Masked Prosecutor Releases Second Teaser with Plenty of Kim Sun Ah and Joo Sang Wook Sparks

It’s a staggered May of Wed-Thurs drama premieres, making it hard to predict the outcome since none of the first episodes are going up head-to-head in airing date. MBC is the first out of the gate today with Warm and Cozy, next week is Masked Prosecutor (The Man in the Mask) over on KBS, and SBS rounds out the rear with the premiere of Mask in two weeks. I found myself genuinely surprised to see Masked Prosecutor right around the corner premiering on May 20th, for whatever reason I thought Unkind Women still had a few weeks to go.

I’m anxious and excited about Masked Prosecutor, stoked with the pairing of leads Joo Sang Wook and Kim Sun Ah, not to mention the bonus add of Eom Ki Joon as the second male lead, but really wary of Joo Sang Wook’s prosecutor donning a wresting face mask as his disguise. It’s so loud and unintentionally hilarious to the point of being distracting, which might be what the drama is going for if his masked vigilante is comic fodder. In that case, bring it on since I have plenty of laughs at the ready. Check out the just released second teaser and enjoy the first peek at the great onscreen chemistry to come.

Masked Prosecutor second preview:


Masked Prosecutor Releases Second Teaser with Plenty of Kim Sun Ah and Joo Sang Wook Sparks — 20 Comments

  1. so waiting for this! the OTP looks very nice and promising and of course uhm ki joon is a bonus.
    hope it will be better than their previous project big man which had potential but apart from the great performance kang ji hwan the execution was so so.
    and i’m so ready for the laughs! i’m sure with this 2 leads it will be plenty!

  2. Big Man sucked except for Jung So Min’s 3.5 minutes of screentime per episode and her amazing chemistry with Kang Ji Hwan, so I’m not that excited for this. I do hope they write interesting characters for the leads though, it could carry the show in case the plot fails.

    • Oh how can i forget Daniel Choi? yeah he was awesome as a villain. btw, i wonder when he’ll do a drama.
      also agree about jung so min. her scenes were not many but she definitely outshined the female lead that was so stale..

    • Don’t forget Rim’s 5 minute cameo in Episode 1 where he got his ass knocked down and his face shoved into a pile of strawberries.

      *shining eyes*

  3. I think I am the only one who is anxiously waiting for ju jihoon in the mask. Simply can’t forget his charisma onscreen, its explosive

    • Mask has considerably low-key promotion, which is kind of weird because the leads are more than capable. Plus it’s from the writer of Secret.

      • I think it’s intentional that the promotion of the drama is in low key. they did it too with secret and look where they got (drama was with decent rating,even reached double digit and the leads received awards)/

        although secret is one of my favorite dramas i don’t think i’ll watch Mask since i’m not interested in any of the leads. in addition i’ll probably watch the other 2 dramas in the same time slot masked prosecutor and warm and cozy and that one is the least appealing to me.

    • KSA rarely gets a well-dressed head of hair in her dramas. Not sure why the drama gods want to follicly challenge her all the time.

  4. Am I The only one who thinks that Kim Sun-Ah should put on some weight?

    She almost looks unrecognizeable in her photo stills. And way, way too Skinny. Like anorexic skinny.

    I thought she looked fine in MNIKSS and she looked great in city hall also.

  5. Teaser looks very promising! Kim Sun-Ah is one good actress so I am confident she will be just fine but agree with @Requiem that she is way too skinny in the stills. And no love for the hair either (agree with @DeeDee) Perhaps this old fashioned bob cut with bangs is making a comeback seeing that Soon-Jung in FFI is wearing almost the same style.

  6. ” It’s so loud and unintentionally hilarious” – the more I think about it, the less likely it seems to me that the luchalibre mask is UNintentionally hilarious. Like you, I definitely HOPE it’s intentionally hilarious.

    • The wresting mask is unintentionally hilarious, its origins were never intended as comedy inducing, nor is it’s current use anything other than dead serious when the wrestlers don the mask to get in the ring. I think pop culture makes fun of it, but the snarky hipsters hardly get to coin it as intentionally hilarious when the broader population views the sport as honorable, if low brow, performance art. If used here I’m assuming the production is going for intentionally hilarious mostly because Koreans don’t see it as anything else since wrestling of the masked variety doesn’t exist in the country culture.

  7. This looks soooooooooo fun.

    But poor PoopyPants Doctor. 🙁 2nd lead to Kim Sun Ah. AGAIN! Hahaha. But he looks evil in that drinking scene, so he probably deserves to get his heart broken.

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