The Public Sniping Escalates in Kim Hyun Joong Becoming a Baby Daddy Predicament

A mess doesn’t even begin to describe the public back-and forth going on this week between Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend-likely-baby momma Ms. Choi. The whiplash sniping is taking place via their respective mouthpieces, KeyEast representing Kim Hyung Joong and Ms. Choi continuing to be repped by her lawyer during the domestic violence assault case from last summer, but it might as well be a couple airing their private laundry grievances for the entire world to see. And the result is most uncomfortable any which way.

The he-said/she-said current stands at this. KeyEast claims Kim Hyun Joong is not questioning whether Ms. Choi is really pregnant or not, merely that his side has not been able to confirm it personally as Ms. Choi agreed to meet at the hospital on Feb 24th for a check up but then did not show. Ms. Choi’s lawyer rebutted with the claim that their side already gave proof of Ms. Choi’s pregnancy via an ultrasound picture to Kim Hyun Joong’s side so did not see the need for a mutual visit to the hospital for any exam. Furthermore, Ms. Choi did not even agree to the hospital visit on Feb 24th in the first place.

Ms. Choi’s lawyer angrily castigated all the incorrect news reports on this matter as well as calling out KeyEast for the false claims in its statement. The lawyer asserts that his client has remained in contact with Kim Hyun Joong’s side during the entire time after she told him she was pregnant in early January, and she is merely wanting piece and quiet during the early phase of her pregnancy. Her lawyer believes that Kim Hyun Joong’s side also isn’t questioning whether Ms. Choi is pregnant, but does have questions about paternity which her lawyer claims their side has ample evidence establishing his paternity and has already sent it to his side along with the ultrasound picture. Big sigh, can the two sides get off the public communications and start behaving like adults so as to not leave a terrible news trail for the baby to face after he/she grows into adulthood.


The Public Sniping Escalates in Kim Hyun Joong Becoming a Baby Daddy Predicament — 74 Comments

  1. *face palm*
    I’m beginning to think key east is doing all these on purpose because KHJ is such a difficult act to manage they’d rather END his career now.
    And poor baby’s gonna read all these on the internet years down the road

    • Or the PR team should get fired.

      One question: Doesn’t he have to take some time off “to reflect” (or to take an anger management class or two)? Anyone knows if his Japanese fans don’t care about this?

  2. Totally with you on this Ms Koala “can the two sides get off the public communications and start behaving like adults”. I don’t think anything more is needed to be said 😛

  3. In 10 years time all the news about this will be gone, the child can grow up properly until someone mention it to him/her. Keyest can do that.
    Same goes to Lee Min Jung’s baby, Santa Lee can erase all the news-piece of cake, just like Han Hyo Joo case, murder case is nothing to them, just mentality of rich people in Korea. They still want to act, sing, without considering other poor people feeling seeing them happily smiling on tv, cinema.

  4. Why does this B.I.T.C.H have to use her laywer to deal with her prenancy stuff with the man she used to sue ? As if she wanted to say: look, if u dare deny your responsibilities, I will drag you to hell again. Whether his company is telling lies or not, her pregnancy is not something to show public as a threat to her baby’s dad. She is just degrading her dignity as a woman and a mother.

    KHJ should not marry this kind of woman even if she is truly having his baby. Give enough legal allowances and support to her and the baby only.

    • What about the B.A.S.T.A.R.D. who hit her in the first place?

      She certainly shouldn’t marry him, no pregnant woman deserves to remain with a lying abuser (denied their relationship at first, lied abiut how long they dated, lied about hitting her). Now he is probably lying about something else too.

      • Are you Ms Choi to speculate all this and judge. I dun want them to marry for the wrong reason too. The baby will be the victim later on from both crazy parents.

      • She sued him already, idiot! And after trying to ruin his fame and career that way, now going back and sleeping with that “bastard” and using the baby as a threat to ask for his responsibility?

        Her actions remind me of two kinds of women:
        1. One who kept leaving hateful psychotic msgs on Suzy’s SNS, wanted her to die, just because her husband was a crazy fan of Suzy.
        2. Sasaeng that got scolded and hit by JYJ many years ago.

        Who knows, This bitch could be a combination of those two. And of course, bitches don’t deserve much defence. But yes, totally agree that if she doesn’t want to get hit again, stay away from the man whom she made a bastard and an abuser. Asking as many as $$$ as possible from him and be happy with that.

        Don’t get me wrong. I am not a fan of KHJ. Not at all.

    • I have to agree with you on this but she is not a bitch, she is just desperate and crazy. If they wanted to keep the baby, I totally against them to go public. Poor baby.

