Won Bin and Lee Na Young Get Married in a Private Countryside Wedding

If K-star Won Bin doesn’t want to act anymore, and it’s been five years since he’s done a movie and fifteen years since he’s done a drama, then he might have a second career as an expert to the stars on living a life completely outside the limelight. He’s so low key it’s nearly incomprehensible in this day and age of celebrity personal and professional lives melding together for the world to see. Good for him, but sad for his fans who want to see more of him.

Those waiting for a comeback may have to wait a bit longer, or at least until he’s done with his honeymoon. Yes, Won Bin done got himself married! Despite nixing the rumors earlier this year that he was planning to tie the knot with girlfriend of two years actress Lee Na Young, the nearly hidden couple got married Saturday in a private ceremony at a countryside lodge house in Kwangwondo. Dispatch was on hand (don’t even ask me how) to snap a few shots of the couple’s car driving to the location.

While I’m not surprised to see Won Bin oppa bid adieu to singlehood in such an understated way, it’s still a bit deflating not to be able to see him and Lee Na Young all decked out in wedding finery. I’m happy that they got married, and did it their own way, so congrats to the happy couple and looking forward to their acting projects in the future.


Won Bin and Lee Na Young Get Married in a Private Countryside Wedding — 25 Comments

  1. LMAO. I’m actually not sure if I’m supposed to applaud Dispatch’s resourcefulness or shake my head at how far they go just for scoop. It’s both ridiculous and impressive.

    Have a happy married life WB and LNY! I hope we get a pictorial at the very least since I don’t think I’ve seen them properly posing together in one frame yet. Also, please get back to acting! LNY wasn’t this picky, I’m hoping at least she returns in a full length movie soon.

  2. Wowww happy news… I’m more awed with Dispatch skill to get the shot though, they might have their own private helicopter or something??

  3. I’m impressed at how the wedding was pulled off with ninja level secrecy (it’s so Won Bin’s style).

    I mean, if Dispatch didn’t even get pics of the actual couple despite stalking them all the way to that tiny village, you know Won Bin isn’t playing around.

    (now can he please pick an acting project again. PLEASE. He’s too good to effectively have ended his career at age 32!)

  4. Omg! Congrats to the happy couple! 🙂
    Dispatch is everywhere. Gotta say, they are good at outing couples. They must follow famous celebrities where ever they go. 0_0

  5. Congrats to the happy couple.

    Sorry to say I’m not impressed by Dispatch – this guy obviously wants to live his life privately (he hasn’t even acted in the past five years!), what they are doing is stalking and just plain invasive. The only way for them to get these shots basically means they followed those two ALL THE TIME, and that’s creepy as hell.

  6. I’m a very, very private person in real life so I’ve always appreciated and have been impressed with how the top star of a country is able to keep his private life so, private. Anyway, congrats to the married couple!

  7. I’m impressed by the level of effort involved to have their wedding privately, such that this picture makes it look like the drove up a river to reach the wedding destination. LOL.

    Congrats to the two of them and wising them success in maintaining their low-key life!

  8. Looks like someone from each agency leaked the news so Dispatch waiting on the trees for couple of hours/days.

  9. Congrats to the couple. I’m writing this because I’m not familiar with Won Bin. I only saw him years ago in Autumn in My Heart which I loved him more than Song Seung Hun because his character was live and more attractive. After that, I never seen him anymore. I saw some of his interviews in youtube and somehow, he was far away from my expectations and made me kinda disappointed. He was so quite and even seemed difficult to answer the questions from interviewers that make me think for a while “what happen to this guy? Is it really difficult to answer the questions and make hosts job easier?”. However, now I understand he really introvert person that prefer to be with someone he’s familiar with. On the other when I saw Lee Na Young in several interviews, she seems more bright and easy going person. I think they are match for each other. Both are beautiful and their personality also match. Have a happy family.

    Seems this year will be wedding year for many top celebs. Won Bin, Bae Yong Joon or maybe Rain.

  10. Congratulations to the happy couple! Both seems so very low key and obviously connected.
    I wonder if Won Bin just wants to retire from acting to do whatever he pleases as he has the financial stability to do so.

    • Yeah, seems to me that for him, acting was more of a job rather than a passion, probably he was good at it, has the looks, it brought it lots of money, and now he probably has enough money to reture and live comfortably the rest of his life.

  11. TT.TT won bin!!!! im going to light a candle for this TT.TT, yeah a bit disapointed for not seeing him in suit and all! but well, wish them happiness.

  12. I respect actors who go the private route, closed wedding and everything, no glam/glitter, for the outside world at least. As a fan, a nice wedding spread would’ve been nice but really, considering Won Bin, this was probably expected.

    Lol dispatch.. are we sure it’s their car?

    • LOL, right? It could be any SUV in Korea, and I hope it was. Creepy to think that Dispatch would have drones or helicopters tracking stars to this degree, even if they (Dispatch) want us to believe that they do.

    • *got cut off*
      Congrats to the happy couple! I feel like some one obviously leaked the news to dispatch in order for them to have found out, either that or their reporters go through some intense amount of training with the Korean secret service

  13. congrats to them..this is such a happy news. Lee Na Young is an awesome actress with a very unique style of acting. Hope she comes back to the screen with more projects.

  14. I just love their wedding pictures lol nice way to pull off a wedding ..luv the location (in the midst of fields of his home town)

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