C-media Gossiping on Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young’s Maybe Rendezvous in Shanghai

This rumor is sure to make Healer fans hella happy, even if it’s as much a shot in the dark as anything to come from entertainment gossip. Both Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young‘s star rose another notch after doing the cult favorite Healer, a drama that didn’t get the domestic or even international mainstream ratings but definitely has a very vocal and devoted fanbase. I really liked but didn’t quite love Healer, but the best part of the drama for me was definitely the characters and chemistry of the two leads.

There have been murmurings that the great onscreen chemistry may herald an offscreen romance between Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young. In the six months since the drama finished nothing has come out until now, as always take this is with a giant grain of salt. Chinese gossip media is reporting that Ji Chang Wook took a one evening detour to Shanghai after finishing his HK entertainment activities solely to rendezvous with secret girlfriend Park Min Young who is there filming a C-drama right now.

The rumors came from Ji Chang Wook having a four plus hour dinner at a Shanghai hot pot restaurant, where he reportedly was squirreled away inside a private room. After dinner he was spotted by media and fans outside and the reports back are Ji Chang Wook looked really happy while his manager handlers appeared really upset and freaked out that he was spotted and quickly herded him to the waiting car without stopping to greet the fans.

A four hour hot pot meal doesn’t necessarily mean he was inside canoodling with Park Min Young, or another girl for that matter, but the C-tabloids are spreading this gossip as a possible meetup since Ji Chang Wook flew to Shanghai for such a short time, spent it dining in a private room for four hours, and Park Min Young just happens to be in Shanghai filming. I like both Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young so if they are dating then good for them! If not then no biggie either, both are beautiful adults and finding love can’t be that difficult.


C-media Gossiping on Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young’s Maybe Rendezvous in Shanghai — 124 Comments

  1. Haha fans/media delusional minds….
    He is always linked to his co-star even at one time HJW after EK, unbelievable.
    Perhaps slow news day in Chinese entertainment meida.

      • Same thing. First HJW, now PMY. This is rumor sparked by more delusional fans, not news. Photos and confirmations…that’s news. Otherwise it’s just baseless rumors, convoluted stories created to feed the hungry masses.

      • exactly,only delulu fans og HJW linked her to JCW.They were never ever a couple,JCW made it perfectly clear that he will never date her in real life and recommended her to find someone and get married soon.But her delulu fans kept ignoring his words and kept spreading their fantasies and lies.But im so grateful to JCW that finally he showed them their place on his latest fanmeeting in HK.He was asked who is his ideal type betweem Empress Q and Young Shin from Healer.He said Young Shin(PMY) is very close to his ideal type.She is more cuter,pleasant,likable etc than EmpressQ(HJW) LOL what a blow to JIJI shippers.I think he is also really tired of them linking him to HJW and once and for all shut them up.

      • Cult is the right term. Shipping is cute, until it crosses the extreme, delusion line. These aggressive shippers ruined Empress Ki and Answer Me 1997. I remember how difficult it was to comment on Empress Ki articles/threads without stepping on toes. Every post was analyzed for a hidden agenda that wasn’t there. The shipping contributed to the derailment of the drama, because the writer kept trying to dance to the tune of the audience, and the drama ended up going off track.

    • Really? I have never heard he was linked to any of his other costar before. WBDS,BVS,FF and other drama, he was never linked to his costars. But HJW yes, she was linked to all her costars even now her fans are building a new ship for her for her new drama. That one is sure linked to all her costars. Even JCW shot down the gossip with her straight away and bluntly but what her fans said – ohh he was protecting our precious unnie by denying it. That is called ultimate delulu. At least for PMY, he did show interest so let him be. Why the fans feel they have the right to detect his actions.

      • I know the fans you’re talking about. Believe me, they’re certainly not Ha Ji Won fans; In fact, they’re HJW-JCW shippers. They bashed Joo Jin Mo a lot because he was the male lead in Empress Ki, and they also called Ha Jung Woo “Ha Ji Won’s uncle” (saying he looked too old) just because he was HJW’s husband in Chronicle of a Blood Merchant. Those fans have no shame. But the thing you said about “HJW was linked to ALL her costars…” That wasn’t true. I’m a Ha Ji Won fan, and her only costar she’d been rumored to have dated was Kang Dong Won. And again, that was only a RUMOR several years ago. She’s never been “linked” to anybody else again. And I think it’s because she has great chemistry with almost all her costars that’s why fans are already creating a new ship for the new drama. 🙂

      • @angela oh dear jcw choose close ideal type is young shin but that mean not ideal type is pmy. empresski and youngshin is just drama characters. Even hjw and empresski character are different and important thing is jcw choose ideal type is hjw in section

      • Yeah u r right I agree with u…JCW said in a meeting that hjw is like a sister to her he will never date her BT about pmy he said pmy is very pretty and beautiful and she looks like a girl from heaven… And also he said that they both close to each other even still they r in contact and I saw all the bts of healer how he took care of her and they both always talking in private and they speak to each other in very low voice no one can hear them even they tried to hear..and JCW never denied about his dating rumours with pmy

    • Well, I doubt it, but I would be happy for him if it were true. Same with Ha Ji Won. I would be ok with him dating either lady because both actresses are class acts.

