K-ent Discusses How the Big Three Network Year End Drama Daesang Awards Look Meaningless in Light of the Best Performances in 2022 Come in Cable Dramas with Lee Sung Min and Park Eun Bin

Frank honestly is the best policy here and hopefully it buoys production companies to keep improving to create better quality dramas. K-ent and K-netizens both agree that the coming 2022 Year End Drama Awards held by the Big Three networks feel rather pointless since the best performances came from cable dramas. The consensus goes to Park Eun Bin in Extraordinary Attorney Woo and Lee Sung Min in Reborn Rich. No dissent from me there. But since the former aired on tiny cable network ENA and the latter on respected established jTBC, neither hold any year end drama awards so both will not get network recognition which sucks since both dramas are still high on the buzz meter and viewers would love to see these two feted. But this does also put a question mark on the Baeksang Awards for the television side Daesang, it’s definitely between the two of them but I don’t know who will win. Park Eun Bin was the title character whereas Lee Sung Min the important but still second male lead in his but he hard carried his drama.

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Reborn Rich Hits New Ratings High of 22.456% in Episode 13 as the Story Loses the Magnetic Grandpa and Heads into Final Stretch

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Song Joong Ki and Lee Sung Min Take Their Reborn Rich Chemistry to the Pages of Elle Korea for Classic Korean Architectural Pictorial

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Reborn Rich Jumps to 8.845% Ratings in Episode 2 and 10.826% in Episode 3 as jTBC Has Another Hit on its Hands Maximizing Momentum with Airing 3 Episodes Each Week

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Song Joong Ki Channels His Inner Old Man Along with Leads Lee Sung Min and Shin Hyun Bin at Press Conference for jTBC Drama Reborn Rich

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Song Joong Ki and Lee Sung Min Enter into Fraught Father and Fake Son Out for Revenge Plot in New Poster for jTBC Drama Reborn Rich

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