KBS Courts Jang Nara as Lee Jin Wook’s Leading Lady in Hello Monster

Whenever I see a picture of smiling Jang Nara it also brings a smile to my face. She may not be an actress I love but she’s always watchable in all her performances. Call it a combination of effortless charm with baby-faced looks in a tasty match. She did two back-to-back MBC dramas last year with Fated to Love You followed by Mr. Back, both of which did about the same ratings though the former was definitely the better drama. I wasn’t expecting her to come back to drama land so soon, and if she did I thought it would be with yet another MBC drama.

Instead Jang Nara is moving back to KBS, the network she did School 2013 with, for the upcoming Hello Monster. The network is already courting Lee Jin Wook as the leading man, and now it’s added Jang Nara to the party as the potential leading lady. Wouldn’t have come up with this pairing even in my dreams but am totally onboard with it if the both leads confirm. Originally Hello Monster was scheduled to follow the currently airing Blood on Mon-Tues but the network has decided to slot in Who Are You – School 2015 to follow instead. That leaves Hello Monster for after School 2015 to air in early summer.

The drama is set in the law enforcement work as Lee Jin Wook plays a criminal minds specialist, a profiler, who has the keen insight and ability to get into the minds of how criminal think and help solve crimes. He’s cold and gruff and a loner, but ends up being stalked by the leading lady and that leads to love rather than jail time for her. I added that last bit but I’m hoping the actual “stalking” is more workplace pestering and not actual criminal harassment.


KBS Courts Jang Nara as Lee Jin Wook’s Leading Lady in Hello Monster — 16 Comments

  1. Well, I won’t complain about seeing more Jang Nara. After that horrible mess that was Mr. Back, she needs something where she actually shines in.

  2. I am looking forward to this drama. Don’t know whether this pairing will work but they are experienced actors so I hope it works out well.

  3. Didn’t expect her to come back so soon. Well, at least, the writers and the director sound okay. I suppose (I hope) the ‘stalking’ would be work related since the leading lady is said to be a police officer.

  4. A drama with Cha Tae Hyun, then a drama with Lee Jin Wook? I love this year. This year would be perfect if Ji Jin Hee stared in something watchable. I’m suffering through Blood while crying for my beloved.

  5. Hayssttt!!! Is there any actress which is not somewhat look like …. i want to watch both good looking actors please… if the actor is handsome please i want also the actress to be pretty…. super sad… 🙁 what happened now in kdrama!! #justsaying #formyheartonly

      • People have different opinions on beauty. I guess @sixteen has an extremely unique standard.

      • It’s my #opinion!! I don’t find her pretty!!!! To be honest i like Yoon Eun Hye faces!! Am sorry guys.. but I want pretty actress… #notforyou #butforme

      • @sixteen: You know, sometimes when I see fans like you, I wonder if they know anything that’s good for their biases at all. Lee Jin-wook’s last big 3 drama happened to succeed Jang Nara’s. And guess what, when he was still a second lead, Jang Nara was carrying her own drama on a big 3 network and it was a big ratings win for KBS even though it’s her K-drama comeback after 6 years. She is known as a ratings guarantee. I know this since I’m fond of YEH and unfortunately her drama was in the same timeslot. So if JNR is willing to play a second fiddle to LJW, his fans should be very happy.

    • @sixteen, sorry! Yoon Eun Hye is not pretty in my eyes although she can act. She is fat. I prefer slim actresses like Jan Nara.

      • Who cares about the ratings.. plot.. or everything!! I just want to watch pretty actress and handsome actors for kdrama! For me she’s not pretty! As i told you guys.. i am sorry but this is only for me.. she is not the kind of leading actress i expect to lee jinwook!

    • Lee Jin Wook not that handsome though. He’s also average actor. And I don’t find him attractive either. Just saying.

  6. lee jin wook is 5 months younger than jang nara…lee jin wook is perfect and has amazing acting…second roll or leading roll, i like the way he act…jang nara is cute at her age..i want to see her as amazing character rather than cute girl and innocent girl..i want her to change her acting

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