    • I second this question … are yountalking about healer international broadcast? Apart from china has there been other countries tha have broadcasted healer … koala, what is your basis for this statement?

    • LOL…How long have you been visiting Koala’s blog? You’re not aware that Koala as the blogger, has her own bias in choosing whatever words she thinks would give a bit of flavor of what she’s in mind for her biases or non biases. As I know, Ji Chang Wook is not her bias. So you guess what she means. LOL..

  2. LOL meanwhile Park Min Young was caught going back to Korea a week ago and still staying there to spend time with her family after months filming in China.

  3. “after finishing his HK entertainment activities”
    miss koala can u check this? i think it’s not HK activity.

  4. But cap, you heard it wrong. JCW happened detour his HK from UK, he stop over to Shanghai, and that’s not 4 hours, but 20 hours in there, and stay at airport hotel which located at the other airport, while he in and out via the other airport. I want to try the famous hot pot, that made him stop over.

  5. WTH, he was in Shanghai for work…his interpreter was at that restaurant too. He said at his press conference the next day that met director Stanley Tong in Shanghai…. Really C-media and their gossips…

  6. EXACTLY… these journalists (and some fans) need some brain.. why would he need an INTERPRETER if he’s meeting his girlfriend.. #LESIGH

  7. All that said don’t underestimate chinese paparazzi. Amei was dating Leehom for a year and the taiwanese press didn’t even sniff it out but it was the Chinese who did. If their dating good for them… they make an attractive couple

  8. Haha … some people are bitter … if true, lets be happy for them … we are not to decide who jcw chooses … problem is some fans are shoving their idol into jcw’s throat … which really is disrespectful … have some decency please …

    • All shippers are delusional, and strange really…so far removed from reality, there’s no getting them back. They’ll argue that THEIR couple is for sure real, that others don’t see what they see, but that’s exactly what delusion is or mass delusion where they feed each other a false sense of reality.

  9. All are speculations, and there maybe truth in it or merely just speculation. But let’s respect each other delusions and not shove your own delusions to be true. As a PMY fan, if there is truth to it then, I’m happy for her. She’s single and JCW is single, so, they have the right to date either secretly or openly.

  10. If we follow this logic, JCW is so self-centered that in the midst of such hectic and stressful schedule would fly his entire tired (and a way from family) staff all the way to Shanghai just so that HIS MAJESTY would meet his lady love for 4 hours. I hope he’s not that kind of guy. Ah, and his translator who is not with him in London joins him in Shanghai, not in HK like the rest of staff (bodyguard) just so that he can…date?

    • LOL, this ‘logic’ is called ‘delusion’ ^^
      Anyway, his fans will always be happy if he really has someone he loves, BUT NOT with the way the tabloids playing with his name and his co-star’s just to spread unconfirmed ‘news’…

      • LOL, do you even know the meaning of the word delusion? He and his staff flew to Shanghai: Fact. Travelling to London and China from Korea is tiring: Fact. Flying his staff to a different city for personal reasons during business travels is inconsiderate towards them: True. This trail of thought is not a delusion, but disproves a theory based on facts and basic common sense. Hope that helped.

    • Why “self centered” dear, first he spent a night at Shangahai, almost 24 hours, second, there’s still some talks that he was having a business dinner there, third, IF it was true, he will be self centered to try to spend sometime with the woman he’s dating, despite their hectic schedule!!!! and btw HIS MAJESTY deserves all the happiness and all the love he can get, he’s the most caring considering actor that I have seen, specially towards his staff and his fans, I believe most of them will and already testify to this

      • And he just flew with his manager (Manager Cho) to Shanghai dear, the rest of the staff flew separately to HK a day later after some R&R at London

      • Manager Cho and the translator are staff. I know him to be very professional, that’s why I’m saying that scenario seems unlikely, given the inopportune timing with the busy schedule and all. That kind of trip seems to me to be more justifiable as a business meeting than a personal one. Love or not, it seems like a huge hassle for a date. In Dramas maybe, lol…but not in real life.

    • You should see how HIS MAJESTY always helps hiscrew lifting up boxes, luggage, putting them to car, etc whenever they’re travelling..

