First Look at Reunited Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen Filming Go Lala Go 2 in Thailand

Upcoming C-movie Go Lala Go 2 just upped the stakes majorly with the first look at the competition for leading lady Lala’s heart. Starring Ariel Lin, Vic Zhou, Bolin Chen, Michelle Chen, and Nana, the movie is a sequel to the hit film a few years back and both are based on a series of same name popular chick lit C-novels about the career and love of the titular heroine Lala. I haven’t read it but am assuming it’s sorta the C-equivalent of Bridget Jones’s Diary.

That’s why it’s not surprising for this sequel to have Lala choosing between two very eligible choices, her longtime boyfriend played by Zai Zai and her new suitor played by Bolin Chen. Literary precedent in such tales tells me she’ll take the long path but eventually end up back in the arms of her hottie devoted boyfriend, who will have his own share of temptation. I was all ready to root for Ariel finally getting to act opposite Zai Zai until the first shot dropped of her filming scenes opposite Bolin in Thailand. How’s a girl supposed to choose between yum and equally yum?

I’ll have to keep telling myself to follow the movie narrative and root for the guy that is better suited for Lala and the one she truly loves. Otherwise it’s like picking which kid I love more, no winner in either choice. Chemistry-wise it’s up in the air, all three are insanely charismatic onscreen in romantic intensity with costars. But of course, somewhere in a place far far away, Joe Cheng is probably like “Best chemistry with Ariel? Guys, I’ve got this in my pocket or a decade already.” LOL.


First Look at Reunited Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen Filming Go Lala Go 2 in Thailand — 14 Comments

  1. <3 straight to my heart! Ariel and Joe! I re watch ISWAK and TKA at least once a year. And seeing her again with Bolin….too much…too heart can't take this!

  2. Nah, I still think Ariel’s best costar was Bolin both in how they matched as actors and their amazing chemistry. This movie looks really high quality. I’m sticking to rooting for Bolin but I’m always open to the narrative changing my mind. We’ll see.

  3. Oh Ms. Koala, are you missing Ariel and Joe too? Hehe. No matter what my heart will always gravitate towards them. ISWAK forever! Lol!

  4. I’m trying to keep an open mind, but each time I see a new picture of Ariel and Vic or Ariel and Bolin, my heart skips a few beats. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to handle all of the insane chemistry in the movie if the stills are already giving me a heart attack.

  5. i saw the pic on Bolin’s IG and oh My God, that’s sooo freaking sweet!!! they make it look so real!! i just love their chemistry.. any pic with Vic?? i think, it’s gonna hard to choose 😛

  6. I love Bolin Chen.. but Ariel and Joe was too much to handle and i ship them very hard.. TKA and ISWAK for the win!

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