Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan Hold Third Beach Wedding in Her Native Australia

The third time’s a charm doesn’t apply to marriages quite that way, but it’s less snarky when applied to a third wedding especially if it’s to the same person. Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou completed his globe trotting wedding train to model-actress wife Hannah Quinlivan this past weekend by holding a third wedding banquet in Hannah’s native Australia. The first destination wedding in England was an ornate church and estate affair, followed by a circus big top celebration in Taipei where the couple reside, and this third (and likely final) wedding shindig was all beach and breeze. The couple donned matching wedding attire that skewed more casual, with Jay’s powder blue suit likely dyed to match Hannah’s short in front with a tiered train dress topped with a flower crown.

I actually like this wedding event the best out of the three, I think Hannah looks adorable even if Jay looks kinda like her pimp daddy in that baby blue suit, but overall there is a relaxed playful vibe that comes through even in pictures. That’s the happy couple posing with Hannah’s grandmother above, as well as pictures from the celebration along with the couple and wedding party strolling along the beach afterwards. These two now have triple the pressure to make this marriage work since the embarrassment quotient is through the roof if the wedding bliss falls apart after getting tied together three times. My third felicitations to the Mr. and Mrs!


Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan Hold Third Beach Wedding in Her Native Australia — 18 Comments

  1. My favorite by far, of all the 3. Pretty, trendy but with a classy vibe and yet comfy enough to seem enjoyable.

    It just appears more natural and suitable (to them).

  2. Not really an appealing wedding style to me but I think it’s really nice they had a wedding near her family. The pictures with the older relatives is cute.

  3. Three continents down, another three to go. I can’t wait to see what they are going to wear in africa, antartica and america.

  4. Wow, Jay sure took his sweet time to get married… but once he finally did it, he can’t get enough of the wedding business. Ahahaha!

    I like this one best… though Jay’s hairstyle looks awful.

  5. Hi Ms? koala, your writing style is very different from usual bloggers, you are quite knowledgable in vocabularies. Even though i sometimes find it quite redundant and hard to understand, I still enjoy reading your blog. I check your blog everyday, it’s like my morning entertainment news. 🙂

  6. Best of luck to the happy couple!!!!

    They are really over but really cute at the same time. As long as they fully enjoy it!!

  7. Here I am thinking one wedding is so much hassle, they have 3! Lol

    I like the color scheme of this wedding.. And beach weddings are always fun.

  8. Any idea where in Australia the wedding took place. Somewhere in Queensland? After all Australia boost about 35,000 Km of coastline.

  9. Jay has a special place in my heart….simply because his songs were there accompanying me through my bad and good times years upon years …I always recall fondly the first time I heard his first album from a CD given as a gift from a friend/ I remember thinking “this dude is gonna make it” heck if no one buys his album I will!
    And yeah he’s now the much richer and more successful version of himself …
    About time jay, congratulations!!!!

  10. Awwww~ I’ve always loves Jay Chou for his music. He is the only chinese singer that I listened to all these years. Hannah is soooo pretty! maybe it’s her makeup, but she looks much more matured in these pics despite her young age. nevertheless, she looks stunning and it seems that as she gets older, she get prettier, or is it that she looks more matured? lol. anyway, I sincerely hope they will live together happily ever after! ^^

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