Nominations are Out for the 51st Baeksang Art Awards

The nominations are out for the 51st Baeksang Art Awards, with the ceremony scheduled for May 26th. This is one of the biggest and most prestigious entertainment awards in Korea, encompassing both film and television honors for the year prior. For once I’m speechless not by the ridiculous nominations but am instead shocked at how valid and on point nearly every nomination is. A few may seem rather iffyย but nothing so wholly WTF, making this the rare Korean entertainment awards show I’ll likely feel happy with whomever walks away with the trophy in a month.

I still haven’t caught up on all the critically acclaimed K-movies from last year but the biggest box office hit EVER in The Admiral: Roaring Currents got plenty of nods. On a star power aside, lots of fans are sure to tune in with the surprise nod for Lee Min Ho in the Best New Actor category for Gangnam Blues. In the TV side, all five best drama nominations are excellent choices and my personal faves were seeing nominations for Ji Sung and Jo In Sung in the Best Actor category and a whole lotta love in multiple categories for black comedy Heard It Through the Grapevine. Check out the full nominations list below and have fun guessing who will win. I genuinely have no clue.


Best Film

The Admiral: Roaring Currents
A Girl at My Door
Han Gongju
A Hard Day

Best Director

Hong Sang Soo – Hill of Freedom
Im Kwon Taek – Revivre
Kim Seong Heon – A Hard Day
Yoon Je Kyoon – Ode to My Father
Zhang Lu – Gyeongju

Best Actor

Ahn Sung Ki – Revivre
Cho Jin Woong – A Hard Day
Choi Min Shik – The Admiral: Roaring Currents
Lee Seon Kyun – A Hard Day
Sol Kyung Gu – My Dictator

Best Actress

Bae Doona – A Girl at My Door
Kim Sae Ron – A Girl at My Door
Shin Mina – Gyeongju
Son Ye Jin – The Pirates
Yeom Jung Ah – Cart

Best Supporting Actor

Lee Geung Young – Whistle Blower
Park Sung Woong – The Deal
Song Sae Byeok – A Girl at My Door
Yoo Hae Jin – The Pirates
Yoo Yeon Seok – The Royal Tailor

Best Supporting Actress

Han Ye Ri – Haemoo
Jo Yeo Jung – Obsessed
Kim Ho Jung – Revivre
Lee Jung Hyun – The Admiral: Roaring Currents
Moon Jung Hee – Cart

Best New Actor

Byun Yo Han – Socialphobia
Jo Bok Rae – C’est Si Bon
Kang Haneul – Twenty
Lee Min Ho – Gangnam Blues
Park Yoochun – Sea Fog

Best New Actress

Chun Woo Hee – Han Gongju
Esom – Scarlet Innocence
Kim Seolhyun – Gangnam Blues
Honey Lee – Tazza: The Hidden Card
Lim Ji Yeon – Obsessed

Best New Director

Hong Seok Jae – Socialphobia
Jin Mo Young – My Love, Don’t Cross That River
July Jung – A Girl at My Door
Lee Byung Heon – Twenty
Lee Su Jin – Han Gongju

Best Screenplay

Kim Kyung Chan – Cart
Kim Seong Heon – A Hard Day
Lee Chun Hyeong – Whistle Blower
Lee Su Jin – Han Gongju
Shim Sung Bo, Bong Joon Ho –ย Sea Fog


Best Drama

Heard It Through the Grapevine
Kill Me, Heal Me
Yoo Na’s Street

Best Director

Ahn Pan Seok – Heard It Through the Grapevine
Kim Jin Man – Kill Me, Heal Me
Kim Jung Min – Bad Guys
Kim Sang Hyup – Mama
Kim Won Seok – Misaeng

Best Screenplay

Jin Soo Wan – Kill Me, Heal Me
Jung Sung Joo – Heard It Through the Grapevine
Kim Woon Kyung – Yoo Na’s Street
Noh Hee Kyung – It’s Okay, It’s Love
Park Kyung Soo – Punch

Best Actor

Jo Jae Hyun – Punch
Ji Sung – Kill Me, Heal Me
Jo In Sung – It’s Okay, It’s Love
Kim Rae Won – Punch
Lee Sung Min – Misaeng

Best Actress

Kim Ok Bin – Yoo Na’s Street
Lee Yoo Ri –ย Come Jang Bori!
Moon Jung Hee – Mama
Park Shin Hye – Pinocchio
Song Yoon Ah – Mama

Best New Actor

Do Kyung Soo – It’s Okay, It’s Love
Kim Dae Myung – Misaeng
Lee Joon – Heard It Through the Grapevine
Park Hyung Sik – What’s With This Family?
Im Si-wan – Misaeng

Best New Actress

Baek Ji Yeon – Heard It Through the Grapevine
Go Ah Sung – Heard It Through the Grapevine
Han Sunhwa – Rosy Lovers
Kim Seul Gi – Discovery of Love
Nam Ji Hyun – What’s With This Family?