    • I would rather that he doesn’t marry her because who knows what he’ll break next. I mean, what kind of BASTARD use ‘practicing fighting skills” as an excuse for the broken ribs? huh? Jeez..At least man up and admit that it was abused rather than giving a dumb excuse.

    • Been a silent reader all along but had to step out and say this. For someone who claims not to be a fan of Mr. Kim, you seem quite heated up over someone you don’t care about. And you are calling pigsnout an idiot. That is an uncalled for personal attack. You also said Ms. Choi made Mr. Kim a bastard and an abuser. She made him into one? How do you make someone else into a bastard and an abuser? Are you implying that women like Ms. Choi who have been abused by their significant others simply got the treatment that they did because they made their partners into abusers? Because if you are, you’ve just slapped those women’s faces and I suggest you go out and talk to women who live in shelters because of what they have had to go through as abused victims.

      She has made it clear that she doesn’t want to marry him. Even in their messages, he is the one making all those passive-aggressive advances. “Let’s separate but hey let me keep talking to you” and “Hey we got back together but let me go on a vacation with another woman.”

    • So much fuckery in your mindset I don’t even know where to begin castigating you from. I can only hope you never come in contact with victims of domestic violence with all the trash you’re spewing

    • I totally agree with you Tamarine…she’s is showing now that she’s not the innocent victim anymore…she is just as bad as he is and I don’t feel sorry for her one little bit

  5. Whether they do this in public or not is not your concern, you can choose not to read and blog them here. It is your choice.
    All because people like you to share and spread those rumours that made the media to be so bold and anxious to make money.

    • Well, since they chose to put it out in public, the public can comment on it any way they want.

      I understand the cycle of abuse and why she got back with him, but why announce your pregnancy in public? I don’t understand that part.

      • They announced the pregnancy in public because: A Women’s magazine leaked out the rumor that the ex-gf is pregnant and both are planning a wedding together. KHJ’s side was the first to respond to that leaked rumor and further stating they’re not sure if it’s even his baby (so his side is making sure she looks like a gold digger in the public’s eye). They then confirmed that she is pregnant and that she hasn’t been contacting them as well as refusing to meet them at the hospital. She responded that she has been contacting KHJ and informed him of the pregnancy as well as providing proofs that it’s his. She just released new text messages between the two.

        Summary of the Texts:
        *They got back together in November and stay until New Year. They even went vacationing to Jeju.
        *She founds out he’s talking to another girl and even had a planned vacation to Jeju with that girl.
        *They parted ways.
        *After his Jeju vacation with the second girl, she told him she was pregnant.
        *KHJ texted back that he’ll do the right thing and marry her (knowing that marrying because of child isn’t a happy thing)
        *She says that she’ll raise the child alone.

      • @ bibiana, tamarine
        You both are very bold to share your views. The whole drama is really weird
        1) who reported KHJ’s abuse to the police and media? Who leaked the pregnancy news to the media?
        2) who got herself pregnant and who made her pregnant?
        3) who is willing to sleep with an abuser and who is willing to sleep with someone who almost killed his career
        If the rest can answer this question then they should know something is not right somewhere

      • @purple But it’s her own body. Where could the pregnancy rumor have come from besides her or KHJ? It had to be one of the two. I doubt KHJ would leak the pregnancy since he’s not sure it’s his. So that leaves her.

        Again, KHJ is an a-hole, we all know that. Just not sure why all this pregnancy news is out in public.

  6. Her new interview with Dispatch is so awesome and mature.

    She clearly explains the situation and her viewpoint AND released their text messages to show how they got back together, how the peacefully broke up, when she found out and told him, her interactions with his Father, and her decision to not get married but not deny him access either

    • Thanks for the link:
      1) He is not evading responsibility –
      2) She appears to be a mature person

      Some of the texts are extracted from longer version of conversation. It’s sad this situation escalated to this level, and I have to agree with most of you that they should deal with it privately. Enough drama.

      • I don’t think she is a mature person…a mature person doesn’t get pregnant by the guy who’s abusing her when she had the chance to be done with him….i can’t believe she let him back into her life after all that crap with the accusations and get pregnant on top of it…stupidity…they weren’t married and she wasn’t pregnant and she had her chance to leave him but no…she got pregnant *ugh*

  7. Don’t they think of their child future? what would he thinks if he read those shitty facts when he gets old enough to understand!
    WoW my mom and dad found my existing something can not be congratulated for it. WOW my grandfather did not want me to be born! what a drama!
    The public don’t have any right to these information, it’s now a family business.
    please keep it to your self from now on for the sake of your own child. I hope they stop reveling everything to the media. This is getting uglier by the minute.

    • Now that the press has a hold of the story, they will never let go. That woman and her baby are living in a fishbowl. The only way, now, to give that baby some semblance of a normal life is for her to run off to the US, where single moms are everywhere and your average person on the street wouldn’t know Kim Hyun Joong from Kim Jong-un.