      Btw, your so-called FACTS: no, his team went directly to HK. No, the lady interpreter is based in China. And even if he flied her over from Timbuktu to south-pole so that he could date for one hour, what do you care? it’s her job and she got paid..

      even tho, why would one hire a professional interpreter just to guide you to restaurant? to meet your gf? too expensive! LMAO.. So no, the restaurant meeting was clearly for business.. well, other personal meetings, I don’t know LOL… if he’s really dating, I’ll be more than thrilled..

      • I see you lack sarcasm detector…at least it’s not as good as your armpit hair detector. LOL. Of course, JCW is a very down to earth celebrity. It just seems inconvenient to stop to Shanghai just to date during work travels, making it more likely a business trip. All I’m saying is shippers should not spread rumors and should let their bias be. It’s nobody’s business who they date…be it PMY, HJW, or the cute, pretty popstar in the girl group which would be more likely for a 20 something year old. I guess it’s the trend these days. LOL. If’s he’s dating or not I couldn’t care less…I just find shipping and rumors annoying. Now, his next project, that I do care about.

  11. ”star rose another notch after doing the cult favorite Healer, a drama that didn’t get the domestic or even international mainstream ratings but definitely has a very vocal and devoted fanbase”

    Lmfao at this quote Koala knows whats up to even the smallest details. This Cult is a mess and Here is the funny thing about this Cult and I have noticed this not once, twice or three times but more then 100 times they tend to storm non related articles to the so-called cult. example they will hijack every single article on any K-english media site that names few actors and leaves out JCW or PMY then you will see the cliche qoute ”Where is Ji Chang wook” or ”Why don’t dramafever have Empress Ki or why is the king of Empress ki left out of this list” the attention seeking is strong with this cult. they believe in a conspiracy where they are always targetted or done unfairly. They are using what is called the New black card. WHY IS HE NOT THERE! I have nothing against the cult but they need to slow down its getting old and tiring

    • have you ever been to youtube?? this is free media-culture darling, we cannot control things we don’t like. i haven’t seen their comments on EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE you mentioned but yeah, you absolutely have nothing against them except the way you wrote a long complaint? lol

    • Hmmm is it because Wookie’s star is rising, and his fans becoming more vocal, which makes fans of other male stars agitated because they are unused to seeing the name Ji Chang Wook in the mix? I guess its true, since I have been a silent reader of Koala for YEARS, and this is my first comment. But since this is a Ji Chang Wook post, it is fair to comment here.

      I hope to hear wedding bells soon. Just leave a mature woman alone in her delusions. Lol.

      • You crack me up! hahahahaha…I so much agree with you about your first line. I’ve been a fan of multi K actors, but never seen so many sour-bitter comments throwing out in the face of JCW and his fans…LOL…Just look at the volume of reader responses to this post! It’s the highest among all the Koala’s recent articles.

    • LOL…Based on my long term observation of Kdrama land and the cultural phenomenon on all kinds of social media including Koala’s blog, there are always cult favorite actors such as Lee Min Ho, kim Soo Hyun, Kim Woo Bin, Lee Jong Sook, etc.,.etc., etc…LOL again…as long as there are certain breakout dramas for these K actors, early on or just in the recent months, there’re always a lunatic crowd of rabid fans following their biases, swooning over their idols and explicitly or implicitly mocking other rival actors. Hahaha…So don’t just label JCW’s fans a “cult”. You’re no exception, but for your bias actors. LOL again,,,

    • lol wut. Isn’t that like almost every fanbase EVER? I’ve seen the same delulu comments about other idols. In fact, let’s wheel back to You Who Came from the Stars where there were a bunch of crazy fangirls pretty much brainwashed… -_-

  12. I would love this gossip to be true! These 2 were absolutely adorable in Healer and their chemistry mind-blowing. I wouldn’t be surprised if something is going on between them! I think they match very well, Park Min Young is a real cutie, always smiling and funny, I like watching her interviews. Ji Chang Wook is… perfect in every way. So why not! They both deserve love, I’m gonna cheer them if they become a real couple! I hope we’ll see Ji Chang Wook soon on our screens, I kinda miss him and his perfect acting.

    • I’m with you on that. Triple cheers! and may I say, CHANGMIN Rocks! I’m on my delulu, so, please leave an old lady to it too 🙂

  13. Some people leave a reply elicit reactions and block off the ability to respond to her reply … tsk, tsk, what are you scared of?

  14. Wow! This little bit of info is good for social media! They do have a huge fanbase! Love them both! If together or not, when I see a headline I still click on the link to read…good job social media for getting the clicks you were looking for! No offense, Koala, love your blog!