Nominations are Out for the 51st Baeksang Art Awards — 97 Comments

  1. What! Sunhwa for new actress! LOL ๐Ÿ˜€
    And I agree PSH was really good in Pinocchio but I don’t think it’s a Baeksang award winning performance.

    That aside, I like that actor nominations are spot on! I really want Lee Sung Min to win this award. Why didn’t you watch it koala, when it’s universally loved?

    Kill Me Heal Me deserved only in best actor caregory , not for others.

    All the best to all nominees!

    On a side note, how do these awards work? Some of the movies look like they came ages ago!

    • PSH performance may not be award winning but it’s definitely nomination worthy. It’s her first nomination so I’m happy as a fan.

    • What’s so funny about Sunhwa nominated for new actress? She won MBC & SBS New Actress at the end of 2014 for a reason. Did u watch all 52 episodes ofRosy Lovers? I suggest u do before u LOL at her. If u didnt watch then perhaps u shouldnt make fun of her nomination

    • Did Kill Me Heal Me deserved in other nomination other than best actor/daesang awards? I don’t think so. It’s Okay It’s Love perhaps should be up there more. It received so many critical acclaimed praised.

    • It hard to beat lee yo ri. She already take daesang for mbc drama award. and song yoon ah also is a tough contender.

  2. The noms are spot on except Han Sunwha, KMHM should get nom only for Ji Sung. Great to nom love for great directing, writing in Yoona, Hearing through the grapevine, Punch.

    Actors like Kim Ok Bin, Kim Rae.. Won deserve all the acclaim.

    I think Lee Hae Joon should have got nom for best actor in Yoona’s Street more than popularity choice that is Jo In Sung…..

  3. In best new actor of film, Kang Haneul with Twenty? Why not Kim woo bin? Isn’t he a good actor? But I don’t mind missing Lee Jong suk, all the nominees are veteran in best TV actor. For PSH, in best access TV, there are not many actresses that veteran level like male actors. She is not likely to win. I think SYA from mama will win it.

    • @violet Woobin was nominated for new actor award last year for Friend 2 and lost to KSH. Can’t be nominated for new actor twice.

      • Except that this is Go Ah-Sung’s second nomination for Best New Actress for TV… (I’m not disagreeing with you, I’m just confused how she is nominated for New Actress again)

    • KWB was great in Twenty, he really shined in it. But he already was nominated last year for Friends 2. Also, KHN this year was like in 4-5 movies and was good in all of them, so they needed to give him a nod. Twenty appropriate one to do so.

    • Same here. I hope “Punch” wins the Best Drama award. The story, the actors/actresses (including the child actress), and the director were all excellent. And even though any of the strong nominees in the “Best Actor” category can win it, I hope Kim Rae Won wins it for his awesome performance in “Punch”…Thanks Koala for sharing this news! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I got stressed when watching punch, which is a good sign coz that drama really intense and barely let me breath. I remember watching it after it’s done airing but I can’t watch more than 2 episode in one go coz it’s just make me crazy. It was the first drama which me feel like that. Lol
      2 lead actor in punch really deserve to get the best actor award.

    • Until this time, 1st to 3rd place:
      Movie (male): Lee Min Ho, Park Yoo Chun, Chaen Yeol
      Moie (female): Park Shin Hye, Kim So Eun, Sulli
      TV (male): D.O, Eric, Ji Sung
      TV (female); Krystal, Goo Hye Sun, Han Ji Min.

      But, this is just korean version. I don’t have any idea in China (weibo).

  4. Feeling sad for LJS. He deserve nomination for Pinocchio but other nominated veterans are too damn good.
    I hope Jisung wins best actor and daesang for Kim Raewon.