  8. Hipployta –

    Interesting that not only is he an asshole abuser but sounds like he’s a huge man-whore as well. How many girls has he trotted off to Jeju with? T_T I hope she runs and keeps running.

    • I hope so, too. The info revealed makes him appear spoiled, immature, and weak. Obviously this is a toxic relationship, and airing all of this dirty laundry is, I guess, a good way to burn your bridges behind you.
      OTOH, just about the only way he could preserve his career at this point is for them to get married and for him to lie low in the military for a few years.

      • He keeps all bases covered, what can we say.

        Then there’re these willing girls who want to go too.
        Practising martial arts must be atractive.

    • > how many girls has he trotted off to Jeju with?

      Precisely what I was thinking too when that damning line cropped up.

      He probably chalks up a lot of air miles and hotel points (shoot, maybe it’s a private chalet).

  9. A true makjang drama in this life .
    Hope she won’t fall for his lies again and stay strong.
    Everything we see in TV turn out to be all fake .

    “shudder” ” disgusting”

    September 7, 2014

    KHJ: Have you not run out of your beauty products? Whenever I board the plane, I only see stuff like that. You should have run out of beauty products by now.

    A: I have everything. And since when have you cared about that.

    KHJ: Why do you say that. I thought you might have used the previous set up, so it popped into my mind.

    A: It’s not the time for you to worry about my beauty products.

    KHJ: It’s nothing. It’s not hard to do. You miss me, right?

    A: No.

    KHJ: Really? Not even one percent? I miss you, nonetheless. I must be crazy. Is this the end? I haven’t been able to prepare my heart for this. I want to meet you after organizing everything I want to say. If it’s really the last time, then I want to give you everything I haven’t been able to.

    A: No can do. That’s reality.

    KHJ: I really want you to be happy. Now, there’ll be a day when we can’t contact each other, right? But just until then.. Please at least keep in touch with me.


    On September 2, Kim Hyun Joong was called to the Songpa police station as a suspect. Later, on September 7, he left for a performance in Peru, and texted “A” while on the plane.

    “At this point, I was set in my decision,” says “A.” “I thought it was the end with Hyun Joong. I accepted it as reality. But…”


    November 7, 2014

    KHJ: Sincere congratulations on your 31st birthday. I hope today will be a happy day for you, and that you will receive many birthday wishes. I’m always sorry.

    A: It’s flowers, flowers~

    KHJ: Do you like them? Does it feel like it’s your birthday?

    A: I like them. They’re pretty. But you are not here.

    KHJ: I’m not there, so I sent them to you. But you still feel happy, right? Your parents might have received them, so I did not write the sender’s name. Just tell them that a friend of yours gave [the flowers].


    “It was my birthday. I got a cake and flowers from Jeju Island. I think that’s when my heart warmed up a bit. I had the thought that I could love Hyun Joong again,” “A” explains.

    According to “A,” Kim Hyun Joong sought her out since September. “He was really drunk and came to my home a mess. He waited at the playground in front of my house, and he even cried.”

    And the report states that Kim Hyun Joong continued to do so. “A” says Kim Hyun Joong asked her in October to be by his side so he could endure, and that her heart started to waver.

    Regarding the previous claim by Key East that the two broke up in December, “A” says, “I don’t know the grounds on which Key East reported something like that. I think they’re just fueling the flames. They’re making me out to be a gold digger. Fostering misunderstandings and mistrust.”

    She insists that she agreed to the interview for the sake of her baby. “Yesterday, reports seemed to make it out like there is some secret around my pregnancy. As if I didn’t show up at the hospital to hide something. I didn’t do it to ‘hide’ anything, but to ‘protect.’”


    November 30, 2014

    KHJ: It looks like this case will not end well, so I’ll decide myself what to do from now on. You just live well the way you want.

    A: Okay. Then, let’s go separate ways and live without caring about each other.

    KHJ: Okay. Let’s go separate ways. This is final. But why are the dogs in this neighborhood like this. I got angry, but I have no one who could relate to my thoughts, so I decided to send you this. (sends photo?) It’s really funny.

    A: That’s really funny. Did you eat?

    KHJ: I’m eating bibimguksu right now. Did you have something to eat?

    A: I had some fruit. How’s the weather?

    KHJ: It stopped raining and the sun rose. Make sure to eat well.


    According to the report, “A” found out about her pregnancy on January 3, but was unable to tell Kim Hyun Joong about it right away.

    “A” says, “On January 2, I had some weird symptoms, and I bought a pregnancy test the next day. I was of course surprised, but what surprised me more was how Kim Hyun Joong acted.”

    “We were together until December 31. And we wished each other a happy new year on January 1.”

