Cha Seung Won is Intensely Riveting in First Teaser for Splendid Politics

I’ve totally got my serious hat on to prepare myself for the upcoming 50-episode MBC sageuk Splendid Politics (Hwajung). I’m glad MBC stuck with the original title of Splendid Politics rather than the alternate Princess Jungmyung, based on the storyboard the drama appears to be focused on Cha Seung Won‘s anti-hero Gwanghaegun rise to power moreso than Lee Yeon Hee‘s Princess Jungmyung. The whole thing sounds like a political madhouse that Splendid Politics more aptly describes.

The first teaser has just dropped and it’s glorious, all intense and riveting and royal glowering, just what I want in my meaty sageuks. Lee Yeon Hee doesn’t make an appearance yet as her childhood counterpart is briefly glimpsed while the set up hints to why Gwanghaegun may ascend the throne to rule while his half-sister is banished to live as a commoner outside the palace. All the supporting cast members are on fire as well in bringing to life the necessary villainous or honorable political roles that populate the dangerous world of Joseon politics.

First teaser for Splendid Politics:


Cha Seung Won is Intensely Riveting in First Teaser for Splendid Politics — 13 Comments

  1. Wow… the teaser is intense! Looking forward to it (50 episodes though!) and hope it delivers script and performance wise. When is it expected to air?

  2. I have to admit that I am not the world’s biggest fan of Cha Seung Won – I can appreciate he is a really good actor buy something about him just doesn’t ring my bell. However this is a sageuuk and it looks awesome and he did come across as good so hopefully it will change my mind? (Similarly I found City Hall to be a totally boring drama but I know that it gets lots of love so I guess horses for courses!)

  3. This one seems like a gift prepared just for me (love sageuks, love CSW). And to top it all off I like LYH (I know she is not a good actress, I like her regardless).

    And Bashful82 I recommend Blood Rain. This old Korean historical whodunnit starring Cha Seung Won may change your idea.

    Cha Seung Won is one of those actors who is good at comedy but also drama. I’m not going to say that he is on the same level with Song Kang Ho (who sits on the throne as far as I’m concerned) or Ryu Sang Won or Lee Byung Hun (yeah he is a scumbag but he is a great actor) but he gives a good performance and manages to convey whatever his role requires.

    Not to forget the superficial, he looks so good in costume. Yeah I’m being a total ahjumma but two people who are modern as they as come but look great in costume are Lee Jung Jae and Cha Seung Won.

    This teaser made my mouth water.

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