  15. Poor PMY! Not again! Another rising star that she’s dating (or not)and the war is deadly close. AGAIN! The last time it took her years to recover and projects with no (young)love-line whatsoever. She’s at the recuperating stage after you-know-what-and-WHO, having worked restlessly on back-to-back projects. Let’s not jinx her this time, ladies and gents! Not another dating “scandal”, please!
    On a side note, even tho I do like JCW (we share the same star sign and the same date,too lol) but every time his name’s been mentioned there’s a weird “curse” of fan-war that kicks in. He probably brings the fangirl out of the ladies xD!

    • “Poor PMY! Not again! Another rising star that she’s dating (or not)and the war is deadly close. AGAIN! The last time it took her years to recover and projects with no (young)love-line whatsoever.”

      During her hiatus, she focused on accomplishing her study, she had CF at that time, and traveled with her family. From those, i think she is enjoying her life.

      Not another dating “scandal”, please!
      thank u for the concern, but no one wants scandal. It just media, haters and some possessive fans that make this term (dating scandal).

  16. Real life-shippers are so creepy. I just don´t understand it. Why isn´t it enough to ship the characters they play? Why do you people need to project your delusions on to the actors? The are humans beings, and you don´t know sh+it about their real personalities, so how about not treating them like they are your puppets?

  17. LOL…at another Koala’s post, folks were just childishly laughing at and debating if Healer was more popular than Pinocchio. Then I observed that this post has the MOST responses among all the recent Koala’s posts just within the shortest span when the post was put up. Regardless of if Healer is well loved by a lot of K drama fans or not, nobody can deny that it always stirs up conversations. Then why is that? LOL….I’m not really interested in these tabloid types of dating rumors. That’s celebrity’s personal life. I only know that I enjoyed the whole series of Healer from the very start to the end more than any other dramas around the same airing period. And that’s my personal choice and my preference of what I like about K drama. Hopefully Ji Chang Wook will continue to shine and have really really good projects for him to do in the future.

  18. if the rumors trun out to be true. then good for them. they did make a nice couple in healer. still perfer HJW though. only cuz she got great boobs.

    • You prefer HJW because of her boobs? Hahaha she is like his aunt
      For heaven sake. Did you look at her face? It’s quiet obvious she is almost 10 years older than him. Say for example they became a couple and JCW goes to serve his MS. she will be 40 when he finishes his service. Oh boy! JCW will be the laughing stock among his circle of friends. She even tries to talk like a little girl, it’s a big turn off for every guy watching an old hag acting cutesy.

      • @Tongie, though I personally hate (a huge smtimes) age gap in love relationships and psychology do indicate a certain emotional “handicap” when it comes to those, your tone and choice of words also indicates a certain problematic behaviour. His “aunt”? The “laughing stock”? “The circle of his friends”? “An old hag”? Sounds so personal even though it’s in a post on a korean actor! It all indicates psychological imbalance and projection of your phobias and/or desires. @Humo’s comment about “great boobs” it’s much more healthier and common. I suggest you follow his example!

      • @Tonige i think you don’t watch empresski. Really did you look at her face? If you watch empresski you cant talk hjw is like his aunt. and you jealousy hjw too why everyone said bad word to hjw?

      • I agree m the big fan of pmy BT I don’t hate hjw though she is a great actress too..BT about boobs in that case pmy will win may u haven’t seen pmy’s boobs…she has beautiful body structure among all Korean actress

    • HJW doesnt have big boobs,she is really flat.PMY on the other hand has very nice body,slim and curvy in right places.Also i agree about HJW getting old and still trying to talk in this super annoying cutesy voice.i watched some of her latest interviews and was shock how she patheticly tries to act like a little girl and speak so cutely in disgusting voice tone.So creepy.She is almost 40 its really time to act more classy and your age.Also the way she tries always to play romance with younger or much younger guys like L from Infinite for instance is so really very creepy.Im sure normal guys dont like when ajhmma trieng to act super cute like i little girl.

      • I think it’s L and his powerful agency that pulled all the right strings around this drama…Otherwise how could have been possible for him or any other idol-turned-actor to even show their faces in a project with so much talent floating around? Think rational, dear…Only the production team has the capacity to cast anyone, right?
        BTW, the face and/or the body of any actor has/have been under some surgical “improvements” and that’s a fact world-wide. So, I wouldn’t have invested my carnal desires on those, if I were you…So sorry, pal, to burst your bubble…

      • Dear Kalel, I’m replying to Cherry coz your post doesn’t have a reply button (sorry cherry) maybe you can burst your own bubble dear, because as far as I can tell, shapely, curvy, sexy as hell body, and nice shapely legs, besides having cherry kissable lips, is not a surgical improvement, and thats a fact, oh and btw, acting like you care for our Youngie’s well being earlier!! I think I know who you are by now

