Orange Marmalade with Yeo Jin Gu, Seolhyun, and Lee Jong Hyun Drops Poster and More Stills

I’m still interested in KBS Friday night drama Orange Marmalade, the less high profile of the upcoming KBS Friday night drama offering next to the experimental Producer. It’s going to be so weird to have both dramas premiering on the same night one after the other. Orange Marmalade interests me from the manhwa source material side, I still read so many mangas and manhwas that the genre turned into a live-action drama always piques my interest. Sadly it usually fails to correctly translate what makes the source material success into the new medium but in the rare cases when it succeeds then the result is magical.

Orange Marmalade stars acclaimed young actor Yeo Jin Gu, who made it through puberty more than fine after getting on everyone’s radar as a child actor, and two idol-actors in Seolhyun of AOA and CNBLUE‘s Lee Jong Hyun. I know Seolhyun has been getting awards nods for her turn in Gangnam Blues but she just looks so bland and blank in all the stills for this drama. The drama poster is a perfect example of over photoshopping by the design editor and Seolhyun looking like she’s falling asleep rather than mesmerized into wanting to suck Yeo Jin Gu’s neck. I point out what I see even if it’s not going to turn me off checking this drama out, but for a leading lady she really needs to sell drama posters and stills and not just work only in motion.


Orange Marmalade with Yeo Jin Gu, Seolhyun, and Lee Jong Hyun Drops Poster and More Stills — 16 Comments

  1. This is my next drama after TGWSS. Can’t wait for it… I love the leads, and the promotional stuff teaser or still.

      • I know. I already see the teasers on youtube. He reminds me Lee Seo Jin. Very charismatic even in very young age. What’s his name? Ye Jin Gu? I’m sure he’ll be great actor one day.

      • @Michaelcorleone hahaha as vampire looks go, yes the 2nd lead is a shoe in for any vampire out there. But the male lead is really quite awesome in almost all dramas he has been in. He can give some of the adult actors a run for their money… and yup, his name is Yeo Jin Goo!
        additionally I highly recommend you watch his movie Hwayi, where he is the main lead. he is pretty awesome

  2. Everyone but Yeo Jin Gu is bland so far (judging from the teaser, the poster and these stills). I have a fear he’ll be the only capable of acting in this.

  3. My little sister is looking forward to this drama since she adores the manga version. Honestly, the lead girl has the same ‘blank’ face on every stills. Whoever chose those stills did a horrible job because it doesn’t captivate me to watch it. Only Yeo Jin Gu is the saving grace, imho.

  4. I think YJG is the only who looks alive in the stills… perhaps it’s intended that way cos the other 2 aren’t humans yunno hur hur

  5. I think the over photoshopping look is on purpose; the person who did this probably was trying to achieve that webtoon look or something. I can’t wait for this drama. Love yeo jin gu!! He is such a talented actor!! Love him in Deep root tree, The Moon Embracing The Sun, Missing You and Warrior Baek Dong-soo. Never disappoint me with his acting. Also, he is so cute and hot for his age muahahah!! He’s just oozing with charisma.

  6. In the original, she’s not totally awake when she is smelling his neck. But it will be difficult for the 2 idols beside YJG because he’s a really good actor.

  7. They photoshopped the poster too much. It doesn’t even look like Jin Gu anymore. I thought it was Lee Jong Suk at first.

  8. haha. If you have read the manhwa, actually Mari, the character played by Seolhyun, was daydreaming when biting the male lead’s neck. Half asleep, half driven by thirst of blood

  9. Started to read the manhwa. pretty good so i’m waiting for the drama. hope it won’t dissapoint despite the idols..lucky we have yeo jin goo here.

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