Someone Like You Subverts the Fanservice Shower Scene by Taking it All the Hilarious Way

Goodies have to be shared to taste even yummier and this week’s best treat has got to be the first three minutes of this week’s episode 6 from Sunday night SETTV idol drama Someone Like You (Hearing Happiness). The drama is doing solidly in the ratings with a devoted fanbase, and oddly I’m probably less addicted than I ought to be considering I love leads Kingone Wang and Kristen Jen, not to mention the drama is billed as all sorts of romantic and swoony. I still enjoy watching every week and this Sunday’s episode started off with such a hilarious/candid shower scene I just had to write about it!

Leading lady Yu Xi works as blind department store president Zhan Cheng’s personal assisant/caretaker and the two quickly got past an early misunderstanding to form a very positive and caring employer/employee relationship. Nothing fully romantic has developed yet since Yu Xi still has a douchy boyfriend, but the drama is throwing them into individual scenes that just scream romance buildup. Romantic is fine and all but the drama also has a pretty wink wink subversive streak and it was put on perfect display in the first three minutes of episode 6. Yu Xi gets a page from her boss to go tend to him, which was an accident since he’s actually in the shower, but the end result is SO MUCH WIN and guaranteed rewatch fodder.

Yu Xi’s first reaction upon seeing naked Boss showering is shock, wondering if she was hallucinating what she just saw. She then steps back to look again and has to gape an extra second before she darts away. She can’t believe she’s seen ALL OF HIM, and then wonders if Boss purposely paged her to come tend to him so that she can watch him shower! She then wonders if he sensed her presence, and then uses that as an excuse to go confirm again LOL. This time she doesn’t even pretend to be embarrassed and just stares and drools her fill while smiling like a loon.

She finally stops peeping but has to fan herself because her face is so hot and flushed. She then tries to talk herself out of doing it but then still backs up a few steps to keep staring and ogling her hot smexy boss. Turns out he put his watch on the pager which is why she thought he was calling her. Yu Xi finally runs to her room and compose herself and the first worry is that she might have cheated on her boyfriend by what she did. She talks to his picture on her phone to try and explain herself and ask him not to be angry. She then gets distracted and thinks her boyfriend works out regularly so his physique must be better than her boss so he must be just as tasty. She then catches herself being such a pervert and flops back into bed.

And extra funny easter egg with this scene is for those who watched Kristen in her last SETTV drama In a Good Way. She had a scene where she changed upon naked Lego Lee changing and her character freaked out and never took advantage of the moment. Clearly she’s not letting another such prime opportunity pass her by this time!

Yu Xi chances upon Boss in the shower:

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Someone Like You Subverts the Fanservice Shower Scene by Taking it All the Hilarious Way — 24 Comments

  1. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this scene, I actually replayed it a few times before showing it to my sister and mom. My sister said she would react the same as Yu Xi…I think every girl would with a fine boss like that.

  2. I, myself would also watch as such a handsome and fine boss in a shower. Since he’s blind and the girl is not. It’s a good chance! Haha… Guess that what every girl out there would do too. Haha…

  3. All I can say, Rong Rong is a fast learner. She let a good opportunity passed her by in IAGW, but this time around she was fast on the uptake. You never know when this “prime” spot would come again. Hahaha 🙂

  4. Hahaha, this scene was so funny!
    The first time I watched this show, I thought Kristen was going overboard with the reactions, but I’m getting used to it now. It matches her character’s strange and silly personality. 🙂

    On another note Ms KOALA,
    Can you do a first reaction / opinion on Lady and Liar? I know it premiered last week and have been wanting to see it, but I can’t find it streaming anywhere! I’d like to know your thoughts.

    • This one I think started filming a while back (like a few months ago) I just goggle the Chinese name copy & paste adding Ep 1 to it. It takes to all the sites streaming w/o eng subs though ;(

  5. Is it weird that I actually looked up the drama after this? Lol if only this wasn’t one of those heart transplant dramas, I think I would’ve watch it

    • Lol I just started watching it on dramafever. I’m reading that it’s very cliched and predictable but I’ll give it a chance for the main lead because look at him.

      • I think to be fair to the drama, being a long-time drama viewer, viewers are pretty much bound to know story flow somehow especially for Rom-Com and Melo- type drama. However it this case, it is pretty entertaining and as long as there is emotional connection or makes me laugh, I’m still okay. 🙂

      • @akikisetsu I agree with you! As long as the execution is entertaining, I’m along for the ride. I actually watched 4 episodes on one night! This is my first Taiwanese drama.

        The first 2 had quite alot of cringeworthy moments but it’s gotten really good since the 2 leads started warming up to each other. So many sweet moments and I love how organically their relationship is developing and their chemistry is great!

        Also, Kingone Wang’s acting as a blind, depressed man is so great. I think he’s so handsome too plus that VOICE and body = YES! I just want to thank Miss Koala for introducing me to another hottie.

        I am wary of how the romance square(?) will unfold since it’s 20 episodes but I’m fully invested at this point no matter what

  6. So glad you wrote about this – going to check it out now, plus, with no Healer today (withdrawal) this looks like a cute distraction!

  7. Lol….Kirsten is doing a good job in her role. I remember her saying that she’s always wanted to play a funny/comedic character. I’m sure she’s loving it!!

  8. I thought that scene was funny too. This episode was a bit slower than usual but I thought both Rong Rong and Kingone did a good job in their crying scene, especially Rong Rong. Her crying scene in “In A Good Way” was quite unnatural but she has improved a lot this time. I felt sorry for her.

    • I noticed that too, Rong Rong has greatly improved specially on her crying scenes. Plus she looked so beautiful on that crying scenes by the bus stop.

  9. I have to say Ms Koala that show is pretty stupid. Entertaining as all heck though. I end up watching the episodes without subs each week – can’t wait.

    The conversation is so cliche and the 2nd female lead has arrived.

    But omg, Kingone is so HOT here. So thank you for the recommendation. I just about laugh my head off each week. Last week was so dumb and especially making him walk on gravel?

    Now he has to shower as well? Did he know what he signed up for?

  10. Ok I must admit, after watching this I actually went and checked it out from the beginning… I’m glad I did, and though I did fast forward a bit especially the scenes where her douche bf appears, (I’m just an impatient watcher… very few dramas don’t make me fast forward), it was actually quite cute and it does keep me wanting to know more and now that I have caught up I’m a bit at a loss. KW is buff… and though I’ve watched several of his other drama’s somehow I feel like I like him best here (even when he does things that blind people shouldn’t do like dive into the ocean to save a person).

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