Kim Hee Sun Unleashes Her Full Angry Mom in First Drama Preview

I’m breathing a sigh of relief that the first preview for upcoming MBC drama Angry Mom hits all the right notes for me. There’s the spitfire titular angry mom played by Kim Hee Sun, the hapless teacher that is Ji Hyun Woo going back to his beta-male side, and the petulant teenage daughter played by Kim Yoo Jung. Those three are really the only ones I care about in this drama and already I like the strong personality streaks from each main lead clearly evident even in a short 30 second preview. There’s a lot of slapstick comedy and I’m totally in the mood for that.

The central premise centers around Kim Hee Sun going back to high school undercover to protect her bullied daughter, and from there the fractured mother-daughter relationship gains a measure of mutual understanding and healing. Once I accept the far-fetched premise that Kim Hee Sun can be accepted as a high schooler in any capacity, then I’m game to give everything else a shot. Not sure if there will be a love line between Ji Hyun Woo and Kim Hee Sun that goes all the way or it’s merely they grow fond of each other, the tricky part is her character having a husband when the drama starts, however douchebaggy he is, so if she moves on to a younger hotter guy hopefully the drama will lay the foundation to make it acceptable to the viewers.

First preview for Angry Mom:


Kim Hee Sun Unleashes Her Full Angry Mom in First Drama Preview — 20 Comments

  1. Can we do a write-in campaign so they start selling Angry Mom merchandise? I love the Angry Mom design. I’m seeing it on sweatshirts, tote bags, coffee mugs, aprons, etc. Because really . . . isn’t every mom at least a little angry (okay a lot) on a daily basis? This is like my fantasy show.

  2. Woah, they managed to make KHS looks like in her 20s (not teenager, but still). Will tune in for Kim Yoo Jung and hope it deletes all Trot Lovers aftertaste from me.

  3. This drama is part of my list . A strange and beautiful work where space is next to excess in a kid of unstable just like picture of life **

  4. I hope this is funny! It looks fun so please no angst or triangle dramas. I just want to see mom being hilarious and badass (yelling insults is a plus)!

  5. Yes, can’t wait to watch it. I just love comedian drama. Maybe it isn’t but looking at the angry mom hilarious characters and teacher really gives me a lot of confidence for this show.

  6. I love this actress. Not only she was beautiful but her acting is good too. See a lot of improvements on her, definitely for this drama. Fighting, Kim Hee Sun!

  7. I feel Kim Hee Sun is awesome actress. Every roles she starred is beautiful.
    No bad her looks as a student in this drama, kinda beautiful mature girl in the class. No wonder, teacher fond of her.

  8. I love to see Kim Hee Sun and Kim Yoo Jung in this drama because both of them are the beautiful child-stars. Hope the storylines is getting better and best later on.

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