Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan Hold Second Fun Big Top Wedding Banquet in Taipei

I don’t have a problem with rich and happily in love entertainers going overboard with the romantic proposals or wedding festivities. It’s a happy occasion and if they have the money and have no problems spending it then be my guest. I do enjoy poking fun at particular garish displays that make me wonder if money didn’t come with taste, but in the case of newlyweds Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan I just think their entire wedding pomp has been most entertaining. The over-the-top church wedding in England was the stuff of little girl princess dreams, but apparently Jay also has some princely ambitions of his own so it wasn’t all just to make Hannah happy.

Since it was a destination wedding for only the closest handful of family and friends, the couple had a second wedding banquet in Taipei over the weekend that is best described as big top circus theme. It’s so random but oddly fitting, what with Jay carrying his insanely cute dog in his arms as he walked down the aisle with Hannah wearing an electric blue suit. These two sure know how to have fun! Hannah donned a different, more modern silhouette wedding dress for this party, much more suited for her cute youthful style. Tons of Taiwan entertainment guests attended to fete the couple and enjoy a night under the custom created big top complete with popcorn, cotton candy, and games.


Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan Hold Second Fun Big Top Wedding Banquet in Taipei — 17 Comments

  1. Oh, we’ve seen the first wedding so glamorous, and now! This is every woman’s dream, how I wish these would happen to me too! Our sincerest CONGRATULATIONS for the couple. You deserve it!

    • Actually, not every woman’s dream.

      Personally, my nightmare!

      I’m glad they are doing what they dreamed of, but, no, not everyone would want a wedding, let alone weddings, like that.

      • lol, same.

        Happy for them if that’s what they want.

        But personally, I’d develop PTSD symptoms if I was the bride in a wedding like that. I’d rather jump in the Atlantic and get eaten by sharks.

  2. Hannah’s dress looked like a maternity wedding dress from afar and side coz of the veil (when entering the venue and cutting cake pics).

  3. I loved the first venue for their wedding.. Everything seemed elegant and beautiful but this one looks rather flamboyant. Circus theme is a bit weird to me for a wedding.. But if they are happy, then who am I to say anything! Lol

    • Hannah is 21 years old now, they started dating when she was 17 and have been together 4 years. Not sure where you got 14 from.

      • Okay, remember it wrong then. Maybe I mixed her up with Mifune Mika (daughter of famed Toshiro Mifune) who married a guy much older then her. (it ended up in divorce recently)she was I believe 15-15 when she started dating her husband.
        But I still find it quite creepy that a grown man would go for a teenager.

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