Production Company of Scholar Who Walks the Night Confirms Kim So Eun as Female Lead

Just when I felt like sitting Scholar Who Walks the Night down and demanding that the drama get its act together, it goes and gets it act together. FINALLY. The production company just released a statement that Kim So Eun is confirmed as the female lead of Scholar, playing the cross-dressing fallen noblewoman leading lady who falls in love with the vampire scholar played by Lee Jun Ki. Second male lead Changmin, who plays the Crown Prince, will reportedly also fall for her which is a plot point that is different than in the original manhwa.

Don’t ask me what happened to Lee Yoo Bi, the other actress in contention for this role, I’m just relieved to have a leading lady at long last. Kim So Eun works for me and I hope those still peeved over the first go-around with Han Groo or the second turn with Jin Se Yeon is ready to let the casting exhaustion go and see what this drama delivers come July. I also hope Lee Soo Hyuk confirms soon as well to play the vampire antagonist and deliver a real dangerous and deadly vampire that he didn’t get to play the first time he donned fangs for Vampire Idol.

Hhhhhmmmmm, yup, the costumed visuals from their previous sageuk roles confirms Lee Jun Ki and Kim So Eun will look fantastic together. Her with round sweeter features as the optimistic bookseller with dreams of leaving Joseon and him as the too gorgeous vampire with a soul who is reluctantly protecting the mission of the royal family to govern righteously.


Production Company of Scholar Who Walks the Night Confirms Kim So Eun as Female Lead — 85 Comments

  1. I don’t know about this…I don’t love or hate Kim So Eun. She is overrated in my opinion. Hopefully with this drama, I could see her in a different light.

      • I don’t love her as much as I used to. Her nose is not attractive, but overall I think she suits the role fine and I’ll check it out.

    • Overrated? I don’t think so. I think she’s had it toughest getting out of the BOF craze but has done well with her roles since then. I think if she wants to prove herself as a leading actress, she can do so in this drama. I appreciated her in LIAR GAME though! Still hoping for a season 2.

      • I agree, I didn’t know her before Liar Game, but she managed to out do the original. No overacting with the proper amount of layers and nuances. Not easy to make a goody goody two shoe not annoying. Her character was much easier to sympathize with than Erika Toda’s, even if Erika is one of my favorite actresses.

    • She is not at all. She rarely acted as main lead and she just have a comeback from all these years. For me she is talented.

    • She was flat in liar game. But still better than Jin se yeon.
      They could have got someone better to act opposite LJK. Would have prefer Han Groo or more seasoned actress like Park Min Young.

      • This is what I’ve been thinking all along.

        The idea of Lee Jun Ki and Park Min Young sets my heart fluttering. If only this role weren’t a replica of her character in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, I’d love it if she were cast opposite Jun Ki in this.

      • i dont know why but i dont like PMY’s acting. she was so bad in SKKS and decent in A New Leaf. however i agree that there are some point where KSE’s acting felt flat in Liar Game but doesnt bother me so much because she embodies and portray the character well.

      • How can Han Groo be overrated? And since when was she ugly? Also, Bae Doo Na & Go Ah Sung? They’re naturally pretty unlike others mentioned above who underwent PS.

      • A good actrees doesn’t need to be pretty, needs to be good. You can be Miss Universe and as stiff as a stick. Bette Davis wasn’t a beauty, but nobody can’t deny she was one of the best. Beauty is overrated.

      • @Laim Um, excuse me. Everyone is entailed to their own opinions and depending on what part of the country you’re from, we all have our own standards of beauty. You don’t have to call out Koala and Americans.

      • Dude, I think Suzy, Yoona, and Hara are the ugly girls. Bae Doo Na is the one with the beauty & TALENT! Girl got the whole package.

    • I actually think that she’s underrated. She’s been around for a while now yet people only know her through her plain jane characters in Boys over Flowers and Liar Game which doesnt really showcase her skills. And the girl always lands supporting roles until LG so I dont think shes overrated.

  2. Omg! YES!!! She’s been my choice after all these lead changes. I’m glad they’ve chosen KIM SO EUN. I am officially back on board with this drama (although I never jumped ship). She’s always done well in her historical dramas I’ve seen her in and I’m actually pretty excited to see her opposite Lee Jun Ki! Well-done, Production Company for releasing an official comment. End the crazy speculations.

