jTBC Weekend Drama Reborn Rich Hits 14.758% Continuing to Set Rating Records in Meteoric Rise

Man, if it weren’t for Arthdal Chronicles as the outlier, and TBH everyone did think would be a huge hit, then I would believe that Song Joong Ki has the midas touch. Every drama other than AC where he has been a lead has been ratings hits and this new one Reborn Rich is setting new cable records. Episode 4 on Friday got 11.800% ratings and Saturday’s episode 5 hit 14.758%. The only other cable drama to break 14% as fast was The World of the Married which hit 14.676% also in its episode 5. Yesterdays episode 4 was EPIC, OMG I watched every second riveted and loved all the mind games and one upsmanship. But today’s episode 5 felt like a retread and I worry there are only so many times the drama can show Soonyang people trying to buy another company and all the machinations behind it while Song Joong Ki as reborn Do Joon pulls different strings in the background all the while investing his way to multitudes of billions thanks to knowing which new companies to buy (Amazon), which crises to take advantage of (IMG crisis). Do Joon is a cipher because he can’t show too much personality needing to play the dutiful smart grandson so it’s all the supporting characters and the incredible veterans playing each role that shine more with their visceral hunger for power, wealth, and validation.

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Reborn Rich Jumps to 8.845% Ratings in Episode 2 and 10.826% in Episode 3 as jTBC Has Another Hit on its Hands Maximizing Momentum with Airing 3 Episodes Each Week

I didn’t pay attention to the airing schedule for Reborn Rich (The Chaebol’s Youngest Son) so it was like a treat from the drama gods to wake up on Sunday with a new episode 3! jTBC is airing three episodes … Continue reading

Song Joong Ki Channels His Inner Old Man Along with Leads Lee Sung Min and Shin Hyun Bin at Press Conference for jTBC Drama Reborn Rich

It’s time for jTBC drama Reborn Rich to arrive and also time for Song Joong Ki to fire his coordi lol. All K-netizens could about after today’s press conference was WTF kind of pants is he wearing? Wide-legged pleated thick … Continue reading

Song Joong Ki and Lee Sung Min Enter into Fraught Father and Fake Son Out for Revenge Plot in New Poster for jTBC Drama Reborn Rich

It’s kinda funny how timing works, that jTBC is coming out with Reborn Rich but right now MBC has Gold Spoon which probes similar existential issue, what would you do if you were suddenly a rich heir. Gold Spoon makes … Continue reading

jTBC Unveils First Poster and Teaser for Revenge Drama Reborn Rich with Song Joong Ki, Lee Sung Min, and Shin Hyun Bin

Okay, this is totally giving me Giant feels with the fantasy reborn twist. The first teaser is out for jTBC drama Reborn Rich (The Chaebol’s Youngest Son) adapted from a novel and starring Song Joong Ki as the titular male … Continue reading

Kim Hye Soo Gets Mad Praise From Western and Korean Critics in Newly Premiered Netflix Legal Drama Juvenile Justice

The Netflix experiment has not done a straight up legal drama until now and it’s getting great reviews if not as much buzz as some other recent Netflix offerings like All of Us are Dead, Hellbound, and Squid Game. This … Continue reading

Lee Sung Min to Play the Chaebol Patriarch Opposite Song Joong Ki in the K-drama Adaptation of Revenge Novel The Youngest Son of Sunyang

Wow, what a powerhouse duo of male leads, this can only get better from casting onward. Lee Sung Min has been confirmed as another male lead in the upcoming K-drama adaptation of the novel The Youngest Son of Sunyang (The … Continue reading

Lee Sung Min, Han Ji Min, Nam Joo Hyuk, and Joo Ji Hoon Take Home 2018 Korean Film Critic Acting Awards

Another K-awards ceremony came and went and this one was decided low key being from the Korean Film Critics Association but the winners merit a mention. It’s pretty serendipitous and likely a good sign that upcoming K-drama Brilliant costars Han Ji … Continue reading

2018 Grand Bell Awards Fetes Burning as Best Film and Departed Kim Joo Hyuk Wins Best Supporting Actor

I can’t say the 2018 Grand Bell Awards (Daejong Awards) were all that exciting mostly because K-movies haven’t really excited me in recent years. There is still envelope pushing and creativity for sure but the days of Old Boy and … Continue reading