Written and Video Preview for Episode 19 of Hyde, Jekyll, Me

I’m so ready to say goodbye to Hyde, Jekyll, Me, but totally not ready to say goodbye to seeing Hyun Bin on the small screen. That’s the same feeling that leads me to love Seo Jin but feel nothing for Robin, so I guess it’s fitting what with this drama being all about a man suffering from DID. Episode 19 is right around the corner and with it this long disappointing drama disaster wraps up this week with the final two episodes. I really liked episode 18 which makes for a resurgence of interest in the finale.

The easy solution is for Robin’s memories and personality to merge into Seo Jin, creating SeoBin and giving Ha Na two men for the price of one. She’s getting such a sweet deal, not that she deserves it but at least her lack of presence is also getting some infused energy in this final stretch. I don’t know if Binnie’s great acting will make me cry when Robin leaves since I’ve been wanting him gone for episodes now so that drama can focus on the Seo Jin. When I see the latest drama still above, somehow I see SeoBin already, or am I just seeing things after being blinded by Binnie’s gorgeousness?

Written preview for episode 19:

Robin remembers his first meeting with Ha Na and feels happy, but he also worries that his memories are being lost and he will disappear soon. On the other hand, Seo Jin continues to absorb Robin’s memories and he feels conflicted on how to tell this to Ha Na…..

Preview for episode 19:


Written and Video Preview for Episode 19 of Hyde, Jekyll, Me — 7 Comments

  1. Well, at least one thing is sure, TJ won’t come out out of nowhere and try to kidnap someone.
    Dare I dream for a cameo surprise in the last episode? HB has many friends who could make things a little exciting.

  2. This is not relevant to this post but I doubt I will find any post relevant to it so I’m just going to post here-Thank you very much Miss Koala for your recommendation of ‘Office Girls’.I’m not a fan of TW-drama but I loved this one.I’m also loving all the banners of the two leads above now that I know them 🙂

  3. Salute miss koala for sticking to hjm even when it did not make sense at all. I wish i have half of your patience. Fighting!

  4. Omg, I am so glad this drama is finally going to be over. I stuck with it because of Hyun Bin but damn, I am still disappointed by this show. Not sure if I’m going to be wow over by the last 2 episodes. Hope it will be somewhat good.

  5. I have to say that I’m probably the only one who is sad that the drama is almost over. I don’t want to let go of Binnie and Seo Jin and even Robin. He did such a great job with the characters and I want to be left with a happy SeoBin. Seobinnie!!! 🙂

    I know the drama is going to make no sense, but Seobin is just too hot to pass up – not only in look but also in personality, character and mannerisms (i think?) It’s a fusion of Seo Jin and Robin so I think we can know what that would be like.

    Sniff sniff… I will miss you Hajina and seeing Binnie grace our screens two days in a row. But lucky for him, he’s been freed (almost?)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. ockoala , you are pathetic. All the articles that you have written since the beginning on this drama is also pathetic. Damage to your readers.
    Jekyll Hyde Me is a good drama. I discovered Hyun Bin in Secret Garden , my love for him was strengthened thanks to Hyde Jekyll Me.
    HJM not at all to be ashamed of its record. Go see the top rating of HJM and current series and you’ll see that the top rating is 8.6% better than the 5% or 7% assembly of the scholar Who walk the night. I like the series, but unlike you Koala I’m not pathetic and does not enter négativisime on these drama. I am well placed to know that people love is the most important

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