Kim Soo Hyun Models Rebel Basics in Elle Korea and Confirms No Military Enlistment in 2015

I can never understand why being disappointed with certain performances and projects by an entertainer suddenly gets my fan status revoked. Sorry for not being blind and delulu to the point that even if oppa/unni farts I’ll proclaim it sweet smelling. Just like some acting talent can coast for a long time on goodwill from one major successful role, my affection for Kim Soo Hyun remains steady even if he’s not done anything in the last three years I care to analyze further or rewatch. Rarely has a teen actor made a stronger impression with me then Kim Soo Hyun with his Giant (he even out-acted Yeo Jin Gu!) and Will it Snow for Christmas two-fer.

His next role after the mega-successful You From Another Star remains the focus of media attention, and even news that KeyEast was producing the vampire sageuk Scholar Who Walks the Night and he may star got the stock price for the company surging in one day. Even more evidence that Kim Soo Hyun is singlehandedly the reason for KeyEast success or failure? The stock price for the company dropped also in one day when news broke that Kim Soo Hyun is considering enlisting in the military this year. KeyEast quickly got on top of that rumor and nixed it, explaining that Kim Soo Hyun has no plans to enlist anytime soon (he’s 27 and has 3 more years until the 30 year old deadline) and will definitely be selecting his next acting role soon.

I realize now that his acting really shines when he plays underdog characters, the earnestness and intensity like he was in Dream High. As powerful/rich/omnipotent characters like a king or super-powered alien, his smaller frame and presence just doesn’t convince that he’s all that as much as when he’s the one trying to make it. Which is why I love love LOVE this latest Elle Korea pictorial that really captures the rebel side of Kim Soo Hyun I adore, rather than his shellacked vanilla shilling for [insert product] side.


Kim Soo Hyun Models Rebel Basics in Elle Korea and Confirms No Military Enlistment in 2015 — 13 Comments

  1. I love Kim Soo Hyun in any role he’s given. I always find him engaging on screen even if I’m not one to claim he’s amongst the best out there. I’m pretty proud of what he’s managed to achieve in the past 4 years. No one can boast the kind of the success he’s had in such a short span.

    I hope he picks up a new drama soon even if he’s quite understandably cautious. The success of YFAS is no joke. I think he might do the vampire scholar, fingers crossed it’s good because the hype will be insane.

  2. Good point about the underdog vs the boss. He was so awesome in Dream High.

    I wonder if the Vamp Nerd will be oppressed and disliked – cause that would work!

  3. he should make his own company.. keyeast is very bad at management. they just know how to collect money. look at how they handle kim soo hyun water cf scandal and kim hyun joong scandal. the worst is han ye seul scandal.

  4. I loved KSH most in Dream High and enjoyed watching him in TMETS, especially his interactions with the eunuch. I guess with one success after another, it’s really hard to pick his next project. The pressure must be enormous!

  5. I actually agree with you about Kim Soo Hyun’s roles dream high vs my love from another star. He might be tall but he has little presence, definitely not intimidating.

  6. he sure know how to pick a good script. i’m so impressed by his acting in giant. his line that always give me goosebump. i still remember it even it very long time ago i watched giant. “because i’m korean.. there’s no other reason.. because i’m no american..” i tend to root for second lead actors in majority dramas i watched but i cannot help myself rooting for him for each his dramas and movies. i think that it also his special trait in acting even i find him like a baby in a king costume in tmets but his acting make it for the face.

  7. So he is going to delay military service until they come dragging him out while filming a movie or drama where the ending is going to make no sense like what happened with kim nam Gil and bad guy

  8. Add me to your list of people that feel the way you do. I love me some KSH but I had tired of seeing him EVERYWHERE. I am one of those people if I eat too much of my favorite thing.

    Stock prices fell because of the thought of him enlisting? What kind of mess is that? He HAS to go. There is no way around that regardless if it’s this year or 3 years from now. I say go now and get it over with it. I will hate it when Choi Jin Hyuk enlist but if he goes this year that just means I will get him back sooner.

    Back to KSH, I am loving him in this spread. I am a lover of dark spreads. So this is right up my alley. He looks HAWT:)

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