      • @Reem, cherie…First of all yes, cosmetic surgery or ps as many people are more familiar with is indeed capable of fixing anything and everything with one exception: Height. That’s way in Asia people are so obsessed with the size of head and face. Smaller head and face create the illusion of someone’s being taller than he really is. And since I know way more than you I can tell when there are breast implants or bottom ones or when the legs have being shaped by any other mean than sports.
        The rest of your comment is simply incomprehensible…How can you know who I am while I don’t?! Do I have amnesia or smthing?! Go figure… And why should I care for “your” Youngie’s well-being? I don’t know the man. Fine, he looks promising as an actor and seems he’s a sensitive Cancer but that will be it. As a professional I must say this kind of behaviour on social media has always indicated…hmm, of some health problems, if I can put it veeeery politely, dear!
        Sorry, Cherry for using up your space…

      • lol im also replyng to myself but my reply is to Kalel.Even if L agency pulled some strings Im sure HJW is much more powerful and could easily refused to play romance with this super young kid who could be his son.And also how rediculous she looks wearing schooluniform and always even during interviews acting ans speaking in super annoing cute way.Gosh…she is almost 40 years old,doesnt she understand that she looks pathetic.Its like she has some mental issues.Ji Chang wook was really right when he said that she needs to find someone and get married ASAP.Sometimes i feel sorry for her.

      • Well KaleL, I sure know more than you think, and I sure can distinguish a surgical butt with implants from a natural one, same with boobs, it’s not that hard actually, it looks hard for you though, and I still stand by my earlier comment you can’t have such lovely shapely legs with a tiny waist to be almost perfect like this, many have nice legs, no biggy but it’s hard to achieve this combo no matter what, and by saying she has a Goddess like body, I meant the whole AURA of her person also (which can’t be achieved surgically), and this girl has it all, be it her so LOVABLE personality or her killer natural body.
        I don’t want to keep talking about so called “surgical improvement” just because she admitted to doing some doesn’t mean she did all of her body,geeezzz and just because SOME actresses doesn’t admit it doesn’t mean they didn’t do it. I hope I won’t have to talk about this subject further, this post was about two people I care about who seem to have many haters out of jealousy and bitterness.

      • Heh.. You can praise park min young to heaven but please don’t talk shit about ha ji won. i can say ha ji won naturally has that kind of cute voice. I can say i have watch all her movies and dramas when she is still very young and the way she talk never change. It not like she is acting to be cute..

      • Hjw have big boobs you dont saw recently hjw right? Pmy is really flat but she have plastic surgery after big boobs i saw pmy flat boobs lol

      • No hjw have big boobs i saw her recently but pmy have flat i saw her recently pmy have big boobs i think she have plastic surgety and you can search recently hjw’s boobs
        I think you jealousy to hjw she not tries to act like a little girl. She really bright so really like a little girl jcw said that too. She have really cute voice and you know wrong hjw everytime not want her co stars younger just many met co stars younger. How can you speak bad word to hjw? I’m not a fan pmy but i also like pmy but i hate pmy right now because your comment is shock

  19. The chemistry in Healer was sooo good that I really don’t get why they aren’t dating!! hahahaha. Anyway. I don’t believe Chinese media; they’re the most unreliable. BUT, I do wonder what the reason for stopping at Shanghai is? There’s a possibility for sure, but meh.
    But my fangirl side really hope they are hehehehe (please please please please)

  20. Ladies…from dating news to old hag, now a Boobs involves ?
    Well, good for him if he chose PMY,ask all guys out there between PMY and HJW, which one they prefer. coz me likely PMY. The boobs were spot on, with those leg and those lips. What I don’t understand how HJW could not realised herself that she is getting older yet still chose those high school act and act cutesy ? That is not sexy and a bit turn off. I prefer PMY sexy vibes , well sorry JCW for eyeing her, can’t help it.

  21. Oh, wow. I’m appalled. You must be a joy to be around. I can’t believe people like these exist in the world. Putting down and degrading two perfectly decent, talented and beautiful ladies, for what…because you feel threatened? I don’t know what countries you’re from or how you were raised, but this is despicable. Women should support each other and bring them up, no matter what. Saying things you’d never say face to face. Hiding behind your little screens like the creeps that you are. So uncivilized and ignorant. I understand it’s a lost cause, but still…so sad. I hope JCW and PMY never find out they have fans like these.

