My Daughter Seo Young and 49 Days Screenwriter Pre-producing New K-drama I’m Sorry

This is fantastic drama news for me, and also interesting as yet another sign of the changing tides in K-drama production. Dropping the news on a weekend when there is usually less buzz is no indication of how big this particular project might turn out, based on the screenwriting and PD collaboration talent I would say this one is a must-check-out no matter what. Famed screenwriter So Hyun Kyung, one of my personal faves for how satisfying her dramas almost always are, is coming back with a new project tentatively called I’m Sorry.

Totally not to be confused with the famous MiSa i.e. I’m Sorry, I Love You, this I’m Sorry will be directed by the PD of My Name is Kim Sam Soon fame (he also directed Que Sera Sera, Can We Get Married, and Can We Love). What further sets this drama apart is that it will completely be pre-produced, the production is currently casting and will go into filming afterwards with an eye towards a year end air date. The press is referring to So Hyun Kyung as the writer for My Daugher Seo Young, which was one of her biggest ratings hits in years, but I like her so much more for her other dramas.

So Hyun Kyung’s first big break came with the unexpected crazy success of weekend drama Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy, which launched Lee Seung Gi‘s acting career in earnest and also elevated the name recognition of Han Hyo Joo. Weekend time slots have been where So Hyun Kyung has garnered the most success, with that drama and then years later with My Daughter Seo Young which is credited with the next level up of Lee Bo Young‘s acting trajectory.

But it’s her prime time dramas where she has a cult following, those dramas haven’t done as well in ratings but are never outright ratings fails. What’s more memorable is that she takes risks in those dramas and almost always delivers through, and the audience that watches loves it fiercely. Prosecutor Princess was the only one that didn’t work for me (but lots of people loved it), her other prime time dramas 49 Days and Two Weeks are personal faves of mine. I’m super stoked about this new drama, and now comes waiting to hear which actors and actresses end up getting cast.


My Daughter Seo Young and 49 Days Screenwriter Pre-producing New K-drama I’m Sorry — 21 Comments

  1. She is a star maker

    Shining inheritance gave us lee seung gi

    My daughter soe young made Lee Bo young a true star

    49 days put jung il woo on our radar

    Prosecutor princess made Park shi Hoo a star overseas. Although I hated him in that show. That unibrow drive me crazy.

    As a writer she is more daring than Kim Eun sook. Kim Eun sook is always looking for the sure thing lead actors. Never taking risk. Basically KES is a parasite.XD

    • quite true, KES scripts are amazing except for Heirs. Having A-listers as casts can’t guarantee rating success, just look at HyunBin drama failing miserably right now. But i really like So Hyung Kyung weekend dramas esp My Daugther Seo Young. I watched it recently and I am glad I started it after when it finishes airing. Even though there are over 50 episodes, the story doesn’t get repetitive and get more interesting. Looking forward to her new drama too. Since it’s pre-produced, it’s gonna be even better.

    • Woah… Parasite? That too strong of a word to use on KES.

      Yes, she does usually cast big names to create big buzz but having star cast doesnt generally generate stellar rating. Much like hkw it is for hyunbin in HJM, gong yoo in Big, shin ha kyun and jang nara in mr baek, bae yong joon in the legend.

      I think there is something about KES dramas that make people watch it. It may not be to everyones preference, (I especially dont lile heirs/lovers in paris), but people do sit and watch for Her.
      if in kmoviea you have song kang ho, ryu seung ryung, choi min shik as actors that koreans have confidence in and watch, i think in kdrama writing you have that in KES.

      But i am personally happy for this announcement, she is a more consistent weiter. She also doesnt use some far out technques to juice peoples emotions.
      Additionally i super love brilliant legacy, mu daughter sooyoung and 49 days. There is something about her writing that is just ao fluid in narrative that you just watch and love it…

  2. Oh, this is great news! I love So Huyn Kuyn writer-nim. I find her dramas very satisfying, delivering meaningful stories that stick to my heart years later. Till this date, I can remember 49 Days and its bittersweet ending.

  3. Pre-produced… maube yhere is chance Kang Dong Won can be the lead? I know that he has been staying in the movie land cause he doesn’t like love shoot but he did mention last year od wanting to come back to dramaworld… maybe thia can lure him back.. finally?

    • Sorry to many typos… i mean KDW doesnt like love shoots.

      Anyway the tides a changing the kdrama land… this is the 2nd drama ive read to be pre prodiced after DotS…
      Know that is plannibg for love shoots. Woah, super great…! Better quality and less stress/accidents for cast and crew

  4. With such a great writer and director I can’t wait to find out what I’m Sorry is about. I especially love this director. MNIKSS and Que Sera Sera are two of my favorite dramas.

    • Me too on both dramas, so I love the director. However SI was too childish, and MDSY was boring, so for me, the writer has a way to go. Might give it a try, tho’.

  5. I need to say thanks to SHK for her great dramas that I ever watched.
    Sometimes I only remember the star, but not the writer. I’m gonna try to remember the name of the writer from now on, esp the good one hahahah

    Yeaaaaaah hopefully this one is good as well.
    More excited for this than KES’s drama

  6. She’s probabaly my second favorite writer after Park Yeon Seon. I have yet to manage a watch of 2 Weeks. I need to pick it up one of these days

  7. Maybe they will cast Lee Jun Ki or Jung Il Woo then? Or Lee Yo Won for the female lead..
    Fantastic combo writer/PD. Hope it turns out great!

  8. this new drama is promising due to all of SHK previous prokjects have good performance. my favorite is Brilliant Legacy. I know it is impossible but i
    i really miss Han Hyo Joo in small scene.

  9. definitelly looking forward for it… she is a great screenwriter. . after i watched brilliant legacy some years ago, i always check the next project from this writer-nim . . she never regreted me . . even Hong Sister and Kim Eun Sook behind her name on my fav screenwriters list. .

  10. I hope Jung So Min or Im Joo Eun get cast as the leading ladies. They sure need an acting break which I’m sure this drama can give.

  11. This drama will be a must watch. What a perfect collaboration. I won’t surprise if she’s offering her writing to someone who has not been outshines in their previous works. I love the director of MNIKSS and QSS too. We got to know Kim Sun Ah, Hyun Bin, Eric and Jung Yoo Mi are brilliant actors through his hand.

  12. Who could they draw in because of the non-live shoot problems?
    A Jeon De Yeon? Won bin, perhaps? LJK again? I would say SJK if he weren’t attached ot DofS. PLEASE DON’T DO THAT SHOW, DofS, PLEASE, SJK! KSA? Yes, KSA should do this one.

    On the other hand, they don’t usually have huge stars in the dramas mentioned in the piece, but they make stars of the actors they choose.

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