MBC May Schedule New Lee Kyung Hee Drama for the Fall Against New Kim Eun Sook Drama

This rumored scheduling is too excellent not to share, not to mention highly probable to come true. MBC is lining up the remainder of the dramas this year and has a major trump card in hand for the fall season. Industry insiders are talking about famed screenwriter Lee Kyung Hee returning to MBC to air her new drama, with it being 8 years since she worked with the network as all her recent dramas have been on KBS or SBS. Lee Kyung Hee did Wonderful Days and Nice Guy for KBS and prior to that she worked with SBS on Will it Snow for Christmas.

Lee Kyung Hee’s new drama is tentatively titled Liking is Just Like That and will be directed by PD Lee Jae Dong, who worked with her on Thank You back in 2007 on MBC. I love PD Lee’s directing style and he’s has been a busy bee after doing Thank You, more recently he directed My Spring Days, Missing You, and Hero. MBC is reportedly slotting this new Lee Kyung Hee drama for Wed-Thurs in early fall to follow after Scholar Who Walks the Night. The only info on this new drama is that resembles Thank You in narrative mood and is described as an adult fairy tale like romance.

Thank You is one of Lee Kyung Hee’sย non-melos, of which she’s super famous for such as Nice Guy, A Love to Kill, MiSa (I’m Sorry, I Love You), or Will it Snow for Christmas. TY feels more like Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School and Wonderful Days, this bucholic locale of a more simpler times hiding wells of pain and suffering made palatable by the strength and resolve of the leads in coping. Sang Doo is probably my personal fave Lee Kyung Hee drama with Nice Guy coming in a close second and Thank You rounding out the top three. She writes very resilient strong female leads and emotionally battered screwed up male leads, yet somehow makes it all come together in whatever narrative concoction she’s conjured up.

She also is known for working multiple times with stars cast in her dramas – Gong Hyo Jin (Sang Doo, Thank You), Rain, (Sang Doo, ALTK), Song Joong Ki (Will it Snow, Nice Guy) – so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a former Lee Kyung Hee alum potentially cast in this new drama. I so can’t wait, other than feeling nervous with there being strong competition as Lee Kyung Hee’s new drama will air in the same Wed-Thurs time slot a few weeks prior to the new Kim Eun Sook drama Descendants of the Sun. I’m so going to watch both even if my eyeballs fall out from exhaustion. MBC is clearly pulling out the big guns to go up against DotS on KBS while currently SBS hasn’t scheduled that far out yet. Let the competition flag fly, ladies!


MBC May Schedule New Lee Kyung Hee Drama for the Fall Against New Kim Eun Sook Drama — 39 Comments

  1. Jang Hyuk Jang Hyuk Jang Hyuk!

    Omg I need JH in a melodrama after his strings of Sageuks and rom-coms and combinations of both. He’s been bringing in the ratings for MBC too – it would be perfect! I think Rain would be excellent as well. Either men and I’m in heaven.

  2. A reunion of Jang Hyuk and Gong Hyo Jin and the entire Thank You cast, please! Thank You is my favourite of Lee Kyung Hee’s dramas… and these two brought Min GiSeo and Lee Youngshin to life. Though I am not quite sure whether it is even feasible… seeing she is currently starring in Producer, still will continue to hope it miraculously happens.

  3. I would take this 10000x over the other rumor that MBC is planning a gangster drama with Lee Bum Soo (love you dude, but not enough to watch a gangster drama) and Jung Joon Ho. Unfortunately, the latter was actually reported in one of Jung Joon Ho’s recent articles so my brain is telling me it’s true but my heart is still hoping for Lee Kyung Hee!

  4. Damn thats hard, I hate Kim Eun Sook but she’s got SJK oppa’s comeback and Lee Kyung Hee has written some of my favorite shows. It’ll be rough but I’m going to try my best to stick it out with DotS. Man how I wish SJK had been given her drama instead, lol. O well, I think DotS will still come out the ratings winners because its Kim Eun Sook

  5. I miss Moon Chae Won in dramaland,I will be very happy if ever she will be cast in this drama but it also means that she’ll be competing with song joong ki..

  6. Hmm… I pity the dramas that will be up again KES’s DoTS. It’s kinda like being up again YFAS and MoonSun. I am iffy on LKH dramas for personal enjoyment but acknowledge that she is very good ๐Ÿ™‚ I like Thank You and WiSFC.

    But whatever it drama ends up being overall, I just hope it brings up the quality of kdramas over all, especially in the writing department.