  22. @whatever is that your real name or you also a creep hiding behind a little screen? Really you are appalled? Seriously get off your high horse.And i also hope Ha Ji Won never finds out about her nasty crazy ass fans who incessantly bash Park Min Young,i hope you are not one of them miss purity

    • Creeps are only those who hide behind a screen to bash others, especially those who have not wronged them. And yes, my real name is actually in there, lol. I don’t know how HJW fans are behaving, all I know is what I see here, but you don’t act like a 5 year old and go: You kicked my dog, now I’ll kick yours. You deal with crazies in a rational way, you don’t become one of them. And if that doesn’t work you slowly back away. Kind of like I’m gonna do right now.

  23. @kalel,
    You should take your own advice and quit speaking with a forked tongue. I’m around Freshman Psychology students who try to outmaneuver one another and spotting your true duplicitous manner screams you’re a snake.
    Hypocritical much?

    • Where exactly have you spotted my “duplicitous manner”, fcol? Anyone who sees the situation objectively is a priori a “snake” for you, I guess. The fact that people on Social media tend to take everything personally – even if they comment on a korean actor’s thread, lol- is something alarming and disturbing on its own. Whoever is unable to see it probably is part of the problem.
      Last but not least, I suggest you check again the definition of the word “hypocrite”. A “hypocrite” has nothing to do with my comments whatsoever. On the contary, I can spot in almost every comment here a projection of personal desires and wishes, a hurch language on completely strangers for minor reasons and total luck of objectivity from everyone, fans or haters for that matter.
      I’m sorry, it’s a plein Mass Psychology of Fascism phenomenon…”You’re either with us or against us”, nothing in between nor personal opinion on any level whatsoever. A deeply distressful situation for all of us who have a three-digit IQ :-/

      • So, Kalel which one is your biased ? the mr. famegrabber ? or the old hag ? btw either one does their facejob too. Cmmon man, just get lay, it makes you happy.

      • @convenant, sane people try to stay as far away from biases as possible or at least, they don’t become warriors to defend their biases in public like 3-year-olds. Observing a paradox and stating a reasoning is beyond the comprehension of some people…Fine, I get it but all I can think now is how filthy rich I’ll be after residency in less than 5 years. Too many bizarre cases out there ergo tons of patients and their money, of course!
        And thanks for your concern! My sex life is so perfectly fine unlike some other people obviously. Not letting out all the frustration is a very, very unhealthy thing. Keyboards are not a gf, actors are not people’s best/girlfriends. Summer is for the beach where one can relax and enjoy life or one can always wait for specialists to get help and makes them super rich. I strongly advice the first to people;-)

  24. Wow, congratulations Koala, u got the reactions you wanted. Another fanwar here. But don’t you need to edit some of your statements as some points out the corrections? To my fellow Changmins, let’s just stop this. It’s good to argue and debate but it’s not our way to put others down…let other shippers do that.

    • Agreed…we. Changminers..maintain our high class status.
      Just ignore those people..and lets show them
      how happy we are regarding this “rumors’.. 😉
      Love Park Min Young n Ji Chang Wook..,
      Our Healer couple. <3

  25. Rumour or no rumour, I would support JCW and PMY if they announce that they are dating. Remembering Wookie’s Sina IV, he doesn’t mind dating a celeb or denied thinking about marriage. Who knows what’s going to happen to him and his dating status in a few months time. Only he knows the ways of his heart. Koala, you got your response. You got fan bases commenting on your post lol

  26. Do they really need permission from the so called fans to date? Its legal to commit adultery in SK but to date is a scandal? everyone is adding their 2 cents as if they know crap about them. Let them cause it’s their life and their happiness. Take a look at your own life and concentrate on it. Do you haters have a life? Probably none.

  27. age dont matter. when u have a body like HJW.
    as for those that say PMY have better boobs.u guy must be smoking something cuz there no way PMY have bigger boobs then HJW. her boobs dont even stick out like HJW.

    • I am not a fan of both actress but to be fair there is no comparison PMY is looking young but HJW is very obvious that she is old. 29 vs. 38? HJW is old and still single and now she’s paired with my bias? Makes me sick! This is reality people there is no way in the world that a younger guy would fall for an aging woman. She’s no Demi Moore that could getnAshtun Kutcher, besides that even didn’t last long. Let’s face it she is old!

      • I think you wrong pmy is very obvious that she is old but hjw is very young
        Many people can’t believe hjw is 38years old. Because her face is so young

  28. HJW body & boobs
    how did you knew it ?
    been there already ?
    I didn’t see her sexy boobs ?
    and and she is old
    and maybe her so called big boobs will fallin down,
    oh, forget that she did a job done on that also
    let’s see within next 3 years,
    she will be 40, and lonely and still talk in her not so cute voices ?
    so, she is a little crazy.
    but,all the great actors always the one who have a very dimensional mind and a little crazy.
    hope she wouldn’t commit suicides the way many sk actor did it.

  29. i saw ms hjw r or x rated film? Sex is 0 and her boobs don’t stick out if they gets bigger now then what a miracle.

