if SJR caught dating someone (I think the response will be different)

    • Actually, I think it will be quite the same. Fans lashed out at Jonghyun when his dating scandal with Nana came out and demanded he be taken off the show. Why would it be any different in this case?

  10. She shoul’ve known better, look at what happened to poor Oh Yeon Seo who is now in Shine or Go Crazy. OYS and her partner Lee Joon got booted off the show and put her career on hold. She did next to nothing for what was it, a year, except for a couple of news bits about her spending some time traveling and finding herself again?
    She’s just now getting to where she could’ve already been 2 years ago. poor thing

    • except photos showed that they were all over each other, but with so eun’s case, they are just walking side by side with some distance and it is said that he was paying her mother a visit who was in the hospital. their photos are not convincing enough, it shows that yes they can be in the midst of dating but also that they can also be just friends with 1 of them being supportive of another because her mother is in the hospital

  11. Whether this is true or not, she must be really unlucky to have these “scandals” while doing WGM, especially when that interview that caused backlash wasn’t even that long ago…….
    Anyway, maybe it’s not true, I mean they weren’t holding hands or anything and are just hanging out. But I guess they just aren’t very smart people to get caught, especially knowing that So Eun is on WGM. It’s unfair that you have to restrict your personal life because of a show, but you signed on knowing these circumstances…

  12. This has really ended my enjoyment of watching WGm not because I’m a “Solim” fan or what have you not. This “scandal” has finally made me realize how manipulating the show is and how it makes some of the waters become delusional from whats real or whats fake or even whats important. Whether she is dating someone else outside of the show or just meeting a platonic friend NO ONE was concern for the Kim So Eun the person who’s mother is or was in the hospital. No one had any empathy for her and had a thought of “damn, here she is running a round doing a drama and a variety day and night, when she had time she went to visit her sick mother at a hospital.” First thought was “why is she with not her variety husband to meet her sick mom or why was she with another man”. For a show that is to illustrate the human emotion of “love and friendship” some of the viewers lack the basic emotion of human empathy

  13. WGM hullabaloos aside, I love Sohn Ho-joon and I love her, too. So, if the news turns out to be true, I’ll just be happy for both of them. Never imagined this pairing before, but hey, what a nice surprise!

  14. So the real question is, should we start calling WGM LIAR GAME SEASON 2? lol no but seriously, when is season two coming out?

  15. I wanted to watch KSE & SJR in WGM after all the buzz they got, but that interview she gave made me hesitate. I know WGM’s fake, but there’s a certain thrill one gets when watching couples with chemistry on this show and know that there might be a *possibility* of something in real life. I thought at that time that KSE needed a better PR team even though what she said was frank and honest (which is admirable), but if one is in show business one should know how the game’s played and not make blunders that’ll affect their careers (ex. Katherine Heigl or Lee Da Hae).

    Anyway, if this dating news is true, then so sorry for the WGM fans who’re shipping them. I don’t really care at this point since I didn’t watch them. I care about SHJ though since he’s a cutie so my first thought when I read the headline was, “Way to go, Haetae!”

  16. To be honest.. I’m not sure how these pictures count as proof a date, unless they’ve seen more that’s not on the pictures. It could simply be two friends meeting up, I think people are blowing this out of proportion.

    Tabloids are always quoting “close friends”, etc. I don’t follow WGM at all,but I think this is really weak evidence for a Kim So Eun/ So Ho Joon link. It’s a bit silly how a man and a woman can’t be out walking together without it being romantic.

  17. Eh. Seems like a ploy from a tabloid to get attention. These are two rising stars in variety. She’s on We Got Married, and he’s currently on Three Meals A Day. Both sides have already denied that they are dating, that these pictures were after an event, and a manager was there.

    Funny that there are no pictures of the manager or of them holding hands. Looks like pictures of them “dating” were meant to be taken out of context. Seriously, this looks like anyone walking to their car with a friend.

  18. From what I read from the translated websites, SHJ picked up KSE at 10pm, they went drinking alcohol for 3 hours, then KSE went to SHJ’s villa at 2am, alone by themselves.
    Thus the write-up was much more incriminating than the pictures.

    • “incriminating”?

      Yeah, because they have a committed a terrible crime, haven’t they? What kind of punishment should they get? A fine? Community service? Jail time? Or shave their heads like one Japanese idol had to once? Or should KSE now be forced to marry her working partner from WGM? What would be appropriate in the minds of these fans?

      These two people done absolutely nothing wrong. Some other people, meanwhile, need to get a life.

      • she’s done nothing wrong…she’s just unprofessional is all – since there’s an understanding when you go on a show like WGM -…she really shouldn’t have done WGM – for most celebrities it’s a good launching pad for their careers and a way to get noticed for the right reasons…unfortunately, she’s getting noticed for being unprofessional

      • sorry, SHJ has a villa??? he lived with Yunho for 10 years until last year when he could move out and rent his own place after “Reply 1994.” How can in 1 year that he can buy a villa?

        @alua, 100% agree with what you said.

      • @happybread, except sources say that so eun was introduced to ho joon in the mid of january by a mutual actor friend. this was months after she started appearing on wgm.

  19. I hope she stays on WGM even just for my enjoyment, because now my interest is piqued how good is this young lady’s acting on a stypid variety show to twist all the passionate shippers panties to cry banshee over her doing what exactly now… oohhh the scandalous crime of a 20sth grown woman enjoying some down time… ohh and with a guy not what they ship. Blasphemy! ! ! Not!