    But on January 2, according to “A,” Kim Hyun Joong went on vacation to Jeju Island with another woman. “He said it was planned in advance, so I tried to understand, and justified it, telling myself that he could of course meet someone else in the time we had been broken up.”

    “A” told Kim Hyun Joong about the baby on the day of his return from vacation, on January 5.


    January 9, 2015

    A: I’m so upset..

    KHJ: Me too. Although it should be something to rejoice about, I’m upset. Sorry about that.

    A: I understand how you feel, but don’t want you to feel that way.

    KHJ: Things are getting complicated. When I come back from military, the baby will be two years old. What should I do then, and all these thoughts are tying me down.


    KHJ: Did your check-up go well??? I arrived at the airport.

    A: (sends ultrasound picture)

    KHJ: Aha, it’s that dot. Black one.

    A: Yeah.. They said that next time it’s possible to hear the heartbeat

    KHJ: Is that so.. Eat well, dress warmly, and drink absolutely no alcohol. Did the hospital staff say that you are five weeks into your pregnancy?

    A: Yeah. It’s almost the fifth week. I am still shaking and can’t process this, but.. It must be the same for you.

    KHJ: Yeah.. I’m truly upset that I can’t congratulate you. Even in a painful situation like this..


    January 10, 2015

    KHJ: Let’s tell our parents later. I thought about it over, and still can’t accept what’s going on. I need to think more. Please understand.

    A: Because you keep changing your mind, it’s hard for me too.

    KHJ: I never changed my mind. It’s not like I can avoid military.. I can’t watch my baby grow up. Marriage is not something you do alone. You should think about it over too.

    A: You won’t watch your child grow up anyways. But I have no right to say anything since I’m thinking about whether to erase this child or not.

    KHJ: Did I say I’ll abandon the child? I’ll raise the baby. But isn’t it right that you and I should talk about whether we should get married or not? I don’t understand why people have to get married just because a baby is about to be born. If we live like that, everyone might become unhappier.


    KHJ: Okay, I’ll get married to you. But file a petition for me. Your husband is about to get a red line across him.

    A: What are you talking about.

    KHJ: If I get fined like this, I’ll receive a red mark. If I’m judged guilty, my agency says I’ll be considered a criminal.

    A: You’re saying you want to get married not because of me or because of the baby, but because you don’t want to be a criminal?

    KHJ: No, I’m saying I will do my best for my baby. I don’t want to get involved in this kind of situation again. Let’s forget about everything and start over from the beginning. I’ll do my best. I’ll get married to you and make you happy.


    January 19, 2015

    KHJ: I’m going to sleep now, but first I have something to say. I know you don’t like “K” [undisclosed name]. But from my point of view it’s so embarrassing. Don’t you think it’s a bit much to send women’s products in the mail?

    A: Is she in the right mind leaving things like that at a guy’s house? I just sent whatever was at your house. How do think I felt when I saw those?


    “A” saw products in Kim Hyun Joong’s bag that belonged to “K,” the woman who he went to Jeju Island with, and took them and sent them back to her, which upset Kim Hyun Joong.


    February 18, 2015

    KHJ: How is the baby doing? I want to know.. Let’s talk when I get to Korea. I want to see my kid.

    A: (ultrasound video)

    KHJ: Aigoo, it’s so big now. And it’s moving. Is your hospital the same one? Send me the most recent one.

    A: (ultrasound photo) The video where it’s kicking is the most recent.

    KHJ: How are you feeling? Are you at home? Don’t move.

    A: Can you see the baby’s nose in the side profile?

    KHJ: Yea, I see it ㅠ. Shall we talk?

    A: The hands and feet are moving too.. The videos aren’t sending properly through text.


    February 23, 2015

    KHJ’s father: “A” [undisclosed name]. No matter what, if we do things one at a time, there’ll be no problem. So don’t worry and come over with your parents. Confirm your pregnancy to us, and then let’s work thing out.

    A: I’ve already sent you the pregnancy confirmation and ultrasound on February 14. What are you thinking that that’s all you’re asking? I’ll show you anywhere.

    KHJ’s father: I can’t believe it with just an ultrasound photo. That’s because you haven’t acted very trustworthy to us. You seem to be twisting my words. Is there a reason for that?

    A: I’ve never wanted that doctor. I’m afraid something will happen to my baby. You asked to see the documents, so we met and I showed you everything. I don’t understand why you’re still doubting me. I think any hospital will be fine.


    “I met [Kim Hyun Joong’s] father on January 6. At the time, it seemed like he really wasn’t happy about the child. Since it was to the point that Hyun Joong apologized to me about his father’s attitude.”

    “A” says that Kim Hyun Joong’s parents were adamant about the specific hospital and doctor that she would go to. “I just wasn’t comfortable.”