  3. Hallelujah MBC! They finally decided and so much better than the possibility of LJK-LYB. I’m still washing my hands out of the potential hot mess, but the upcoming reviews should be fun.

  4. Aww man. I was hoping she would get the second lead’s crazy gisaeng. I wanted to see her take on a different role. Guess she’s taking the safe road. Well…better be safe than sorry. Seems like i will be watching SWWTN since KSE is in.

    • Safe road? WHAT? lol She’s playing two roles… that’s challenging all in itself. 😉 I was hoping if not the leading actress, she would play the gisaeng though. =X But I think they found the perfect gisaeng, Jang Hee Jin.

      • It is safe for her. KSE has always taken on protagonistic characters. For once, i wanted to see her go for something dark and twisted. With that sweet face of hers, it would have been a great character set up for the gisaeng with hidden, evil agendas. And it would be a challenge to see if she could keep the viewers rooting for her character despite being the antagonist.

      • Agree. The gisaeng role is the spicier role. I really hope so eun can pass for a guy. I don’t know what they have to do to achieve the look – but it’s so annoying when it’s just way too obvious there’s no way the girl is passing for a guy.

    • You’re right. She definitely does have a sweet face and it would be interesting BUT there are also PLENTY of other top sweet faces actresses who only plays protagonists characters rather than the antagonist.

      I would assume you don’t specifically only mean Kim So Eun, who has a sweet face who ‘has always taken protagonistic characters.’ This applies to multiple sweet face actresses.. 😉

  5. I don’t think she actually is the female lead… none of her articles explicitly called her the heroine or even named which role she was playing. I’d bet there are more than 2 important female roles in the webtoon/manhwa.

    • The headline states:

      “Production Company of Scholar Who Walks the Night Confirms Kim So Eun as Female Lead”

      It says female lead. Am I missing something? I am not too familiar with the makjang so I may be wrong, are there two female leads?

      • I’m not talking about Koala’s article, I’m talking about the original Korean ones.

      • I called it since the original article says she has a love triangle with both male leads, which is only ever given to the female lead. In the manhwa there are only two female characters of any import, the female lead and the gisaeng. Since Jang Hee Jin is in talks for the gisaeng, that leaves only the female lead left for KSE. Unless the story deviates hugely from the manhwa and adds another female lead out of thin air. At which point all bets are off.

      • @ockoala

        I did see that in the first exclusive article but not in any of the ones afterwards. Ah well, here’s to hoping you’re right.

      • @ Rina

        Yeah, I see that now. When I wrote this post there was just one article out so it was based on that. If this ends up being another backtrack or she plays the second female lead then it’s just continuing the Scholar casting mindfrak, which is nothing new is at point. >.<

    • Based on 2 korean articles (naver & dailian), with the help of dictionary & google, she will have triangle romance with LJK & Changmin. That sounds female lead in typical K-drama setting.

      Again, just me & my beginner Korean

      • Sometimes articles about the same topic will have inaccurate info that is later clarified… her own agency’s press release does not call her the 여주인공 iirc and there’s no mention of a triangle romance either. They have more reason than any other party to toot their own horns if they’ve snagged her a leading role so why do they not even bother to call her the heroine or tell us the name of the role she’s playing? My gut feeling is that she’s not going to be the heroine… and I say that as someone who really likes her.

      • @Rina Hmm, but we can’t rule out the fact that her agency did NOT indicate that she is not the leading actress in the drama. They could’ve said that she joined the ‘Scholar of the Night Team’ with a supporting role.

        But with that said, we can all agree that we did not have proper translation of the original article AND it seems we didn’t get a CLEAR CUT announcement by her agency but a rather vague one. One thing for sure is that Kim So Eun WILL be part of drama and it seems to me it will be for the leading role. It’ll be rather disappointing if not since I’m already jumping on the Lee Jun K & Kim So Eun pairing.

  6. I’m just glad they didnt take Jin Se Yeon as the lead, whether they took KSE or LYB as the lead didn’t matter so much since at least both those girls can act. So happy that it’s KSE though!

  7. I’m thinking maybe the buzz surrounds the casts are intentionally done by channel station itself to see how people react before they offer to the actors. If people get positive reactions, the stations will approach the actors seriously. Otherwise they would make other speculation casting offers.

