Lee Seung Gi’s Fun Cameo in Producer Opposite IU, Kim Soo Hyun, and Gong Hyo Jin

I continue to enjoy Producer more and more, it’s not quite love because ultimately the backstage look at the life of variety show producers in Korea just doesn’t have the innate hook for me. Compared to On Air which dealt with the internal cogs of drama making, that setting had more markers for me to connect with. On the upside, that must mean Producer is doing something right to keep on entertaining a variety show noob like me, and i think it boils down to all the funny and fascinating interpersonal relationships in this insular world.

Aside from the developed and developing connections of the four leads, the slew of celebrity cameos have been excellently integrated so that personalities are highlighted in mere minutes. Lee Seung Gi‘s two scene cameo in episode 6 hit the spot for me, playing up his nation’s nicest young man image while hinting at a much more real and conflicted personality under the surface. Even better is when he makes Kim Soo Hyun‘s Seung Chan jealous, heh. Check out both scene cuts below.


Lee Seung Gi’s cameo in Episode 6 of Producer:


Lee Seung Gi’s Fun Cameo in Producer Opposite IU, Kim Soo Hyun, and Gong Hyo Jin — 14 Comments

  1. SeungGi is love. He’s super handsome in this ep.
    Bty koala, I thought I should tell you that baby Seung has an instagram account if you want to follow him.
    I still can’t believe he made one, tho I’m sure it’s just to promote his album.

    • I was a bit dissapointed he neither sang nor had a 1n2d reminder T-T but it was still funny. I loved his picture with the kid *swoon* *so cute* and when GHJ’s character kept messing his songs’ names and he tried not to be mad correcting her flatly. Ah! And the last part with KSH <3 too much cuteness.
      I need SeungGi in a great drama!!!

  2. It was a cute cameo. Reminiscent of his Best Love one. And man I miss him in dramas. I hope he does one before his MS.

  3. I had such low expectations of this drama (YWCFS was extremely overated in my books), but it proved me wrong. It’s so much fun.

  4. I was giggling when BSC said he thought Seung Gi was an actor, not a singer. I wonder how much Kim Soo Hyun has heard that himself.

  5. I really enjoyed watching this drama because first I always watch KBS variety shows (they are easy to find in youtube and had a great subs) specially 1N2D Season 3. I love the scene in ep 5 were Cha Tae Hyun said that Yoo Ho Jin (current 1N2D PD in real life) looks like he works in coal mine and lacks vitamin D lol x10. Ooohh and I love the cameos lol. Though still waiting for the current and real 1N2D members to cameo (Jong Min, Jun Ho, Joo Hyuk, Defconn and Joon Young) with Tae Hyun, that would be awesome.

  6. Haha LSG was so cute. Should have cameo in 1n2d with his fellow heodang Seung Chan instead!!

    Now, can Cheon Song Yi pleeeeaase make an appearance?! She must still be looking for her Do Manager since it’s only 2015 😛

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