Scholar Who Walks the Night Slays with Romance and Thrills in Awesome Long Preview

I’m going to preemptively thank Scholar Who Walks the Night for releasing the most riveting long K-drama preview this year, for me at least but really that’s all I personally care about since I’m the one looking for some drama inspiration. I can’t proffer assurances that it’ll be great but the extended look had me crying (during the scene with Kim So Eun and Lee Jun Ki), and swooning (the rain scene with Jun Ki and Lee Yoo Bi), and gasping (all the intensity and man candy, rawr!). It’s basically everything I want in a fantasy sageuk, nothing too serious but everything that is dramatic.

The color coordinated cast attended a rather late press conference this week, decked out in shades of black, white, and red, with Lee Yoo Bi going for a chic relaxed pantsuit as a perfect send up of her playing a cross-dressing character in the drama. She’s so darn adorable in the previews it’s not going to be a problem selling the audiences the love story because her effervescence makes up for the lack of traditional sageuk female lead visual prettiness. Changmin remains all looks with limited emoting but strangely continues to not annoy me, whereas Lee Soo HyukĀ is basically having the hammiest time of his life and we’re all enjoying the ride with him.

Long 5-minute preview for Scholar Who Walks the Night:


Scholar Who Walks the Night Slays with Romance and Thrills in Awesome Long Preview — 19 Comments

  1. What impressed me most in the preview is Kim So Eun. She’s awesome! I teared when LJK bit her, because of her and LJK’s expressiveness, I could almost feel their despair. And she was so convincingly frightened in her “bathtub” scene with LSH. Though the paper boat was kinda funny, LOL.

  2. I wonder if LYB’s pantsuit is because she had to hide a back brace? She looks sweet and pretty as the bookseller, and her acting is quite good.

  3. I’m very excited for this drama! Can’t wait to see Lee Yoo Bi in a leading lady role! And Lee Jun Ki is always fun to watch.

    And off topic, Koala, but have you heard of the drama My Beautiful Bride? It is supposedly by the same writer(s) who are responsible for Cruel City (Heartless City). The title is a bit misleading, since it gives off a sweet and fluffy vibe, but this drama is actually jammed packed with mystery, action, and a lot of dark (and awesome) story-telling. I have a feeling it is something you might like, since I remember you enjoying Cruel City. I just found this drama today (and fell in love with it) and immediately thought of you. If you haven’t already checked it out, maybe you can when you have the time. I’ll love to hear your take on the drama!

    • me too.. i found that drama and i love it. the storyline, the mystery, the love story.. the chemistry and acting.. i like it. so, it’s from the cruel city’s writernim? no doubt i love it. i prefer this one rather than hidden identity.. but still watching both šŸ™‚

  4. *hyperventilating* I am so exited I cannot breathe! I really hope it is going to be awesome, for TeachersĀ“ sake and everyone. Teacher and LYB look like Bonnie & Clyde in their pimpinĀ“ outfits!

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