Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right: Tao’s First Solo a Diss Track to his EXO Experience, Then SM Has His MV Pulled

If there is a thing called backfiring then SM Entertainment might want to consider giving a class because the company is certainly doing a bang up job at it. This week was the solo mini album release in China by former EXO member Tao (Huang Zi Tao), a development I covered recently only as confirmation that he’s finally left the top SM boy band for good, and not because I actually was interested in following his solo career. Thanks to SM’s reaction to Tao’s first solo single, I ended watching watching a video I had zero interest in and subsequently writing about it.

Let’s just say the drama behind the scenes is way more interesting than the actual MV. Within hours after Tao’s MV was released on his official Youtube channel, it was yanked with an explanation that the MV infringed on SM’s copyrights. Seriously? SM is saying Tao is their copyright? The better explanation is the contract dispute over Tao’s departure from EXO, by which Tao laid it all out in the song lyrics which is the biggest FU to SM and his experience in Korea if I ever came across a diss song. Anyone curious can have a listen and watch below, but hurry before this video gets pulled. Continue reading

Movie Version of Silent Separation Starts Filming with Yang Mi and Huang Xiaoming

The currently airing C-drama My Sunshine is beyond addicting. It’s like tasty empty calorie fluffy drama popcorn. Adapted from the popular C-novel Silent Separation (He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo 何以笙箫默), the C-drama stars suitably cast Wallace Chung and Tang Yan but … Continue reading