Song Seung Heon and Crystal Liu Rock the Couple Scarf at Promos for C-romance Movie

When the biggest selling point is the collective pretty of the two leads, no one can fault the production of the upcoming C-movie The Third Way of Love for trotting out leads Song Seung Heon and Crystal Liu at every opportunity. The movie doesn’t open until the early spring movie season but the early promos are underway starting with a media press conference this week in Beijing. With the limitation on K-dramas airing online in China until a series is complete, more and more K-stars are likely to join the recent migration to Chinese movies and dramas to keep building their exposure and fanbase in the largest Asian market.

Song Seung Heon is pretty familiar to C-viewers due to the Hallyu success of Autumn in My Heart over a decade ago but this movie marks his first foray into a collaborative C-production. The movie is based on a C-novel called The Third Kind of Love and curious me wonders exactly what that entails, assuming the first two kinds are romantic love and familial love. I also keep jumping around to “third” oddities such as third nipples and third legs and third wheels what with the title engendering free association fun LOL.

A teaser behind-the-scenes video was released during the press conference that delves into the two leads impressions upon working together – Song Seung Heon complimented Crystal on being a goddess who takes the craft of acting very very seriously and feels like a sunbae to him despite her being much younger in age, while Crystal still remembers Song Seung Heon from watching AIMH and feels the real him is even more handsome and shoots charismatic electric sparks from his eyes when he acts. I sure hope their great chemistry offscreen translates onscreen.

Teaser for Third Way of Love:


Song Seung Heon and Crystal Liu Rock the Couple Scarf at Promos for C-romance Movie — 12 Comments

  1. This is a weird question but is couple scarf actually a thing? Do couple actually work around with a scarf around their necks like a chain gang?

  2. The ending of the book reveals the third kind of love. 我原以為,世界上浪漫的愛情只有兩種,一種是電視劇裡的愛情,不論多麼肉麻,都可以讓你看得掉眼淚,另一種是自己正在經歷的愛情,即使對方是隻豬,你也可以痛苦到徹夜不眠。

  3. Boy is that a lot of pretty. He’s a handsome man, but she makes him look better.

    He really doesn’t come off all that sharp; and I LOVE him, I mean, LOVE him. I think he needs a whip smart younger lady to take care of him so he can just continue being pretty for the rest of us.

  4. well he’s still mighty handsome and attractive, really he has that natural charm that is unrivalled by any of the current ksuperstars, it’s all plastic today, I never found his acting as bad as the widespread assuption, I heard about his bad acting before watching him act, then when I watched him in my princess he was just perfect, his acting was also fine in east of eden and he was even really good in that korean movie remake of A Better Tomorrow

  5. song seung heon. still look good even in his mid 30s. if he only put more emotion into his acting. he would have it all. sad that he seem to not put much acting into his drama. only drama that he show acting is EOE. he was just ok in my princess cuz he didnt have to act much.

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