  5. I hope LMH wins best new actor award because KSH will present it to the winner LOL. But probably Yoochun will win it, he was so good.

  6. I really really hope Misaeng would sweep all the categories. The drama deserves all the recognition it can get. The acting was top-notch all around. No over-the-top antics they played all their characters with so much nuance in the simplest way possible. I felt the sincerity in each and every character. I really hope Lee Sung Min takes home the Baeksang. Also, I’m rooting for Im Shi Wan. He was the biggest surprise for me. I expected nothing from him when I started watching but he blew me away. I am amazed how well he can convey the emotions through his eyes. Aja. Misaeng!

  7. The nominations are spot on almost in all TV categories, true but I can’t imagine anyone else wining the in the best screenplay category other than Punch(It’s a pity that Koala missed such an awesome show) and Ji-Sung in the category of best actor…although I probably wouldn’t be too sad if Jo Jae Hyun or KRW wind for their performance in Punch.

  8. I’m so happy Ji Sung got nominated but wow the competitions is difficult well whatever happens, happens so best luck to whoever wins…. Even though I wish and hope Ji sung wins best actor…

  9. @koala, is this won by voting? i really hope not.. And I hope my bet will win..hahahahah..fearless forecast:

    Best Film=The Admiral: Roaring Currents
    Best Director=Yoon Je Kyoon โ€“ Ode to My Father
    Best Actor=Choi Min Shik โ€“ The Admiral: Roaring Currents
    Best Actress=Bae Doona โ€“ A Girl at My Door
    Best Supporting Actor=Lee Geung Young โ€“ Whistle Blower
    Best Supporting Actress=Han Ye Ri โ€“ Haemoo
    Best New Actor=Park Yoochun โ€“ Sea Fog
    Best New Actress=Lim Ji Yeon โ€“ Obsessed
    Best New Director=?
    Best Screenplay=Shim Sung Bo, Bong Joon Ho โ€“ Sea Fog

    Best Drama=Heard It Through the Grapevine,Misaeng,Punch (all 3 dramas are really good, but i have a soft spot for Misaeng)
    Best Director=Kim Won Seok โ€“ Misaeng
    Best Screenplay

    Jung Sung Joo โ€“ Heard It Through the Grapevine
    Noh Hee Kyung โ€“ Itโ€™s Okay, Itโ€™s Love
    Park Kyung Soo โ€“ Punch

    Best Actor=Lee Sung Min โ€“ Misaeng
    Best Actress=Lee Yoo Ri โ€“ Come Jang Bori!
    Best New Actor
    Do Kyung Soo โ€“ Itโ€™s Okay, Itโ€™s Love
    Lee Joon โ€“ Heard It Through the Grapevine
    Im Si-wan โ€“ Misaeng
    (I hate to say that my top 3 are idols but they really did good in their role, but I’ll Choose Lee Joon, because, we have seen him doing all weird characters, and he did it convincingly, but I really have a soft spot for Im Shi either the 2 will do)
    Best New Actress=Go Ah Sung โ€“ Heard It Through the Grapevine

      • thank you for answering my question.:)
        Thank God! I know winning an award because of the fans’ love and support is great, but being recognized by experts is a 10x greater. I know that LMH was good in Gangnam, PYC was really good in Haemoo, but if the best new actor will be based on the popularity…hmm…well both has really big fanbased in china right now(read that fans from china via weibo can vote).. the same with best new actor for television… EXO has a reallllyyyy big fanbased right now… so DO has the advantage…hmmm.. Oh well, I just have to keep my fingers crossed for my forecast..ehehhe

    • Haha those 3(D.O., Lee Joon and Shi Wan) really changed my opinion of idols. I don’t have anything against idols turning to actors but they left an impression. And I, too, have a soft spot for Im Shi Wan.

  10. Oh man! I truly agree with the nominations but but am conflicted about who I think should win XD
    Really hope Ji-Sung, Im Si-wan do, but also want Punch to get loads of love..

  11. While I like The Admiral, it didn’t leave a strong impression for me. Nonetheless, for Best Actor in the movies category, I would still want Choi Min Shik to win. He displays strong and convincing acting for The Admiral. For Best Actress, I would like Bae Doona just because I’m bias.

    I am hoping Punch takes the award for Best Drama and/or Best Screenplay. Splendid drama with solid story and acting. Seriously though, I am hoping Punch wins alot. Kim Rae Won deserves some love too. That guy nail it in Punch.

