Hong Sisters Jejudo Drama Adds Jinyoung of B1A4 to the Cast

This Wednesday is going to go down as one of the wildest K-drama casting news bonanzas in a long time. It was just missing an out-of-the-blue shocker to cap the crazy, like Won Bin was doing a drama with Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho was the baddie or something like that. The Hong sisters drama Feeling Good and Warm (formerly Jejudo Gatsby) can’t rest on its laurels having finally secured the two leads in Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang Sora, now it has to go cast the rest of the supporting team and the production is doing just that.

With all the recent howling about unqualified acting fail idols getting even more undeserving drama offers, this latest idol-turned-actor is actually a new interest of mine. Jinyoung (Jung Jin Young) of boy band B1A4 (which already spawned well-received idol-actor Baro) is in talks join this drama in a supporting role as an employee in the restaurant run by Yoo Yeon Seok’s character. I’m not sure if he’s the second male lead or will have any love lines towards Kang Sora, I’d prefer he didn’t, and the typical Hong sisters style is casting young whippersnappers like Jinyoung for the visual pretty and youthful energy.

Jinyoung is the only reason I’m still watching the cable music drama Persevere Gu Hae Ra, a drama where I loathe the female lead and the actress who plays said character, not to mention find the entire story deadly dull. I like both male leads, Jinyoung and Kwak Si Yang, but the latter I’ve always liked while this is my first impression of Jinyoung acting and he was quite a surprising find. Solid delivery, steady energy, and a natural in front of the camera, Jinyoung is a scene-stealer without coming across as trying too hard.

If he joins this Hong sisters drama then it’ll be more reason for me to tune in without feeling too attached to this drama should it turn out to be a dud.¬†In addition to Jinyoung, offers have also been extended to veterans Uhm Ki Joon and Lee Sung Jae, both of whom are wonderful actors and always a treat to see onscreen. Sometimes I get whiplash when toggling between their roles as sweet bumbling nice guys versus supremely evil villains because they do such a believable¬†job in whatever acting capacity. Despite the casting ups and downs, this drama is coming together nicely now.


Hong Sisters Jejudo Drama Adds Jinyoung of B1A4 to the Cast — 22 Comments

  1. I find him a little bland and creepy in Persevere – lots of Jaejoong-style staring from under artfully coiffed brows and getting all up in people’s grills at very little provocation. But maybe like Jaejoong he will figure out how to add to his range after some painfully pedestrian work. Sigh. Kdrama seems to be just Acting 101 for every over-processed idol out there.

  2. I have a question, do these more well known actors (or even unknown) audition for these roles separately and as a couple? Is that common practice at all or is it just all talks and then everyone shows up for cast readings and starts filming?

  3. Same, this is one idol that I enjoy watching. He is the only reason I am still watching PGHR. I dislike min hyor rin’s character and ive lost all sympathy for the character kang se jong. Ray, Henry and Woori are great and the songs show off the talents especially Woori

  4. wow.. I went through a similar journey to you.. Liking him a lot. I also started watching “Persevere Gu Hae Ra” for him and Kwak Si Yang; I also cannot stand the female lead character and actress… I was not planning on watching this Hong Sisters drama, (despite the fact I do like Kang So-Ra) but with Jinyoung in it, I will give it a try.

  5. I discovered him in She Is Wow and was blown away: He stole the show big time. I won’t watch this but I hope for him his character won’t be underdeveloped and boring (Hong sis trademark).

    • I watched She is Wow as well and was super impressed. He was paired with the girl from Bride of the Century and their table kiss scene is one of my all time favorites.

    • “She Is Wow” is indeed amazing found for me. Just found it, watch it, and WOW! Evry players were great in their own merits, so it’s mean Jinyoung too. I support him big time!

  6. Hi Koala!

    Seriously can you elaborate on the ” Kim woo bin, Jeon ji hyun and lee min ho drama rumors?

    Because thats a one hellva interesting news and casting if that comes to reality.. what a surprise!

    • It was just a joke because the casting news this week has been pretty surprising and odd. And it was Won Bin, not Kim Woo Bin.

      • Damn! these kinda of jokes can give people heart-attack not funny at all.

        but wished it was true.. Jun ji hyun and lee min ho pairing would cause an earthquake.

      • and not to forget either Kim woo bin or won bin as the co-lead with them in another dengerous love-triangle..

  7. I liked him in the few episodes I watched of PGHR.

    YYS getting cast as the main lead has been such great news. I don’t care much for the Hong Sisters BUT his Chilbongie has been one of my favourite characters in recent times. SO EXCITED!!

  8. I hope he isn’t the second lead. I find him deadly dull in Persevere Goo Haera, not that the entire drama isn’t a waste of time. The only thing tolerable about the drama is Kwak Si Yang,and Henry, a distant second.

  9. wow, Persevere Gu Hae Ra is bad? I’m not watching but I thought koala would like it, based on the little bit I know it sounded like Monstar which is a drama I know you like a lot! Apparently Mnet failed to recreate the magic then.

  10. No doubt Minhyo-rin is a gorgeous girl but her character Gu hae-ra in the show has the personality of a cardboard.So lifeless.Makes watching the show a chore. At first i was Rooting for Ray(Jinyoung) to get the girl but now i longer care.Sigh..I dropped the drama around episode 8 or 9,i think.

    • Hi Joy Bells, we meet in koala. I saw PGHR thru. Ending episode is a pain to watch for Ray. The consolation is he was one who truly fulfilled SeChan’s buckey list — most if not all off them. Music stayed solid. Love watching them perform.

      I hope they don’t give jinyoung a role that will be break his heart 2x. I think it will be great if he will be given a great second lead cool sidekick of Chilbongie. Don’t give him a villainy role does not suit him too.

  11. Jinyoung was also good in the movie Miss Granny.

    Going to watch this drama for Kang Sora, Yoo Yeon Seok & Jinyoung.
    Can’t wait for May.

  12. He first stole my heart in She is Wow. He was great and that was his first major acting project.

    Those who thinks he’s dull and bland in Gu Haera, its just probably because of the character. I prefer his Kang Sechan character though unfortunately the character died.

    I would suggest for you to watch Miss Granny and She is Wow. He’s excellent in those fun roles. I hope that this role offered to him is as fun as those.he’s kinda good at being those loser-type of characters. He’s good at comedic acting. They should use that. Lol

  13. I meet Jinyoung in Goo Hae Ra. Curious about him, I watched Miss Granny and She is Wow. I think he is fine as actor. Room for development will come with experience esp on very dramatic scenes. Actually, for me, he did a good job in PGHR. I think in episode 4 when he auditioned for the team and sang oh my love, you can see the distinct difference of his dual character — with that just song delivery he was great showing the diff. He did portrayed Ray well, calm and refined opposite his twin bro. I think when they focused too match of the love triangle and you know in the end it will break your heart, you stop watching. The music kept it alive though for me.

  14. Awww yay, I love Jinyoung! Not only is he super talented in composing and singing (he has composed over 20 songs for B1A4) but I really think he’s natural and has potential in acting. I don’t think his role in Gu Hae-ra really does him any favors though.

    I wouldn’t exactly call him a “latest idol-turned-actor” though since he’s been acting long before Baro did Answer Me 1994. He had a role in The Thousandth Man and he did She Is Wow (like others have mentioned). I also I remember watching him as an extra in a random drama once (which I believe he did before B1A4). Anyway, I hope it’s a decent role.

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