Chinese We Got Married Casts Buzzworthy Stars with Hilarious Pairings

I don’t know what magic casting wand the production waved but the upcoming C-version of We Got Married just got interesting thanks to totally random pairings. Just as the original MBC Korean WGM is undergoing a structure change and a cast refresh, the C-version is heading into production right on schedule for an April premiere. The show will be called We Are In Love and won’t have any fake marriages, but will be chock full of pretend dating that may or may not lead to something something down the road. The producers have gone on record as saying it wants to give viewers the possibility of reel turning real so all the cast members have verified each is currently single in real life and are game to give show fake dating a sincere shot.

If everyone is on the same page then fine by me, I’m just in it for the lulz factor. The three pairings have been revealed to be Kris (Wu Yi Fan) with current C-drama leading lady du jour Tang Yan (noona-dongsaeng romance all the way!), Taiwanese actor (and leader of Taiwanese boy band F4) Jerry Yan with Chinese supermodel Liu Wen, and popular Chinese actor Qiao Ren Liang with fresh-faced C-actress Xu Lu. Tang Tang going from owning all the hotties in dramas to pretend dating Kris is hilarious, not to mention pairing up notorious prickly bachelor (and purported horrible to date boyfriend) Jerry with supermodel Liu Wen, who is known as the successor in the Chinese modeling world to supermodel Lin Chi Ling, Jerry’s super famous ex-girlfriend.

The C-version of WGM will have the couples meeting, dating, going home to see the parents, having all the activities and progression steps as couples would do in real life dating situations. Missing will be the fake marriage part as it’s just a dating show now and not a fake cohabitation show.


Chinese We Got Married Casts Buzzworthy Stars with Hilarious Pairings — 27 Comments

  1. I’m surprised Jerry is still so relevant. He does like one thing every 3 years or so and really hasn’t had a commercial success since Meteor Garden over a decade ago.

    After recently doing dramas with Wallace(s), Rain, Hawick and Yi Feng, she’ll be downgraded to pretending to be Kris’s girlfriend in a lame variety concept that only attracts legions of delusionals? I hope she wouldn’t do that to herself!

    • I hope this is not true for TY’s sake. Why would she do it!??? Are there no good drama/movie roles coming her way???? LoL

      • Doubt Tang Yan will push through! She’s absolutely hot right now with the string of drama hits she’s been in. Hope she’d treat herself better lol.

    • Agree about Jerry. He does so few commercials and dramas each year yet still gets paid heaps (compared to a lot of other Taiwanese celebrities). He’s lucky he is/was the face of the original F4.

    • you’re super right! why should she be downgraded her status to this show? aiyoo.. such a waste. and her ‘partner’, Kris??? i know him, but in C-entertainment, he’s like ‘nugu’?, correct me im wrong. If she confirms it, emm.. im speechless..

      Lols, also agree about Jerry. i thought he already gets married.. he was my childhood crush, lols

  2. Omg how much did they paid them for them to be a part of this crappy c-lister show!! I mean some of them are really famous, why are they doing this?

  3. Well, Kris himself is hot. But Tang yang has a feel like a queen so it’ll be kinda interesting if the concept is an idol dating a (drama) queen. Will be fun playing with their egos if I were PD for the show.
    A prickly Jerry with an inexperienced in dating but super famous model? Casting Director may have an interest for people with extreme personality. Or Chinese are sadistic in a way.

  4. LMAO! I got WGM is more like not very popular stars to give more dame but some of these runored casts are already big names esp TangYan and Jerry. Why would they even do that? I hope Tangyan gives herself some rest, she’s been filming dramas and movie left and right.

  5. The pairing and premise is more interesting than the fake cohabitation show WGM. Jerry and Tang Yan seem too good for this show. They must be paying them a lot to bring in big names.

  6. WTF -_- Tang Yan with Kris????? ERRRRRRRRR…. I know the Korean drama trend are noon relationships lately but…………. for this..???? I’m sorry, but it clearly seems like they didn’t put much thought into pairings and are just trying to throw in people who have big names. This is horrible.

    • LOL you’re so funny i started laughing really loudly with my windows open and my neighbors heard me (and then it was awkward silence).

  7. I don’t fucking care give me Jerry Yan anytime!!! He’s still so darn hot and LW is a perfect pair. This better be true miss koala!

    But I agree with Tang Tang and Kris. I like Kris but I think TY is so much a bigger star for him.
    Kimi and Xulu are fine by me too.
    I suppose they got tired of casting c-stars and going for the big names.

  8. 胡 说 什 么?
    难 道 他 们 不 配?
    你 以 为 你 可 以 做 的 更 好?
    关 你 屁 事。

  9. I’m a little miffed at Tang Yan being paired with Kris (not a fan of him) but I’m actually looking forward to Qiao Ren Liang! I adore him but sadly couldn’t enjoy many of his dramas because they’re just not my cup of tea. A variety is just perfect right now, even if it’s the fake dating kind.

  10. This seems interesting but I have to say that Tang Yan is an A-List actress or top star right now with her 3 hit dramas earlier this year and Wu Yi Fan is still a rising star so I don’t think they should pair up because the difference in status is a bit big. If anything I prefer Tang Yan go on the show with Wallace Huo or Chung (that would make the ratings rise). I think if they should get rising celebrities to be paired up with rising celebrities. For example Wu Yi Fan with Dilraba Dilmurat or someone like that.

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