    I watched my share of WGM, it ciuld be mindless cute/fun/squees but my fun was to see how believable the make belief is. We got the entertainment watching the show already… to view them as some LEGO blocks u have the power to slam together for some big project of urs in fantasydelululand should seek professional help in the Cuckoo Department

  20. I hope she stays on WGM even just for my enjoyment, because now my interest is piqued how good is this young lady’s acting on a stypid variety show to twist all the passionate shippers panties to cry banshee over her doing what exactly now… oohhh the scandalous crime of a 20sth grown woman enjoying some down time… ohh and with a guy not what they ship. Blasphemy! ! ! Not!

    I had watched my share of WGM, it could be mindless cute/fun/squees but my fun was mainly to see how believable the make belief is sold. We got the entertainment watching the show already… to view them as some LEGO blocks we have the power to slam together for some big project of ours in fantasydelululand should seek professional help in the Cuckoo Department asap

  21. I think it is rather silly that someone has to forgo their personal life for something that has to do with their “career” choice. KSE is an actress and appearing on any type of show is her job. WGM is a variety show so this is her “job” which means they are acting and doing a pretty good job. If fans get diluted about about KSE & SRJ relationship, that’s on the fans and not the actors. She had every right to express the truth about a possible relationship with SJR. Don’t like her answer or the tone to her answer, Get Over It. That pertains to her personal life and she should have full range to make her own decisions regardless how others take it.

    Apparently, this unconfirmed news of her dating outside of WGM means nothing to WGM so it shouldn’t matter to us since they are the ones who decided who appears and gets kicked off the show. Another thing is that this alleged relationship with SHJ could be just a very good friendship. If not, they make a cute couple and each deserves to be happy with the person they choose to date. What’s the difference being on a variety or a drama, they are both “pretending”. Just so happens that they are pretending to be a married couple on WGM.

    Since she broke so many people’s “illusion” now they want to talk about her career and her personality. She doesn’t have to be a big name actress to be a good actress and she is probably content on how her career is flourishing.

    I truly feel sorry for the Asian community of Actors. They practically have to date in secret because of netizens ,if by chance they don’t agree with the person they are dating, they get harassed and hated to no avail. When people get to that level, they need to sign off the internet and get a huge dose of reality.

    • That’s where the problem lies. Some people don’t think she’s doing her job well and they have every right to make it known to her. Yes, she’s showing off her “acting chops” on the show, but part of her “job” is also to abide by the WGM contract and promote the show until the end of her run on it. No doubt, there are delusional fans who are angry because their OTP is never going to happen. But there are also people who are just disappointed in her unprofessional actions. If you think about it, the question about her potentially dating SJR was not really a “personal” question per se. The reporter didn’t ask if she was dating anyone outside the show or if anyone was comforting her because her mother is sick. It’s a standard entertainment question (probably even screened by her handlers) still related to WGM. Being 10 years in the biz, you would think she would’ve had the experience and foresight to think of her answers before blurting out the first thing that comes to her mind. Like I’ve said before, SJR was asked a similar question and was able to circumvent it without causing an uproar with the fans. The “Solim fever” will die down anyway, so what’s the harm of just being coy about it until then? Especially since she just promised to show a better image with SJR when they won the Couple Award recently. Sure, people got over her answer and tone, but to be bombarded of this “dating scandal” is another reason for them to vent out their “silly” frustrations. I mean, it’s silly to us Westerners. But KSE isn’t in the more forgiving land of Hollywood and the Bachelor. She’s in Korea and I’m sure she’s quite hyper-aware that the fans are a different breed there. There is a Couple Award category in award ceremonies for pete’s sake.

      Well, it did mean something to WGM (as noted above by msmint) because they released a statement that they were going to have a long conversation with KSE’s reps to further discuss the couple’s future in the show. Ultimately, they believed her and that’s well and good for her. But as far as some viewer/shippers think, the damage has been done. Plus, the conflicting statements released by both parties didn’t help their case. Sure, they could be friends meeting up at 1am after an event (they’re really close since he’s visiting her mom– but they just met a month ago– oh but they have positive emotions for each other– well they’re more oppa-dongsaeng, etc). It wouldn’t matter much if they dated, had it not been for a tiny detail that it’s one of WGM’s conditions not to do so while the show is airing.

      Unfortunately, K-ent is dictated by the fans. It’s a double-edged sword. When all is good, the massive love, gifts, and attention these stars get are incomparable to any kind of treatment celebrities get here. But when it’s bad, they can kiss a few endorsements and shows goodbye. Really kind of sad and twisted but it is a cultural thing and it’ll take a lot more than a few “wake up and get a life” statements to change that.

  22. Wow….jus becos she was caught in some pics she is unprofessional? 10 years in d industry wont giv her an invisibility power to avoid each n evry reporter or paparazzi or watever n jus cos she is an actor dsnt mean she cant hang out wit her frens…!!!! One min u love her n d other min u hate her jus cos she was unlucky to get into a scandal? Wat proof do we hav abt d photos being legit…it cud even be fake. Tabloids can do anythin to find some exclusive news which often hurt d “stars”. Even if d photos r real….wat proof does it show dat dey r dating? Cant a boy n a girl be jus frens? Is it necessary for dem to be dating if dey r seen “walkin together”??? Hoe can d public be so gullible….If u n ur guy fren r walkin together..does dat mean u r dating? Wats d taboo here….!! As fans its our job to believe our actors n idols. If we truly love dem like we claim we do den we ought to show it thru our actions!!!!!!! Dissing dem jus shows how fake our claimed love for dem is….its durin times like dis dat we shud show our support…!!!! Im not askin u to blve her blindly but den dont blve d rumours n tabloids so easily either..!!!!!!!

  23. I’m a Solim fan and to be honest I was disappointed with this news, she should be more careful considering her role in WGM. However, I think Kim So Eun handled this scandal with grace, she wasn’t crying or begging for forgiveness while she explained this dating rumor to her fake husband Song Jae Rim. IMO she will stay in the show and hopefully learned her lesson after this.

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