K-ent Discusses Why So Many K-dramas Airing in the Second Half of 2021 are All Noona-Dongsaeng Romances

Yup, when you assemble it together like the Avengers its hard not to see the way wind trends are blowing for the second half of 2022. K-ent discussed that six big name female lead K-dramas scheduled for the second half of 2021 are all noona-dongsaeng romances or pairings, with an older woman and (much) younger man. We have Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong in Now We are Breaking Up, Go Hyun Jung and Kim Jae Young in Someone Like You (A Person That Looks Like You), Lee Do Hyun is rolling right into filming Melancholia opposite Im Soo Jung, and same goes for Seo Hyun Jin who will be doing Why Oh Soo Jae with new male lead Baek In Hyuk (after initial offers went out to Kim Young Dae and Hwang In Yeob), Park Min Young is Song Kang‘s fourth female lead this year in Office Romance Cruelty, and last but not least Jeon Do Yeon will be paired up with Ryu Jun Yeol for Disqualified as a Human (Human Disqualification). K-ent thinks this wave is due to women becoming more independently successful in South Korea so the noona-dongsaeng taboo is lessened as well as the lack of leading men in the late 30’s-early 40’s range to cast in a female lead dramas as they wouldn’t want to do it so the role goes to the younger gen male actors.

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