    “In the end, I went to my usual hospital, and afterwards [Kim Hyun Joong’s] father let up and we agreed on a hospital and doctor.”

    “A” states she has no reason to prove her pregnancy to Kim Hyun Joong’s father, and that she wants to end this war.

    “As I’ve said before, Hyun Joong will know the best: when I got pregnant, that it’s his, and why I want to end this relationship.”


    “A” says she’s had extreme thoughts, too, but then asks, “Have you heard an ultrasound before? There’s a baby’s heart beating inside of me. From now on, I’ll be the one to manage this and take responsibility.”

    She explains that she won’t ask Kim Hyun Joong to take responsibility for anything, but she won’t block his interests in the baby, either, and that she has no plans for marriage.

    “A” closes with a statement to Key East: “I understand what the agency is trying to protect. But please don’t deny my existence. And don’t pressure me. This isn’t for me, but for the baby.”

    • I ran as fast as I could in here after spotting these newly released text messeages..

      KHJ is not that bad actully as I thought and seems to be good man but the problem is KayEast, his father and the girl and even her lawyer..

      She truely loves this man and he loves her as well but they is alot of misunderstanding between them.

      • True. A guy who breaks your rib and repeatedly beats you is not that bad at all. A true catch, in fact!

      • iF KHJ truly loved her, he wouldn’t plan to got to Jeju with K the following weeks and talked so casually to Ms. Choi.
        I hope she’s strong enough not to get back to him again. I’ve seen many single mothers live happily with their children.

  10. Have those who represent Kim Hyun Joong at KeyEast gone mad?? I liked him less the first time I heard the domestic violence claims and just plain can’t stand him after all of these dramas. First of all, if there was any truth to this pregnancy drama, they should have maintained utter silence till both parties who are supposed to be adults have come to some sort of agreement. Is a child/having a child a joke to them?? Why do they need to release press statements. Talk to each other and your families and sort it out, this is the height of immaturity and stupidity coming from two people in the public eye that I’ve seen in a really long time!

  11. I still believe “it takes two to do the tango” in a relationship. Both of them are to blame only maybe the degree could be different.

    • Agree. Fact is, nothing is as black or white as it seems to be. And clearly this is a very toxic relationship. Enter a baby into the picture, the stakes are even higher now.

      The more they air their dirty laundry in the media, the closer we are to the big picture of what went down. So, its best for them to keep their little mouth shut and settle it in a more civil manner for the sake of the unborn child.

  12. Whether going public was a leak or not … perhaps ongoing communication with him is challenging, and mistrustful. The first time, going public was probably the only way she could get everything out in the open or force communication.

    There’s one thing private conversations lack = accountability.
    He says one thing to her, she says something.
    No one neutral is there to witness and words can be manipulated way out of context by more dishonest parties, including lawyers.

    Dude must chalk up a load of flight miles alternating girls at Jeju.

    At the end of the day, this girl has to learn healthy empowerment.
    NOT pitying either side in this latest development, but baby or not – these two need help moving on as adults.

    No one mentions the 3rd party K – with all the ‘martial arts’ going around, she agrees to go to Jeju with KHJ too?!?? These girls need their heads screwed on better.

  13. Catching up on the news.
    I don’t have much of an opinion of what happened and didn’t happen at this point, besides the lawsuit, sex and fallout. He said, she said. Meanwhile, there’s a baby coming. I guess all that I learned from this is how interesting it is that different sites present information differently and that changes perception slightly.
    Both of them seem to be in a lot of trouble. I hope for the child that they’ll work something out.

  14. At first, i sympathized with this girl, but now, i think she just needs to accept it and move on. she got back in that bed and now, she needs to lie in it instead of always running to the press.

  15. Aish! Why does everything have to be settled in the media?! KeyEast could have just kept mum about it until KHJ wanted to make a statement or something. I swear they are making the situation worse! Do they secretly want to bury him?!!!

    All of this can be settled privately, smh.

  16. This whole situation is shameful.

    I don’t know what to believe and I wonder why they can’t solve things quietly between themselves or in court.

    Now I think that both KHJ and his ex-girlfriend are both crazy.

  17. Omg the texts!
    He’s such a jerk. I’m sorry fan girls but she deserves the sympathy. Maybe she’s not all right, but he is one sad case of an asshole. AND his dad.

  18. It would seem that it’s best that KHJ and Ms. Choi dealt with this privately than persistently going to press about it. I understand that KeyEast have poor PR statements and for whatever reason they’re trying to manage this situation it only gets worse. On that account however, I think the press by itself is also responsible since they too keep on digging about it and it’s forcing KeyEast to release a hasty half-baked statements which only distorts the story and places pressure for Ms. Choi to make public these when it shouldn’t be. Silence would have probably been the best action.