    • Why would you pity the drama pitted against KES’s? Secret did perfectly well against a star studded Heirs. If Lee Kyung Hee writes the way she usually does, she can quite easily pull off what a rookie writer did in Secret.

    • Not really..Lee Kyung Hee’s dramas were popular too and more acclaimed tha Kim Eun Suk..It is just that KES’s dramas were more known internationally bcoz’ most of them were romcoms.If it is about the ratings then we can’t assure who will be the ratings winner..In the end it falls which drama is better and as far as i remember the famous “the heirs” lost in battle ratings with “secret”..

  7. I put my money on LKH. She’s so much easier to watch. I cry and rail at the unfairness and keep watching.

    I swear the only thing that would make me check out DoTS is my baby SJK and his returned army abs. With less and less time in my life for dramas, I can’t see myself sitting through a re-Heirs. I think i was only able to watch half of that one and I had to mute some of the O!S!T!! when it came and hit me on the head

    Stlllllll, Binnie had me watching every Jekyl ep; it could happen. SJK makes me feel everything he feels and then some.

  8. LOL, I like LKH more than KES, but on the other hand, I adore SJK. As an international viewer, i’m obviously not gonna affect the ratings, but I wouldn’t want to choose which one I want to do better either. Let’s hope they both do well.

  9. THIS! I want to kiss Koala for this good news! For me LKH is far better writer. Thank you is a gem. I was hooked when the first time I watch that drama. The story is wonderful. That’s the first drama which introduce me to jang hyuk ahjussi. LOL

  10. Agree with Miss K. LKH really wrote a strong a character. As much as I enjoy Nice Guy I prefer Thank You. Never forget super adorable Bom and Granpa chocopie. She’s really amazing when she wrote a drama.
    I love SJK (he’s the only thing that make me attracted to DoS rite now) but if LKH drama cast my favorite strong actor like Jang Hyuk I’ll rooting for her.

  11. I’m definitely going to watch this one. I like neither KES nor SJK. This writer made my favorite ones.
    Can I dream younger leads who are in their twenties? I am a teen. I am bored to watch the older leads’ romance.

  12. Hmm isn’t DotS supposed to go against Hwajang (I don’t know how you spell it and I’m too lazy to look it up) though? This might turn out to be smaller competition for DotS because last I’ve heard the budget for Kim Eun Sook’s drama is huge so at least the teasers are gonna be flashy enough to catch the attention of plenty of viewers. I guess we’ll see after the cast for this one is announced. DotS already has a solid cast, if this one has one too, the competition is gonna get a bit tighter.

  13. Ok I can you bring back so Ji sub to my screen then… I have to accept ,but I creid my heart out while watchin MISA..it was my first kdrama..I am still attached to it …

  14. I loved Nice Guy and I’m happy to see LKH back with a new drama. I wouldn’t mind if MCW would choose it as her next project. Also it’s about time for her to choose her next drama if she wants to return to the small screen this year. Even though I would wait for her if no project is appealing to her.

    But I’m not sure though if she would want to return with another LKH drama. I think the script must be unique for her to do so. ๐Ÿ™‚

    SJK would be a dream but I’m sure he is busy enough with DoS.

  15. Awwww… Great news! I’ve missed LKH writing miniseries.
    Like the PD too, Thank You was one of my faves so anticipating.
    Hope the cast is good too!

  16. Moon Chae Won with So Ji Sub please!!!

    I would watch the two dramas too, DoTS for the cast and this one for the writer (and maybe the cast too).. Hope the drama cast my favorites!

    • ye, since Im Soo Jung has never done any drama since MiSa and Shin Min Ah and Gong Hyo Jin are both doing other dramas, I want a Moon Chae Won return!

  17. Writer Lee Kyung Hee , the one who wrote Sorry I love you, A love to kill or Thank you. A wonderful writer, probably my favorite before the Hong sisters!
    When she dipped his pen in the ink, the scenario that comes out has something extra here and it shows from the beginning. Between flashbacks and the present time we are curious to know what happened and how.
    Curious to see his next project !

  18. Hyped about a potential LKH battle with KES. If it is Moon Chae Won against Song Joong Ki, that would be pretty epic too. I miss MCW in dramas.

  19. Two of my must-watch-drama writers, it’s gooooood, but I will put my money for Lee Kyung Hee this time. Hope she will bring someone fromWill it Snow, like Nam Ji Hyun and Go Soo, or any Thank You alumn like Gong Hyo Jin, Jang Hyuk or Seo Shin Ae. We miss our angel Lee Bom!

  20. I like ji Chang wook and moon chae won together it will be so nice couple and romantic or ji Chang wook and yoon eun hye together

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