Song Seung Heon and Crystal Liu’s Dating News Ratchets Up the Interest in The Third Way of Love

It’s entertaining to see the diametrically opposite reactions from the K-netizens versus the Chinese netizens on the cross-border romance of Korean actor Song Seung Heon and Chinese actress Crystal Liu. While the K-netz are happy to have oppa bring a veritable screen goddess back to Korea, much like Korean director Kim Tae Yong did when he married top Chinese actress Tang Wei, the Chinese netizens are in an uproar at the thought of losing another perfect screen princess to potentially marry off to Korea. It’s less genuine vitriol and all tongue in cheek, with the C-netz arguing over which Korean goddess to try and marriage snatch over to China.

All of this is generating incredible attention and buzz for Song Seung Heon and Crystal Liu’s upcoming romance movie The Third Way of Love. And no, there isn’t a single person who thinks the two is dating to drum up interest for the movie since neither has ever publicly dated a costar not to mention this movie has been very widely followed and covered by the media since it was announced because of the star power of the two leads. I’m not getting a good understanding of what to expect from the movie based on the teaser trailer other than the two leads are going to be ridiculously good looking in it. The drama released a bunch of filming stills last month and the public has been lapping it up for signs that the two leads were doing real filming already. I say it’s fairly certain that was the case based on the stills.


Song Seung Heon and Crystal Liu’s Dating News Ratchets Up the Interest in The Third Way of Love — 31 Comments

  1. wahhh gasp those pics especially the last one are so electric though very simple, heavenly pairing. Song seung heon has another movie coming up MISS WIFE it’s a comedy and based on the trailer he is pretty funny in it, he should do more comedies, he seems naturally funny in interview

  2. Sigh. The Hand Towel and Vase will be making a lot of little vases and, um, small pieces of linen, ummm, I got nothing.

    He looks relaxed with her, I hope that comes through in the film. As he tends to see hesitant in his romances.

  3. Is there any possibilities that the rumour dating just to increase people interest in their new movie? I mean, there are many cases like that.When the projects already stop airing, the romance just gone. But totally agree both are beautiful.

    • I think so. As beautiful as people say he SSH is, he looks so.much older next to her. Perhaps it’s her baby face. Helooks lime an uncle next to her.

      • Wow, I reallly don’t see it. She has a baby face but she doesn’t really look young at the same time but it’s honestly impossible at her age, she’s a grown woman. Even Jang Nara who is aging incredibly well, I can look at her and immediately guess she is in her 30’s and there’s nothing wrong with that. They honestly look about the same age to me.

  4. He is using her for his desperate attempt to be super popular in China. Who doesn’t know the real seoung in Korea, Lee Byun best buddy with secret younger girl they hide every where.

      • They are all adults who make their own choices. What they do is their business. YEH is a strong willed woman who knows what she’s doing. SSH is not using Crystal Liu. They have their own large fan bases. SSH became a star before Crystal did. Plus, she’s known for just her face as he is.

      • Me, too…I’d like a newslink other than netizens’ speculations. There’s a huge difference between people having wild parties with gfs/bfs/ plus other friends (whether they’re celebrities or just college students) and sex parties.

    • They’re happy with each other. What’s wrong with that? Why do people need to make it out to be something that’s bad if they want to be with each other? It’s okay for men to be with men, women to be with women, older women to be with younger men, but wrong for Song Seung Heon to be with Crystal because of 11 year age difference? The world is so full of hypocrites.

    • lol it os baffling people who hate som much on perfect strangers, why do you even care if you don’t like him? have you ever seen any of his fan meeetings ? Song seung heon is still immensely popular, even after two dramas that were kinda failures he is still super popular and has a huge fan base, you are talking nonsense and neither of these stars need the rumors to help the movie, if the movie is good it will suceed, if it is not then it won’t

  5. All media paid good image, and fans trust oppa is the most angel man don’t last long, one small mistake like Mr Lee, will ruin everything.

  6. boo, i personally don’t like her she can’t act at all, just a pretty face with a rich background. i bet they’re just doing it for personal gains and publicity. he looks too good for her, plus she might be interested in him from his autumn drama back in the days when she was a baby, but i guess good for them???
    i predict that they won’t last long together

    • I actually really liked her in that drama with Rain, she’s been typecasted and its limited the roles she plays. I cannot imagine why she would only be interested in SSH just because of a drama he was in. I do know her “Goddess” status in China makes her a bit hard to approach and a lot of guys are intimidated by her. Maybe SSH is the first guy with the guts to ask her out…

      • All the actresses are goddess level but their brains are not for multi languages, by the time they can master 2 lines of mandarin, all of them are 40 yrs old already.
        Why Cnet said this is just cheap, or just lasted few months because no one buying SSH can speak even 3 lines of mandarin and English. At the moment sex is just their language.

    • Wow…so much hate. She’s actually at acting than him so what does that make him?

      If you really count it, she’s way richer and more learned them him, she’s also very popular in China and even if she decides to retire, she’ll still live comfortably of her riches.

      She’s too good for him. She could do so much better, like get a very good looking toy boy.

  7. Liu yifei always working with costars which either ugly, old or taken. Now finally she met a single, handsome and popular guy like seong. Go for it!! Just enjoy the love and being loved. Give them all my blessing.

  8. people who say they just make up rumor for their movie is just blind or just jealous of them. why would these two makeup rumor? they both are rich. so what the point of making up rumors? it not like they dont make money. laughing at cnet for wanting a korean beauty. cant say i blame them. korean soon to get two beauty while chinese still havent got one yet.

    • I think it’s cute they’re planning which of Korea’s goddesses to marriage snatch (lmaooooo)

      Jun Ji Hyun is obviously not a possibility since she’s married to a Korean and pregnant too, Kim Tae Hee also has a Korean bf (Rain), Shin Min Ah was recently outed dating Kim Woo Bin (also Korean), Lee Na Young is married to freaking Won Bin……..among the legendary Korean beauties not known to be taken at the moment, that leaves just Song Hye Kyo and Moon Chae Won (considered very pretty and a natural beauty+an A-list actress). And maybe Park Shin Hye, if you believe she’s single.

    • Chae Rim married to China about the same time as Tang Wei.

      K-godesses who are single, speak some chinese and sometimes work in China may stand chances of cross-cultural marriage including:
      – Lee Da Hae
      – Jang Na Ra
      – Song Hye Gyo

    • They could have made up the rumors to gain more celebrity status in different countries that way they get more notice. That’s one of many reasons.

      • plz. they both are rich. they dont need to do this shit. just to gain a few people to watch their movie.

      • cnetz must be happy. they wish to get a goddess. seem like they will get one in Ha Ji Won. chinese reporter should go camp these two out. if they get lucky. they might get a picture of them togther.

  9. Jang Nara mandarin is very basic, passable.
    Song Hye Gyo, hahaha, can’t hear the sound when she tried to converse.
    Miss Lee Du Hea, OK. but this blog already mentioned she dumped Li Yi Feng, for what ever reason. Don’t know if she already migrate to China.

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