    Without prejudice, it would seem that both KHJ and Ms. Choi are doing their own bit in trying to make things work. KHJ made a reasonable suggestion of “not marrying” because it will only make both of them unhappy, interestingly, a couple of text messages later he decides that he would marry her to make it work instead. The process of arriving at a decision seems to be difficult for both of them who are just as overwhelmed of what to do. KHJ was right though, his parents shouldn’t really be meddling with this matter, no matter how inevitable it would be, perhaps telling them much later would’ve been better rather than all of this circus. It would seem that the families are only making it tougher than it already is. But regardless of OUR opinions on whether they should marry or not, it is ultimately something that they have to sort out themselves. If KHJ do actually want to play an active part in raising his child and Ms. Choi finds that she is willing to make it work through marriage, then it’s a decision for them to bare.

    Ultimately, it’s unfortunate that all of this has to made public however. Whether Ms. Choi and KHJ succeeds or not, is none of OUR business.

  19. @jess. Thanks for supplying the texts. It’s helpful to read them. Also, very convenient for A to keep them in such detail. Reading them makes it more clear than ever that this is a toxic relationship. Both are immature. Both in denial, both doing the push pull game. Both have their fare share of issues. Hopefully, they can go their separate ways and grow up. As for comments regarding his father, I disagree. I don’t think his requests are unreasonable. He knows her better than any of us and is looking for confirmation, and the truth in order to protect his son, family and future grandchild. What happened last year hurt his family, son and also her…I’m sure he doesn’t want any more scandals…. It must be a difficult situation to see clearly how destructive this relationship is to both parties and not be able to do anything about it as they are both adults…but I could be wrong. At least the parents should get the benefit of the doubt…..I was shocked that she was 31 both sound and act like teenagers..,..and what’s with her mailing back a box of the other woman’s beauty products? Why even continue to interact with him… Him crying at the playground? Is that straight out of Boys over Flowers? Shipping them both down “crazy river”

  20. I watch too many kdramas, but his father wanting the girl to go to a certain doctor just seemed really wrong. I can totally understand her saying no freaking way. It’s like he paid the doctor to give her an abortion. KJH’s texts are scary. He’s such a psycho and the whole thing is a very classic case of the cycle of abuse. Crying and begging forgiveness, being nice with gifts. He needs help. I hope this woman remains strong.

      • It happens in real life too!
        In my country we had a famous case of a woman who went to TV shows asking for help because she was pregnant of 4 babies! She showed a ultrassound picture of the babies and everyone started to donate money to her.
        Then the real owner of the ultrasound recognized it (it was four ultrasound pictures of the same baby in different positions that she posted on internet to show her friends) and we discovered that the enormous and strange belly was a big ball!
        If you don’t believe me, look for “grávida de Taubaté” at google.

  21. I haven’t read all the comments but just from reading the articles – my first thought is “why in the world is this being aired out in public?? Why isn’t this private?” This is a clearly a private matter and shouldn’t be aired out in public like this. Being parents are hard enough, but adding this kind of nonsense to it is just sad to hear.

    • It was first outed by a 3rd party. Then Keyeast released a blatantly false statement and slandered her publicly. That’s why. Had his agency just said it was a private matter they are dealing with that would have been the end of it.

  22. Both of them have their own share of this conflicted situation.

    What made me ‘amaze’ is how KHJ fans defending him, seems like brainwashed, judging from the wording they use if compare to those who defending A.

    Anyway, I wish both KHJ and A sorted it out quickly and quietly and find peace in whatever they decide.

  23. His face used to be softer and gentler, sadly after his plastic surgery his face became weird. He played his part really well in front of the public, being all 4D and timid in variety shows but what’s in the inside will eventually come out. His ugly inside is making a statement nowadays. Who’s worse Lee Byung Hun or KHJ? Yupe KHJ won the biggest SOB of the year. Not only he’s a cheater, womanizer , a master of manipulation but also a woman beater and massochist. I hope he will never return to TV anymore. His delulu fans might just as well eat his sh*t and say it tastes like chocolate. These fans cant think for themselves . Smh

  24. Whatever the truth of the matter- and this is something no one might ever know, undoubtedly, the girl has a much better PR team than he does. The whole situation might be a case study in the art of media manipulation, done adroitly to maximize whatever advantage.
    In my work and play, we try to cut through whatever crap there is and look at the facts. I have no doubt this couple is dysfunctional on both sides, but oddly enough he strikes me as more naive and she, though not, has the utmost capability to present herself as such.

