Can Lee Dong Gun Catch a Break After Wrapping Up Another Bad Drama with Super Daddy Yul

With the conclusion of tvN drama Super Daddy Yul, it lead me to once again ponder the terrible stroke of luck that keeps befalling Lee Dong Gun‘s acting career. I couldn’t even get past the first episode of the drama and by all accounts it never got any better. I’m a fan of Lee Dong Gun from the dramas where he played the second male lead, in Sang Doo Let’s Go to School and even earlier in Ruler of Your Own World.

For his headlining dramas, there haven’t been a single one in ten plus years that I’ve liked. Some may find Sweet 18 cute but it was cloying for me, and When it’s at Night is really choppy and inconsistent despite the great OTP chemistry. The less said about Marry Him If You Dare the better, and now with Super Daddy Yul it’s like the poor man just can’t catch a break. I still adore him but goodness can some long overdue karma finally shine down on this gorgeous talented man.

Above are news shots of Lee Dong Gun from earlier this year, and below are the latest snaps of him attending the drama wrap party for Super Daddy Yul. Better luck next time is usually what I would say to faves of mine coming out from a stinker project, with Lee Dong Gun I think I need to go to the drama temple for some exorcism incense, how else to explain this ill-fated streak. Even a gambler up against a house stacked deck in Vegas would have won at least one hand by now.


Can Lee Dong Gun Catch a Break After Wrapping Up Another Bad Drama with Super Daddy Yul — 31 Comments

  1. Poor guy, i like him too but his dramas choices is so bad, he’s like the male version of Yoo Eun Hye with great potential but bad luck when choosing dramas .

    • That comparison with YEH was really unnecessary.

      Each one has to see for herself each of the dramas and come up with her opinion. I watched Sweet 18 and I thought it was a sweet, heartwarming, drama with a ring of truth to it.

      Let us not forget his rose to stardom with his second lead role in Lovers in Paris.

  2. Sweet 18 was so adorable, not a great show by any means but it revelled in its own silliness (unlike today’s kdrama rom coms which just take themselves too seriously imo), I loved him in it – he was so charming :’). The main couple had such sweet chemistry.

    It’s a shame that he can’t catch a break with his recent projects. I think he needs a new agency tbh, FNC are doing a pretty terrible job with managing his career.

  3. He was the only thing that kept me going in Lovers in Paris. Sigh. I wanted to like this show because of him and because of him and Lee Yoori.

  4. But I really liked “When it’s at Night” 😀 That reminds me need to go back to watching Ruler of Your Own World 😉

  5. LEE DONG GUN, is such a great actor, He do portrays his role very well, hence the storyline is not so good that made the rating declines. Good luck!

  6. I liked WIAN because of Sunah and LDG. But I agree, he needs to catch a break. And maybe he’s not getting as many good opportunities because he can’t really catch a break on his dramas. 🙁 Either way, I did like him in WIAN and Sweet 18. I agree with the above commenter that rom-coms take themselves too seriously nowadays. Gone are the ridiculous rom-coms of yester-year. I couldn’t watch this drama so I won’t really judge it… it just didn’t capture me at all. 🙁

  7. A great actor with great looks and charms.
    He and the sarang girl were the reason i still continue SDY.

    I like Lee Yoo Ri but i find her acting in SDY so cringey. It’s not just her character is so annoying but her acting was over the top.
    It’s not like she is still acting in makjang drama as over the top villain… She is in a damn romantic comedy but her acting was quite a disappointment.

    • LDG n the girl r so cute.but yoo ri is too over the top.mybe bcause she want to bring the comedy.but i still watch the drama but only for the sake to know the ending

  8. I like Super Daddy Yeol….. it’s funny and heart warming…. the main character portrayed their role well. …among all other dramas today, this one is worth watching for.. including the “Falling for Innocence’ other than that the rest does not catch my interest.

    • totally agree with you!!! i stopped watching unkind ladies/women, but sensory couple and hwajung are watchable also.. even not as addictive as falling for innocence 🙂

  9. well i wouldn’t say that sdy was a great drama but it definitely wasn’t the worst I’ve ever seen. for me that would be Doctor Stranger. But yes LDG should stay away from the mirae’s of dramaland. He and Sarang were the best part of the whole drama, and sanghae and dr. Shin were also great characters the problem was that the writer had no imagination and churned out repetitive plot turns until i just ended up considering it a pwp fluff drama.

  10. I can’t get over episode 1!!!
    It’s supposed to be a fun and warm drama but it’s far from that. I don’t even feel sad or touched.
    Lee Dong Gun should choose better dramas, such a waste of talent.

    Leeyuri was meh!! . She was hyped up for her acting skill but it’s my first time watching her apart from her daily drama s . I guess comedic acting isn’t for her. She overreacted with all of her scenes including the comical and sad ones.

  11. I enjoyed watching this drama. Heart-warming, touching and full of love and hope despite Mi-Rae’s terminal illness. We get funny moments and sad ones too. I am satisfied with the ending and could not agree more that in life, so long as there is love, there is hope. If one tries one’s very best, the very act of trying and determination and living/breathing at that moment with the support of your loved ones is already a miracle to be grateful for.

  12. Bad drama? Not so sure about this. The drama not a flop and knetz enjoyed it. so I don’t get why you say this drama is bad. Tho I admit the first apisode not a charm, but the later episodes getting better and better.

  13. Was it that bad? i considered watching it but waited for the reviews and they were not so good. too bad for LDG i like him too as actor but i guess he needs to be careful with what he chooses mainly dramas with unclear plot.

  14. I like super dad yul, it’s a heatwarming drama even though it get crazy at times
    The comedy aspect of it are fun

  15. I think this drama is great. I enjoy every episode. I don’t think LYR overact I enjoy her acting and also her interaction with LDG. This drama made me laughing, crying and also smiling. When I start watching I never read a review and comment other people in blog or forums like soompi. Because I didnt want my mind influence with bad comment and it made me change my perseption. And yes, I loved this drama and all cast. Dont forget that the stories from webtoon and I though the director made this drama more comical so I felt like watching a live action from manga.

  16. Heartwarming drama. Definitely not bad but not great yet very watchable. LDG performed well for a role i initially doubted due to his prim n proper good looks. Hope to see him again soon.

  17. This drama is so boring. The premise was really good but it fell flat.
    I do like Lee Dong Gun in Sweet 18 and he is cute here but sorry i don’t like the female lead at all.

  18. I personally enjoyed super daddy yeal.there were funny scenes and scenes that touched the heart. It’s a great movie/drama.n

  19. To the risk of being stoned, I dislike his acting. Something about it makes me cringe, I can’t connect with his character, it always looks theatrical and not natural to me. UGH!!!

    • You shall have company in this painful death. I can’t really like him in any drama after Lovers in Paris.Sorry, ladies! Even though he looks handsome and manly enough, I presume the biggest problem is his unwillingness to have a proper romance…all his projects were toned down to the minimum. That’s why I think it must be his own choice. I don’t know whether he has a theatre experience or not but he is definitely underwhelming in delivering the slightest hint of romance. Maybe he would like to perform elsewhere rather than these dramas, who knows!

  20. Yes, girl! Preach! This man needs the Holy Grail, so that blood of Christ may bestow upon a drama that is nothing but sheer awesomeness!

  21. i will still continue to carry the torch for this handsome and really talented guy.
    LDG, i believe in you! you will surely get one good project soon! fighting!
    btw he is still very popular in japan and even in korea. he is just so low-keyed.
    more power, dong gun!

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