    • Hmm that would make sense since the response to Han Groo was she isn’t as “likeable” enough & not as great in “acting” & Jin Se Yeon was that she couldn’t act & has a strong sponsor while with Lee Yubi it was shes “relying” on her parents to get roles… Kim So Eun was the only one that netizens approved of compared to the other 3.

      If this was their tactic then that’s pretty harsh since the 3 actresses got a lot of harsh criticism…

    • It could be. There were many case like this before. From how people reacted to Yoona in Tomorrow Cantabile then they changed to another actress (after so many sugestion to gave that actress chance), then negative reaction towards Rain and they changed to Lee Jin Wook as the main role, etc.

      • Yeah, disappointed with Rain not getting the part. Why Lee Jin Wook though? He’s a bit… flat.

    • I absolutely believe that. With Han Groo they put out the offer for 3 weeks but netizens said she’s not suited for the role even if her acting was otherwise good, with JSY it was “absolute no, she can’t act at all, who’s her sponsor” so they kicked that choice out in a week, with Lee Yu Bi it was “nepotism and she’s not at lead role level even if her acting is ok”. Kim So Eun was the only one who got all positive

    • I absolutely believe that. With Han Groo they put out the offer for 3 weeks but netizens said she’s not suited for the role even if her acting was otherwise good, with JSY it was “absolute no, she can’t act at all, who’s her sponsor” so they kicked that choice out in a week, with Lee Yu Bi it was “nepotism and she’s not at lead role level even if her acting is ok”.

      Kim So Eun was the only one who got all positive responses, and her articles were released before the previous candidate officially “dropped out”. And she is the senior actress so it made sense for MBC to cast her as lead.

      • Do K-netizens think that JSY is a bad actress like most international viewers? And do they also think that she has a “sponsor”? I know that most comments regarding a “JSY + sponsor” here were castigated as being mean to her so was curious to know if Korean viewers thought the same. (I haven’t seen her in anything so have no opinion on her acting.)

      • I don’t know what K-netizens think about JSY, but the international viewers are definitely very liberal with their use of the term “sponsor”. In a purely K-ent sense, that label have VERY negative connotations attached to it. Primarily, it means that a woman (usually younger girls) are expected to dole out sexual favours to powerful men so that they can be given opportunities within the industry. Some international fans love to sugarcoat it and say that “sponsorship” simply means any kind of a strong backer without any sexual innuendos intended. But that to me is such a disingenuous thing to say, especially considering that the most famous case of sponsorship in the K-ent industry has been brought to light in the last 5 years by the death of the relatively unknown Jang Ja Yeon of Boys Over Flowers fame, by an apparent suicide due to said abuse. Still, international commenters love to mindlessly spout their assumptions about JSY and this “sponsor” of hers. I really don’t know if its ignorance or they simply are slandering JSY with such libelous accusations.

      • @Scientia

        Thank you for the rational comment on this sponsorship issue some ignorant ifans like to sprout in almost every article related to JSY. It’s still makes me shake my head in disgust when some suggest things like that. It’s fine if one hates her acting or think she doesn’t deserve any lead roles. It’s also fine if one finds her undeserving to act at all. But then people fall as low as slandering her character and it reflects so badly on her as a person for those who believe this to be a fact. Why is it so necessary to slam someone personally for what they don’t do well in their profession. It’s the same people commenting in different websites, I noticed. And I didn’t really want to comment on it because it’s not like they’ll stop. But now I feel so bad after reading your reply. Everyone needs to stop, this is a form of bullying and it’s utterly disgusting.

      • @Scientia – You don’t know what knetizens think of JSY, well that’s exactly what @pigsnout is telling us in the above comment, along with reporting their comments on the other actresses involved. International viewers are not the ones from whom the ‘sponsor’ rumours originated in the first place, so save your ire.

      • @Xxx have made a keen observation. Yes, it’s almost always the same people commenting about JSY over here and elsewhere stating the same accusations. Whenever her name is brought up, you could guarantee at least 2 or 3 of the same commenters sharing us their most astute thoughts on how JSY land roles. It’s not an isolated incident nor is it out of public service to inform us what of what k-netizens think. It’s quite obvious where the origin of it came from (netizenblogspot ie. 12 year old k-netizens) but it doesn’t matter where the origin is, but rather the reason why one continues to perpetrate such behavior.