    I am sure there is fault on both sides. This is merely to point out that sometimes,one needs to see beyond the obvious. The timeline of the whole situation is interesting. KHJ comes back from tour on the 21st of February after a somewhat late alteration to the schedule. At the airport, the only reporters in evidence are from Dispatch, who has long since given up on any interest in airport pictures of HJ. That same night, Woman Sense comes out with an “article” relating to possibly happy news of wedding bells and babies. Dispatch is hot on their heels with a timeline that could only have been given by the girl’s side. This timeline already sets the tone, and implies that HJ caught up with her again purely to exonerate himself. One has to remember this is her side of the story. I fail to understand why so few people are aware that the original publicity comes from her side. KE then makes a few statements relating to this pregnancy. It is open to interpretation and implies possible doubt relating to the pregnancy news, but the statements do not make it clear. After some to and fro-Ing, aided by a celebrity lawyer on her side, KE states on his behalf that he was aware of the pregnancy, and merely wanted her to be accompanied to the hospital by the two sets of parents. It is not stated explicitly, and perhaps this was their mistake. I suspect that the real reason is that the family and agency want a paternity test, but do not want to say so for politically correct reasons. Following from this her lawyer (why is a lawyer necessary at all? ) states what is on everyone’s minds — that they are willing to do a paternity test – but also puts it in a way calculated to make anyone feel they would be a cad for asking. In actual fact, this would be an eminently reasonable thing to do. I do not at all blame them for wanting one. She complains through her lawyer that the public news of her pregnancy has upset her… This is clearly disingenuous if one looks at the timeline and behind the scenes action. Up to this point and even now, no one in public has any idea of her identity. She could easily have settled all of his out of the public eye, and remained that unknown and faceless ex- girlfriend. But I suspect her purpose is not to sink into obscurity. Quite the opposite. There is no benefit whatsoever to be had by being the obscure unknown girl which no one is able to track down. You are then only one of thousands of struggling single mothers with child support dictated by the father. So having evinced distress at her predicament of having her pregnancy disclosed to the world, she proceeds to give a very long, detailed interview, with intimate messages poured out for the world to see. Naturally, a selection calculated to paint HJ and family in the worst possible light. I do not think it is unreasonable at all,of HJ’s dad, to want to accompany someone to the hospital and check for themselves, especially when that person is someone who has sued your son in recent months. (It may have escaped many peoples’ attention [to no one’s surprise I might add!], but her actions have been extremely disrespectful in the Asian context where elders are revered.) In the ensuing uproar, the paternity test is forgotten. She is, once again, the naive (31 year old) female taken advantage of, the lonely, strong, silent heroine, fit to be the icon of a feminist movement.

    Once this is all over, she will fade again into obscurity, albeit with a hefty settlement of some type presumably. But do not be mistaken – there will once again be a statement, much like the last time, that she received no monetary compensation ( which was not true, by the way!). HJ, on the other hand, will have suffered the greatest, publically, unlike her. So far, he has not put out any unnecessary intimate details that were unprovoked. His privacy is something he has always valued and clearly she knows it.

    This might sound as though we acknowledge no fault on his part. That is not true. But since the tide of public opinion has been manipulated in her favour I will not dwell on what has been repeated ad nauseum in every article relating to him so far.

    In all things, one should question the motives of every step in this long drawn out drama. Is there a benefit to be gained ? What is the motive for this move? What’s her purpose? What’s his purpose? If there is no advantage is this really the motive? Are these in keeping with what we know of a person’s character?

    There are really too many wannabe psychologists and social workers out there from what I can see. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing in my experience. I can assure you that in the real world, good ones would take both and all sides to account, and examine all evidence before jumping to conclusions.

    I would also have assumed from all that I have seen on the Internet that most detractors are in favour of the death penalty. The same ones that claim to be champions of social justice. They comment with such vitriol that one has to wonder why. A need to persuade all and sundry that their views are correct? Jealousy?A desire to save the ignorant from themselves? A sense of social justice? Have any of you ever examined your own motives for doing so? Perhaps they ought to examine their views again.

    • Criticising KHJ does not equal being in favor of the death penalty. That’s a pretty big (and nonsensical) assumption that you made about KHJ detractors.

      • No, I refer to the many comments that insist he should never work again, that he should be dead etc etc
        In social terms and real terms it equates to wanting someone dead.

      • In that case, what is your view of KHJ’s fans who wished for his ex-GF to be infected with the Ebola virus, and kept talking about miscarriages, and that she should go to hell, in the very same KHJ Soompi thread where you also posted the same comments as above. Are they not wanting her and the baby to be dead too?

      • If you want to take ALL the comments of the detractors seriously (which I don’t and I just ignore the ridiculous ones as trolls), should you not also take the comments of the fans just as seriously?