  12. heard it through the grapevine top the list get 6 nominations, punch 4, misaeng 4,kill me heal me 4 & mama 3. all these are in my favourite drama list except kill me heal me.

  13. Hwang jung min isn’t nominated for best actor, maybe because he will win daesang for movie. For tv, maybe it’s lee sung min.

  14. GREAT to see the outstanding Punch recognised as such with so many nominations. The Best ACtor Drama list is astonishing – not one name I would disagree with, and a 3-way race for me between Kim Rae Won, Ji Seong and Lee Seong Min. The last two might have the nod for having had the added burden of carrying their respective Dramas to a disproportionate degree.

    • Why no Jo Jae Hyun? He was equally if not more impressive than KRW in Punch. No matter who wins, it will be bitter sweet, sweet coz my fav won, bitter coz my other favs lost.
      Any predictions for Daesang? Is it right to assume it might be one of the male actors? Not very familiar with the dramas of the nominees for lead actress.

  15. Could care less if Yoochun doesn’t win the popularity award but would be surprised if he doesn’t snag Best New Actor. He hasn’t lost anything yet and the film was actually top notch, along with him and the cast.

  16. Best actor category is a battlefield.
    It’s hard to predict, but I’m pretty sure Misaeng will win big and Ji Sung will get an award (either Daesang or Best Actor).
    Punch is great in terms of writing, but in directing, it’s behind Misaeng and HITTG. So, my predictions: Punch will get best screenplay, Misaeng will get best drama (since Best drama should comprise great acting-directing-writing, no?). It’s too risky to give HITTG the best drama while it stills air, so Misaeng will most likely to get it.

    • I still wish HITTG had also got acting nominations for Yoo Joon Sang and Yoo Ho Jung, they pretty much make the entire drama. It’s such a change to have leads who are senior actors playing a married couple, and they are flawless.

  17. I hope Misaeng wins, but I’m really happy with all the Best Drama nominations since all 5 dramas were great. It’s just that Misaeng stands as the greatest imo.

  18. I think I really like KMHM for Ji sung and Jin Soo Wan nomination, alsoin the screen play
    because it put people to realize that with good writing, decision plus the casting can make any story as enjoyable performance
    even with unbelievable expectancy, it has an impact to society, others drama is what we expect to be after seeing what it gonna be in the description, I said that and misaeng with punch is great but I expect to see that after seeing the cast and the story
    so I hope that general people can have more attention to execution of drama

  19. I dont understand why It’s Okay It’s Love wasnt nominated tho. It’s like one of those dramas that isnt typical love triangle or rich guy poor girl kind of drama. It’s very realistic and all the cast portrayed their characters very well and naturally. It’s like all in one. Romance,comedy, drama, medical, and can be applied in real life situations. Also the bgms/soundtracks were so great. I dont get how do they do nominations :/

    • “isn’t typical love triangle or rich guy poor girl” is not new in K-drama (like healer, nine, or the most recent sensory couple). Meanwhile HITTG has two of them and it’s nominated. I don’t know how the judges work, but all nominees in best drama have ‘it’ factor (I haven’t watched Yoona’s Street though keep hearing good reviews about it). Punch with its writing and solid acting, Misaeng with its depressingly brilliant execution, HITTG with the killer team in director and writer (and literally no bad acting), and KMHM with Ji Sung and the impact it made (it was very very popular in Korea that the fans raised fund for child abuse victim). They were (or are, for HITTG) hits, and deservely so.

  20. I knew I would be rooting forJisung come award season, but, Lee Sung Min! He made me cry so much in Misaeng I want him to win some award too… Couldn’t they have made another category for Jisung, like Best Actor in Multiple Roles? He’s on a league of his own anyway.

  21. I’m okay with any of the best actor nominees getting the award, they are all great actors!!! Tough competition this year with all these veteran actors though. But Ji Sung just needs to get Daesang !!! Seriously this guy was on another level with his portrayal of 7 in 1 character, he was just brilliant and deserves the grand prize so much !!!

  22. Kim Seul Gi is nominated!! She is my favorite in everything, and the day she leads a drama the world is going to explode….. buuuuuuuut I also think Go Ah Sung deserves best new female actress. Of all the Grapevine actors she totally blows me away with her subtlety and complexity.