        Just as @Xxx I have long since given up trying to reprimand people because, god, this is the internet ffs. But I would definitely be inclined to educate as much international fans about this favorite term of theirs. Had I been able to speak Korean I would do so against k-netizens too.

        So don’t get your panties all bunched up, I’ve as low of an opinion of k-netizens as some of the international fans too.

        PS. Out of public service, someone can translate this in Korean too and share it with K-netizens.

      • @aafa83 – looking at translated comments and the associated several thousand upvotes, the answers to your questions are yes, and yes. People like to claim International viewers are the only ones who dislike JSY and netizens are fine with her when that’s the opposite of the truth.

        And it’s Korean netizens who first brought up the ‘sponsor’ issue and keep bringing it up so anyone who wants to castigate international fans for doing so, should know that they are not just making it up. And fight with the netizens while you’re at it.

  8. yesss kim so eun
    hehehe I can’t believe we will see her with lee joong ki after 11 years (*0*)
    anyway I know she will do well <333

  9. Finally a leading lady. Still, I will always be sad that Han Groo did not get this role. She is fabulous actress. Maybe with some luck and insight she will be paired with LJG for a rom-com in the future.

    • =X Agreed. Unfortunately, Kdrama world are obsessed with Kpop idols since they generate bias ratings. -_- And most of them should really just stick to their day job.

      • Oops. I meant… yes, you are right. There are better actresses but not compared to a MUCH longer list of worst actresses than her. Kim So Eun always had potential and I believe she can definitely deliver! Give her a chance. 😉

      • KSE deserves the role, she has worked hard for over 10 years.

        Haha, you just so want to show off that you dislike her.Why hurt so much??

      • @Jillian I know that. But LYB and JSY look like daughters or younger sisters besides LJK. Han Groo suit this role but Netizens don’t want her. KSE is more senior actress, older than these three. She also have sageuk experience like LYB. LYB never has leading roles. So she is the one who perfect for this role.

    • Let me remind you that KSE won acting awards in Boys over flower , Empress Cheonchu and BOF in 2009 and won another award in sageuk hit drama Horse doctor in 2012 .

      • Er, KSE won best rookie actress aw@rd, but she ain’t a top actress…not @mong the best

  10. now at least i like this pairing. Now I’m looking forward to this. i’m not sure though about Changmin…

    • Ditto. Han Groo would’ve been a better choice. Hello, Girl K and Marriage Not Dating, anyone? Polar opposite characters played with lots of emotion, depth, vulnerability, energy and strength. She’s a great actress too having recently won New Star Award at the SBS Drama Awards for One Warm Word. But maybe Han Groo is too “new” and they needed someone who’s done a sageuk before. Though she is very far from “ugly” as someone commented here, Han Groo doesn’t have the usual “candy” look an “innocent” leading actresses are suppose to have. Meh. Will skip this.

      • YES! I’ve seen Marriage Not Dating, and A Word From The Warm Heart (something like that). She was super cute with Park Seo Joon!!!

    • You means k-fans darling
      They who prefer her in first place (if u follow they news and read the comments )
      + MBC have no power on production company ! They only pay!!

      • The network that airs the drama has no say in the drama? What world are you living in? haha

  11. Let me remind you guys that KSE won acting awards in Boys over flower , Empress Cheonchu(sageuk) and BOF in 2009 and won another award in sageuk hit drama Horse doctor in 2012 .

  12. Oh yaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! From the depths of despair to pure awesome! I’m just elated at how this turned out! And if Lee Soo Hyuk joins – OMG! This is now my most anticipated drama of the year!

  13. OMG thanks Kdrama Gods..Lee Yoo Bi is a NO NO her acting needs to be improved for another 2 years.. Han Groo is an OK choice but KSE is better!!!

  14. Will this drama just AIR ALREADY so we can finally see who plays who? (Or is it who plays whom?) Anyway, if KSE and LJK really are the leads, then I’m happy with it, but God knows it better be good after all this casting trouble.

  15. hopefully Changmin has improved his acting. people can only tolerate so much bad acting or non acting from a character that is going to get more screen time. have mercy drama god

  16. So after all this, the articles still don’t say exactly who Kim So Eun will be playing? I’m glad she’s cast, she really does deserve to be a lead.

  17. Lee Yoo Bi just confirmed to be the lead and Kim So Eun is just a supporting role.

    It’s all over the news: Mwave, Soompi etc…

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