Vogue China Features the Ten Top Chinese Female Stars for 10th Anniversary Edition

Those wondering who China’s top female entertainers are need look no further than the upcoming September issue of Vogue China celebrating its 10th anniversary edition. The ten ladies to grace the cover and pages of the Chinese edition of top fashion magazine in the world are, in no particular order: Carina Lau, Tang Wei,Zhao Wei, Li Bing Bing, Zhang Zi Yi, Zhou Xun, Fan Bing Bing, singer Chris Lee, and models Du Juan and Liu Wen. The ladies were shot by famed photographer and frequent Vogue contributor Mario Testino, with the top secret photoshoot taking place this past May in New York City.

There will be two different covers so that each of the ladies (in two different five-five configurations) will get a turn on the cover. Vogue’s China editor explained that the ten goddess icons were chosen for their fashion style and entertainment career achievements, with the fashion spread styled as a throwback to the golden era of Hollywood. Congrats to the ten ladies selected for inclusion in this coveted spread, and though I’m sure some may question why some others were no included, I personally think the selections were spot on in showcasing what Chinese entertainment considers its top female entertainers in both popular and critical acclaim.

Vogue photoshoot BTS “Who is your idol currently?”:


Vogue China Features the Ten Top Chinese Female Stars for 10th Anniversary Edition — 18 Comments

    • You’re right. I don’t see her name among the list to the left of top left page. But then again she could be any one of those women in white, since make-up and hairstyling for this shoot had a way of changing their looks. I couldn’t recognize Zhou Xun, Zhao Web, Zhang Zi Yi, Li Bing Bing.

      • @fusionjack Hope I don’t sound as if I’ve directing sarcasm towards you. I see writer has just corrected the mistake.

      • Zhang Zi Yi must be the biggest female chinese star name internationally i know her easiest visually her and Tang Wei because international acclaimed hong kong ,chinese films.

        Fan Bing Bing i know now that i follow mainland chinese dramas, films because looks, popularity. She looks very fake, doll like look to me but i see why she is popular.

    • Why would someone with flower vase rep be beside great chinese actors like Zhang Zi Yi, Tang Wei and some of the others i dont know yet.

      Fan Bing Bing is there already for popular reasons….

    • I too thought that was Yang MI in gold, until I looked closely. As I said it’s the makeup technique and hairstyling.

      • @surelyshoe and Peppa. The one in gold is Li Bing Bing not Crystal Liu nor Yangmi

  1. Reading the news about carina lau, l always remember about kitty lai. My poor Kitty is nowhere noq after breakibg with tony leung in 1988. My teenage life was full of heaven sword and dragob sabre 86 when the series got popular in indonesia in 1995. I love those series and l shipped tony with kitty so hard. Lol. Tony broke up with kitty because he returned back to margie tsang. Then he broke with her and run to carina.

  2. most of them are movie actors/popular models, cuz if we talk about drama, names like Yangmi and Tiff Tang Yan would be here too.. but yups, this 10 ladies are more popular internationally.. no doubt!

    but i know some C-international models but no one beat Liu Wei, with her ‘current’ status. she got fame cuz of her professional job as a model and her in the reality show. even kpoppers know her well.. 😀

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