      • Let’s conduct an audit of the negativity surrounding KHJ and that of the girl. There are thousands of hateful comments wishing death and destruction upon KHJ for every one against the girl. Can you blame emotions for running high among his fans? That said, there is no monopoly on stupidity and I agree those wishing Ebola on her have taken it too far as well.

  25. fan of khj here!
    this girl is just pissing me off more and more as time goes by!
    i don´t believe anything of this!!!
    i was torn between the two parties in the beggining and ready to forgive khj for assaulting her… but she is as wrong as him or worse!
    just to release to the media every little detail of the relationship is just wrong and is her that is doing it!
    she wnats something from him! well… if she is actuallyu pregnant, she did it! she will have khj in her live forever!
    just give her money!!!!! this girl just want to ruin you! ash

  26. It really breaks my heart to see KHJ’s true colours. As an idol who has churned out some popular dramas and seems like such an interesting, nice character on-screen on all his variety shows, he inspired an extensive amount of admiration and respect in young, impressionable girls, a group in which I would include myself in. And now, with all of this insane drama going on, and to find so many people looking for blame on the girl’s side, it really shatters the perfect image and makes you question your own level of naivety and trust.

    Perhaps the girl did leak news to the media first, perhaps she is not wholly blameless considering the fact she put herself into such a toxic relationship once again, and perhaps she is looking for money from his side, has intentions to ruin is career, and whatever else people are insinuating.

    But the fact remains that this man has assaulted this woman on several occasions. He has committed an extremely sinful crime, which is to use brute strength, intimidation and manipulation to assault another human being who was weaker than himself in terms of strength and position in society. Because the fact is as a woman, and an ordinary woman next to a star like him as well, she is most certainly in a weaker position.

    He has also shattered the admiration thousands of young girls have for him. As a public figure, he wields power to set either a good or bad example. And in this case, he is setting a horrible example where many of the more impressionable minds may allow the severity of his crime to be lessened simple because of his star power and good looks.

    The world certainly will be fairer to him than to her when you go by the standards of Korean culture, the harsh, rather misogynistic laws and the level of fame/money he has. I personally and saddened, horrified and disgusted that someone I had admired and looked up to once was not who I had thought to be, and was capable of committing such a crime. If he does want to atone for the crimes, he would need to do some serious thinking, and ensure the baby grows up in a safe, healthy environment, ensure that the baby grows up to be someone who would have better morals than he did. When these crimes affect innocent lives, thats where the true injustice plays out.

  27. a very late post. this is what i believe: Something did really happened but it wasn’t that bad as she picture it. WHY?, this is sad girls and i don’t like to talk about domestic violence because it is a permanent problem in latinamerican countries. But reading ALL the news (i don’t really rely on korean media…after the drama pinoccio….lord Jesus…) it seems like it’s that type of relationship where sex is really good and they mistake that as LOVE. YES IT CAN HAPPENED. for me the girl wasn’t from the very beginning well received. in fact… they SAY that when mother doesn’t like one girl or boy is because of something. I can sense that she is a manipulative person with him since the very beginning. In the eyes of a person you realize if they are lying or not. For me KHJ if is lying… you would know it by now. he can’t hide emotions. he is blunt, a blunt person doesn’t hide emotions. because doesn’t know how to. Remember that he doesn’t even make sense the way he thinks. you can’t fake that. not with that look in your eyes that says “IM SIMPLE” all the way. When men doesn’t have too much experience with women they are like that. They would comeback to the girl who hurt them so much because NO ONE TEACH THEM how to stop a relationship where everything is pain and drama…. i bet that from the beginning it was like that. He cares for the child, his reaction is NORMAL given the situation. I MEAN I WOULD BE LIKE THAT TOO COULD YOU IMAGINE. for the rest of his life he has to see her….. is the mother of his child. that’s why she said that she wasn’t going to get marry. SHE KNOWS THAT IS NOT THE BEST right now. she can’t. Look all what happened he would lose so much and she would lose respect.

    My point is that, someone else is behind this and its really close to KHJ. It’s weird that SS301 haven’t talk about him yet…. they don’t say anything.
    Both are in the wrong, but have you wondering what happened between them (not what the media says) that was so bad for her to do this to the media?

    I bet was something minor. i bet that they started bad and end in a bad way.
    something that is good to you doesn’t turn out this way.

    I don’t think she is a gold digger. For me… is something more. and simple. i feel that she makes her look like she love him.. but she actually don’t care about him. i saw her picture….and in her eyes i see a woman who knows what she is doing. There is no a sad look in her eyes. with the big difference of KHJ that is calm and worry at the same time.

  28. 2016, August 10, Court rules against “A” (Choi), fines her one hundred million Korean Won for defamation and false testimony. It is the civil case brought against KHJ by her. She continues to act irrationally and in an evil manner. Why does Koala’s Playground ignore this fact?

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