  30. with body like HJW. she can get any young guy she want.
    if old man LBH can get LMJ. then their no reason hot HJW cant get a younger guy.

    u guy must be on crack if u think HJW have a job done to her boobs. her boobs just got bigger as she grow older. unlike some sctress that still got no boobs.

    • Then how come she is still Single with a capital S until now if it’s so damn easy for her to get a young Guy? Why doesn’t she have a boyfriend when she is already 38 years old. Choosy or no one is interested, only her hardcore fanatic thinks she is desirable and makes up all these delusions that every guy wants her. Boobs or no boobs if you are not attractive to opposite sex means Ziltch!

  31. guys calm down , we never know what will happen in the future . I love ji chang wook and park min young but there is no right for me to bother them they are human and its their live so I should respect every decision that they have for their lives I always will support them but in bottom of my heart I wish this rumor will come true some day but all actors are respectful let respect all.

  32. @Blahblahblah … the same reason Seo ji sub/Song seung hun still single. plz if u are a dude u would go for boobs too. only one dont go for the boobs is a woman. unless u one of most very few guy that is not into boobs.

    • Sweetheart boobs are just superificial. Men liking boobs is natural because it’s feeding their sexual fantasy. After they release the urge that’s it. It’s the attitude that the guys wants to have as a partner in life till the end. Boobs is like a one night affair.

      Her attitude is what turns off the guys plus her delusions that every male stars she worked with likes her. Remember SHK? That guys life turns miserable because of her actions and her so called lunatic fans. She likes to feed false informations to her crazy fans by matching the accessories of the male actors she worked with. That my dear drives potential guy as far away from her.
      Now her looney fans are building another illusions with this new way way younger costars she’s working with. I feel bad for this actor cause for sure her crazy fans will haunt him to go out with Aunt Jemima I mean aunt Hajiwon lol!

      • Projections, projections! Age has nothing to do when it comes to artistic occupations. Artists usually rise above average standards. So you should choose your words more carefully and use your brain more often. And on a more shallow note, I’ve observed there’s always the possibility that some famous “single” women in Asia may very well be the mistresses to filthy rich (and probably married) men! Have you ever thought of that or has struck you as the century’s revelation?^^

    • Boobs, hah??? It’s OK, it’s the Oedipus complex! It might disappear as you grow up, it might not. Depends on one’s personality structure and family background. But it certainly is much easier to “go for boobs” than go for the brain or the social status, or the money etc. There’s always a plastic surgery for “the boobs” after all (but what may one do for the brain, right?)^^

  33. @Blahblahblah.. dude am a guy. that why i say most man like boobs.
    just cuz i like her boobs, body and her acting. does not mean she the only actress i like. there alot of actress i like. if i were to name them you would not know them. so before you label me as a blind fan of her you shouldd look at yourself first cuz it seem you the one who is blind by all the hate you have for this woman.

  34. So far I know Ha Ji Won doesnt want to get married or else, she afraid that “the He” will know that everything in her is fake. thus I bet all her fans are a bunch of old maids too. make her get married means they can also. unfortunately she will be 40 in the next 2 years and she cannot compete with other younger beautiful star, she’s not beauty. In SK, she’s not famous with Beauty, S Line body, or Brainy star. She famous for her talent, especially tough talent. but not for her beautiful. Now she desperately trying to make her attractive to the point she going to act with mch ms

    • Excuse me your korean? But how you know well hjw is not famous with beauty? Hjw is really beauty in korea i know well you are pmy’s fan? how about pmy? Pmy is plastic surgery actress famous in korea so many korea people don’t like her

  35. What is wrong with being 38 years old? One thing HJW has over you all, is that she has made it to her 38th year, the question is will you?

    The way these actors diet and abuse their health, because they are on overload with their careers, families and their fans, that would age anyone. This is a choice they have made, and the toll it takes on them is part of this choice.

    I just adored the chemistry of the Healer lead actors, but could care less if they dated or not. I was not a fan of her last dating choice and was glad they parted. Her last choice, has never seemed to be top drawer in the acting field. He is handsome and does have a good agency representing him though. I never begrudge anyone their fantasties, just so they stay in house, and stay fun. When it stops being fun, then give your head a shake…

  36. leave hjw alone ..love pmy..if is true that she dating JCW ,cool but if not true then fine.but wish is true and if only he can protect her frm hater and if only he will not act like lmh who did not protect her from her haters. Am happy she has move on. she soo cute that,all her male lead can get enough of her sexy lips.lol

  37. U av soo many fans,royals and disloyal fans but still all the best for you(park min young and jcw,Agnes from Ghana,love you.