  23. I would love for Misaeng to win everything it is nominated for – but I also NEED Ji sung to win. He could have been nominated for each of the personalities!

  24. This is a great set of nominations! All my fave dramas are here and I’m especially glad to see Yoo Na’s Street make a showing, tho sad to see Lee Hee Joon’s not acknowledged. How to choose? I don’t envy the judges 8-}

  25. Park Yoochun nailed his role in Haemoo and all judge awards this season knew that and gave him the award. If Baeksang doesn’t go the same way, it’ll only be laughable.

  26. I hope Ji Sung wins… seems like a tough category (though I haven’t seen Misaeng which seems like the biggest opponent).

    The popular category for TV (actresses’ portion) just made me shake my head… Btw, was Yoona’s street really good? I didn’t really hear about it much?

  27. Jisung deserve to win daesang, and I guess Choi Min Sik will win Best Actor for movie category. My bet Lee Min Ho & PSH will win the popularity awards.. And I would be surprise if Park Yoochun didn’t win the best new actor, as he snatch that category in Blue Dragon & Daejong Awards

  28. I the voters are not fans cause it would be just so bad….
    But here is my bet for the win:
    Best Film – Roaring Currents
    Best Director – Yoon Je Kyoon/Ode to My Father
    Best Actor – Choi Min Shik vs Ahn SungKi vs Jo jin woong
    Best Actress – Bae Doona
    Best Supporting Actor – Lee GeungYoung
    Best Supporting Actress – ?
    Best New Actor – Byun Yohan vs Park YooChun
    best New Actress – Chun WooHee
    Best New Director – Hng SeokJae vs Lee Su Jin
    Best Screen Play – Kim Kyung Chan/Cart vs Lee SuJin/Han Gongju

    Best Drama – MISAENG
    Best Screenplay – Punch
    Best Actor – Jo JaeHyun vs Lee SungMin vs Ji Sung
    Best Actress – Moon JungHee
    Best New Actor – Im Si Wan
    Best New Actress – Go Ah Sung vs nam Ji Hyun

  29. Ji Sung deserves any title he’s nominated. All the nominated actors are great. But to nail a character (or 7 characters) like that in KMHM is just too brilliant to ignore. He stands out!

  30. I was like yes cuz KMHM was in the running but then I saw it going against with my other fave Misaeng and I’m just…. I can’t decide which one I want to win more….

  31. It is likely that PYC will win best new actor though no one is much impressed with his awards except…the judges. Personally, Lmh pretty impressed me with his beggar l

    • …look. Later were just him wearing depressing looks on his face most of the time and this movie had such many deliberate but meaningless disgusting scenes to watch.

    • Funny that you had to knock down Yoochun to praise your bias. Yep, those judges who are professional film critics who awarded him (7 awards in a row) – no one agrees with them. Nope, not even his fellow actors and sunbaes who all heap praises him, and oh yeah, the Max Movie award that he also won that was voted by the viewers (ie the Korean, Chinese and I-netizens) means nothing. Nope, only the judges are impressed. Interesting logic you got there.

      • “It is likely that PYC will win best new actor though no one is much impressed with his awards exceptโ€ฆthe judges”

        this is the most unintentionally funny thing i’ve read the whole day XD
        the judges like him… the horror ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

        i think either byun yo han or yc will take it
        but if lmh gets it congrats to him too

  32. Wow, I am surprised that I actually agree with every best drama and best drama actor nominations here! It would be a difficult job to pick a winner in these categories. This is the first time that I will wish they would give a little some’ing to everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. OMG! U all so good in judging…why dont u all be the judges..excuse me, these nominations had all been chosen by profesional need to questioned it…its not they just randomly been chosed…han sunhwa did a good job in rosy lovers..she indeed grab two awards in best new actress in different event thats why the judges nominated her..i dont get it when u all did not admire her being nominated when the koreans had acknowledged her acting…its not like u all living in korea…

  34. While watching Park Shin Hye’s past projects, her grace, skills and virtuosity enthralled me. Looking forward to seeing her receiving those awards in 51st Baeksang Arts Awards. Park Shin Hye Hwaiting!!

  35. I have watched all the dramas, all over i prefer punch for best drama best actor and best screen play.because it deserved.

  36. I love park shin will always be my no.1 korean actress…you are kind, great actress, a real beauty.pinnochio…aja..saranghae PSH

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