Ji Sung Discusses Acting Breakthrough and Impending Fatherhood in Elle Korea

I thought Ji Sung would be out of the limelight now, over a month after wrapping up his latest drama Kill Me Heal Me and settling into impending fatherhood with expecting wife Lee Bo Young. That’s why it feels like an extra special treat to see a his new pictorial in Elle Korea, a black and white set that somewhere feels like a combination of Cha Do Hyun and Shin Se Ki. The first is the main character of KMHM while the latter is his charismatic bad boy alter personality, or maybe I’m still seeing vestiges of Ji Sung’s impeccable performance in bringing all 7 personalities to life.

I’ve liked him for a long time now and he’s been a leading man for even longer so he’s hardly unknown or underrated, yet KMHM does feel like a breakthrough of sorts. When asked in this interview about his acting in that drama, Ji Sung described it as pushing himself finally past a wall and showcasing everything he can do as an actor. When asked what he wants the most now, his answer is simply to work hard to be a good dad. Awwww, a phenomenal actor, a loving husband, and soon-to-be a doting dad, he’s basically making all the ladies cry with the reminder that he’s totally taken already.

When asked what he wishes he could do, Ji Sung wishes he could take his acting ability today and go back in time twelve years ago so that he could redo his acting career over with the skills he has honed now. You can totally tell that he’s an actor’s actor, the kind that will age beautifully into playing senior roles twenty years from now and still give it his all. Tap of my hat to you, Ji Sung, keep on challenging yourself and treating us to the results.


Ji Sung Discusses Acting Breakthrough and Impending Fatherhood in Elle Korea — 16 Comments

  1. Aaaaw Ji Sung love him so much since his early works and so happy for him and LBY!!! I am sure both of them will be great parents. love reading his interviews coz he seems so down to earth humble and sincere. Love the second pic โ™ก thank you for posting!! Oh and btw please post his new photoshoot for bnt international, he’s so handsome on those pics :))))

  2. He’s so very manly – even holding the teddy bear doesn’t take that away!
    I like what you said about JS being an actor’s actor. He’s in it for the work, not the glory – which is maybe why he don’t see him much outside of dramas/films. I wonder, have his CF offers increased since KMHM? He could sell anything – from lip gloss to fishing rods!

  3. The Elle photoshoot is so handsome love Ji Sung, been a fan for a long time. wish him forever success and happiness…. Congrats to Ji Sung for being nominated best actor for the Paeksang award….. Hope he wins….

  4. “heโ€™s basically making all the ladies cry with the reminder that heโ€™s totally taken already.”

    Ha… I have to agree with you on this one.

  5. You know, there are some actors who just gives off this genuinely nice person vibes. To me, Ji Sung is one of them. He just seems like a really good guy behind the scenes, an everyday good guy (who happens to be an excellent actor).

    Love this pictorial! Hopefully we’ll see him back onscreen after he takes his well deserved break.. soon

  6. Awww I’ve seen the photos but nevertheless it’s a treat for the eyes ๐Ÿ˜€ He has this classic feature that can hardly be found in pretty actors nowadays: strong jawline. Glad he decided not to alter the jaws back then.
    He was kind of underrated, though. That’s why he blew people’s mind in KMHM. Otherwise, people would not be so surprised. If you read his first post-KMHM interview, he said he used to wonder how it feels for other actors to get praises, and if he could get the praises. What a humble man!

    • you are so right about the jawline, I never understood why it became a trend for men to get their jaws shaved down when a strong jaw is one of the most attractive features on a man! And it looks perfect on him.

      I hope Park Hyung Shik doesn’t get his jaw shaved either, he looks like a baby Ji Sung so I hope he sees what his sunbae looks like and resists the temptation to get tweaks.

  7. Aww reading this kind of makes me squeal lol. I’ve always adored the couple and their longstanding relationship. Acting-wise (more like script choosing-wise), he has always played it pretty safe in the past without any explosive roles, so ofc people wouldn’t know how much he could pull off as an actor. I bet more challenging scripts are sending to him now and he’s for sure more daring in choosing them too.

  8. This photoshoot might be totally Cha Do Hyun + Shin Se Gi but it makes me want to squeal “OPPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” like Yo Na ๐Ÿ˜€

    His major talent + obvious love for his wife and baby just makes him even more appealing to me.

  9. The first time watching his drama Secret Love, I was already impressed (But actually in SL, Hwang Jung Eun was like given more focus than he). I love both him and Lee Bo Young as actor/actress. Wish them the happiest parents ever. I hope Ji Sung will get big awards for his acting in KMHM. He well deserves recognition.

  10. Looking at that second picture just makes me miss Shin Segi all the more, it sure does take skill to be your own rival in love. He honestly just seems like such a nice person, as does his wife. Here’s hoping that both their careers reach even further heights!

  11. A warm, kind, gifted and brave actor. Hardworking, modest, and beautiful, rare combination. He aged to become Perry Park; he was a young and impressionable girl Yo Na, and he was a smoldering, dangerous Shin Segi. As an actor, did a breakthrough of the caliber what I expected from Kim Nam Gil and did not get it.

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