  38. And koala Africa love healer,the fact the we didn’t watch it at the time it was airing doesn’t mean it did not do well in rating.

  39. I don’t believe it. If they are dating, whatever, the world will continue-at least for me. I am his devoted fan, not his delusional fan. I always believed he was dating a non-celebrity…??? About HJW, no, I never believed anything happened between them, I believed JCW when he said they were just friends. As for his dating rumors with Kim Ri (?), hmmmm….I don’t know about this one….but regardless of whom he’s dating, wish him happiness and hopefully the media doesn’t get involved in his personal life, after all, this is the Chinese media…if they are dating (PMY)…i just can’t see it.

  40. honestly, I am not sure. the news that he may be dating Kim Joo Ri is still mainstream. I think because he had a fan-meeting in Shanghai and visited the area is why cmedia started the scandal. His agency has him in china, promoting, meeting his fans there and because PMY is there, filming a drama is why fans are going crazy right now. But you know originally the role was offered to Suzy, would you have shipped or thought Suzy and Ji Chang Wook were dating if Suzy had accepted the role? If she hadn’t confirmed her relationship with LMH? Maybe they did meet up, but doesn’t mean its cannon. In interviews, JCW also admitted he would meet up with HJW.

  41. hey! There is no forever in ChangMin!!!!! the real ideal type of Ji Chang Wook is Ha Ji Won, I have read that a months ago…prove it to me that there’s a forever in ChangMin couple..There was a time that Ji Chang Wook said that Ha Ji Won is his sunbaenim because she is a beautiful, Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook are also in the same school and he said that “As a woman?” “She is Kind-hearted, beautiful and I’m comfortable with her”..he said.. and he said again “Ha Ji Won is always laughing on our set which was awesome”..


  42. Well,I guess somehow its true.. It was happened the night before JCW fan meet..During his FM he even brought the beanie worn by PMY and said to the audience that it was used by PMY during filming healer..Both respective agencies remains silent about the issue till now..Anyway, im happy for both of them and they deserve it..

    • Agree..knowing K-ent world their agencies will immediately deny the rumors esp if threres no truth to that..like what had happened to Ms. K..dating or not just let them be its their life anyway…

  43. I’ve been very observant these past few years about Park Min Young and her male lead actors.. She always been perfectly suited for every one who paired with her.. She made a #Perfect chemistry both with Park Yoo Chun and Yoo Ah In #SungKyunkwanScandal, where I first got addicted to her and love her as my #Extreme fave Kdrama actress. Same in #GloryJane with her two leading man, as well as in #Dr_Jin with Song seung Hun and Jaejong , of course the great tandem with Lee Min Hoo in #CityHunter which tagged them as the #Power_Couple that time. And now the #Phenomenal team up of #ChangMin is another story created by the impecable charisma of both Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook. They are one of the #Best pair as couple i’ve ever seen in a Kdrama. The chemistry is overflowing in each and every romantic scene they had in the show #Healer. I can feel the intensity of their performance as if they weren’t just acting but doing it #ForReal. Ji chang wook as jung hoo/healer was very passionate portraying the role of a man deeply affectionated with the girl he likes no other than young shin played by #His_Majesty Park Min Young. #Healer indeed such a very nice and outstanding Kdrama and highly recommended to watch for. Sometimes people speaks without thinking.. And then judging without knowing. As for my opinion in this Koala Blogger who posted this information or shall i say a gossip, this person only up to a personal interest of benefitting with the two lead star of the drama. Well what can we expect anyway its a great source of resources. Another thing i observed by reading this Koalas blog, when it comes to Park Min Young its very obvious that she is not on the favorite list of the blogger but less favorite., and who cares anyway as long as I my self among many other #wholeheartedly loves Park Min Young. This blogger doesnt even wants Park Min Young to be paired with Jang Geun Suk as per the article also this blogger wrote during the ICU drink endorsement of those two. Hopefully the next project of Park Min Young is with either Hyun Bin or Jang Geun Suk because for sure it will be a great tandem too and will create a perfect chemistry with those two great actor as well,. knowing Park Min Young being well suited to be paired with anyone. And as for the huge #Success of Healer rating are just a numbers but the impact it made for the Fans is the most important factor to consider. I so love Healer and ChangMin …if they end up together well and good, if not just thank them for providing the show Healer that made positive impact for those who really appreciated both the show and them as a couple. #KeepHopingForTheBest . And for those who are negative and bitter people…let them be.. I still believe though that whether they create a positive or negative write ups comments and opinions,still publicity is publicity and will added to even more success of the show like Healer and its lead stars. #Healerfighting #ChangMin #ParkMinYoung

  44. Park min young and chang ji wook fit each other as for ha ji won may she find her ideal type of man and marry she is not getting younger.

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