Yeo Jin Gu Confirmed for KBS Friday Night Drama Orange Marmalade

Now that Yeo Jin Gu is confirmed for upcoming KBS Friday night drama Orange Marmalade, I’m for sure going to check it out regardless of who the other leads end up being. It’ll be his first leading man role after a decade of being the most famous K-drama male child actor of his generation. Better yet is having him play a high school student which is exactly his real age, as opposed to shoving him into an older role just for the sake of stretching his acting range. That’s what happened when then lil’ Yoo Seung Ho at 17 years old played Seo Woo‘s husband in Flames of Desire. That was so ridiculous I still can’t even.

I do worry that Yeo Jin Gu is going to be wasted in this drama if his other leads aren’t up to his par, not to mention this drama airing on comically inept KBS. Currently the other two leads are rumored to be Seolhyun of AoA and Lee Jong Hyun of CNBLUE, neither of which impress me thus far with their forays into acting. Their names being considered for this project makes me think FNC is the financial backer, much like Woolim was all over last year’s Friday night KBS dream Hi School: Love On! with two Infinite members as the male leads. I remain optimistic since Yeo Jin Gu makes even crap bearable to watch, not to mention the source manhwa is quite popular and I love me a good shoujo romance story.


Orange Marmalade is the high school romance of a female vampire songstress and the popular human boy in her class.


Yeo Jin Gu Confirmed for KBS Friday Night Drama Orange Marmalade — 9 Comments

  1. I love him and I am ashamed to find him sexy even when all he does is sit and laugh on happy together. so, I am
    definitely looking forward to this!! thanks for the heads up, koala!

    • Yeah he is honestly the first actor his age anywhere where I have to constantly remind myself how old he is because hello. Here’s the oblig (and somewhat creepy), “he will be really handsome when he’s all grown up”.

  2. This boy is sooo good in acting! I’m glad that he is eventually become a lead. Well i’m hoping for a pretty actress to join him. Maybe his co-star in Missing You Kim So-Hyun. She is soo pretty back then. I bet she is prettier now. I wonder why there r so many kpop artists turn actor/es nowadays. It’s ok if they are really good. But the reality is only some of them really make it.

  3. couldn’t they get Kim So Hyun to play the female lead? In terms of acting ability and appearance, she would be the best choice. She going to be in high school this year so age-wise she matches too.

    • Yeah, I’m super excited to see him in his first lead role, but I feel like the girl lead and casting for her club friends is going to be a huge make/break factor. That said, I could see Seolhyun in the role, she was watchable enough in Ugly Alert, though still a bit raw…

  4. Yay for Yeo Jin Gu lead role and him playing a character which is age appropriate, tbh he was different from what i visualized a drama adaptation Jung Jae Min will be but he’s such a good actor he’ll make anything work

    i would like Lee Jonghyun for the Han Shi Hoo role as he totally looks the part
    his acting is well a different story but i think he has improved from his stiff acting in AGD based from the cameo he did here and there( if not i’ll be happy for the sole purpose of eye candy, not like he will have a major part in the drama unless KBS want to focus on the non existing love triangle)

  5. I think it depends on who will be cast as the heroine as she is central to the story and it is mainly about her and about her being different than others. So, please, cast somebody, who can act! The second lead I personally didn’t find so much important in the story…so I don’t care much who it will be (though he should be charismatic). My favourite character was anyway that rich snotty classmate (will not spoil why)… and of course Joseph and his “hunting” :–))))

    It of course also all depends on the scriptwriter. Although “Orange Marmalade” is not the best story ever written under the sun, it could do well under a good scriptwriter. There is enough material about posing questions about minority groups and being different…

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