Tao Holds Birthday Fanmeeting in China and Chinese Media Claims He Has Left EXO

I haven’t been keeping up with general entertainment news as much these past weeks, focusing more on dramas and movies, so it comes as a major surprise to me to read in many mainstream Chinese newspapers that Tao (Huang Zi Tao) has left EXO. Really? That would mark the third consecutive Chinese member to leave EXO in the last year, with Kris (Wu Yi Fan) doing it first followed by Luhan. Apparently Tao was in China this weekend for a birthday party celebration with his Chinese fans, along with doing promotions for his supporting role in upcoming C-movie You Are My Sunshine, and with this event the Chinese papers are declaring it Tao’s first appearance since leaving EXO. I haven’t read in the K-news that he’s confirmed to have actually left EXO so this whole thing confuses the heck out of me. If he has left EXO then the whole process of departures from the group feels like an extended episode of Survivor, except members actually quitting on their own rather than getting cut. It’ll be a bummer for EXO to go down yet another member to 9, but then again I always thought 12 was way too many.


Tao Holds Birthday Fanmeeting in China and Chinese Media Claims He Has Left EXO — 19 Comments

  1. 3 members gone in 12 months…..that’s quite some (unwanted) triple crown.

    Anyway, I hope Tao recovers his health and succeeds. I suppose there are negotiations going on which may be why he can’t say anything definitely, but I wonder if he’ll look into modelling post-Exo, he’s tall and has very distinct and unusual looks, pretty much a photographer’s dream.

  2. There is no official word that he’s left yet but he did take the EXO out of his name on Instagram/Weibo so it is probably true. He’s been passive aggressively leaving hints for a couple of days so a lot of fans are annoyed.

    I’ve never liked him so I’m ready for OT9 but I do feel bad for his fans.

    • Are you Exo-L? Tao is always has a soft spot for me. He seems hardworking, genuine and very sincere in his works. As for you said you are ready for OT9, we never knew their true friendship or even their future ahead. Having seeing many EXO fans sometimes make me wonder what is really fandom world is in having supportive to an individual, a group or their life (as member exo or former exo) as a whole?

      • I love EXO in all its different eras. I still follow news on Kris and Lu Han, and can’t wait to see more of their movies. And if EXO actually does concerts here in the US, I’ll go and support the rest of the boys.

        I wish Tao the best in China, if that’s what he wants, I just wish the last few weeks had been handled differently. Three members gone in a year is crazy, and SM’s fault.

      • Is he your bias? Tao was?is? my 2nd favourite member and he’s the type where people either hate or love him(used to not not really like him too).

  3. Not a fan of Exo but I feel sorry for the fans.. I guess the contract was to unbearable for the 3 members to stay…

  4. i dont blame him for leaving if SM didn’t treat his wound properly. it doesnt matter how much money you have or how famous you are. at the end of the day, health should be the most important. what’s the point of making all this money, if you are spending it to fix whatever health problem or injury.

  5. Well, it might actually end up with 8. None of the members were saying anything, but when his dad’s letter came out the knetz were starting to get really racist, saying that they don’t trust the chinese members anymore and to just continue with exo-k. The father’s letter claimed that he wanted to withdraw Tao from EXO because of all the injuries he’d been sustaining. There were also pictures that showed SM’s lack of care for his injuries. However, the real reason was probably at the end of the letter, during which the father talked about Tao not getting his own workshop in China that SM promised while Lay got it. Throughout this fiasco, Tao never stood up to clarify and was just hiding behind his dad’s back. Today, he took EXO’s name off his profile, but still did not make the official statement. It seems like most netz are now just annoyed and tired of him more than anything.

    • Sometimes a kid’s gotta hide behind his dad’s back if he wants to be protected.

      It isn’t like these sweat shop corporations are nice and easy companies to work with as all of their track records show.

      PS I love K’s last line: 12 was too many…

    • From what I’ve read of Tao’s dad’s letter and some Lay interviews, Lay got it because he asked for it while Tao was offered the same things they agreed to give Lay, studio, personal team etc but Tao’s father was angry when SM announced Lay’s studio first. What I got from it was they were still negotiating Tao’s individual activities but the stuff between SM and Lay was already done (since he initiated a request himself earlier). So Tao is hiding behind his dad who is angry Tao is not getting the same thing Lay is at the same time.

  6. I’m actually the opposite of koala, as movies and dramas took the backseat for me in the past few weeks, with the national boyband now back after a 3 year hiatus! So I was momentarily confused when I saw exo’s name on your front page, and thought I came to the wrong site lol.

  7. I don’t listen to kpop but if 3 members leave a group in a few years, it’s probably more a reflection on their management and/or working conditions.

    Some of these artists (not just korean) go through hell to maintain their success or their image especially boy bands who are practically work horses and money making machines.

    • To be precise, a group that debut for 3 years with 3 members leaving a few months a part but all in a year.

  8. Judging by the past, I am guessing that he won’t be the last one to leave…

    Sometimes in these cases, we all have to roll with the punches. I am sure he will do just fine in the Chinese entertainment industry.

  9. I think that this kind of case we can’t judge because we don’t have all the informations. The situation is never black or white, SM is surely not the big and bad guy and Tao is not a big opportunist.

  10. Like I said- regardless if Tao comes back as EXO or just plain Tao; a true fan will support his decisions.
    His health is the top priority and SM should have taken care of their artists. It most has been to a very serious point that his parents had to come take him back for treatment. As any parents would do is to protect their child from harm. Honestly a group of 12 members is too big and not every member’s individual talent shines. I am not a fan of EXO but every fan should look from both POV’s before jumping into conclusions.

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