K-ent Lookalikes Back in the News as Bora and Han Chae Young Posts Adorable Sisterly Selfie


It’s so cute when celebrities recognize their own lookalikes, it saves fans the trouble of doing double takes. Last week Sistar‘s Bora ran into K-actress Han Chae Young at an event and the two took a selfie asking their fans if they could pass as sisters. The answer is “totally”, and their not the only Korean entertains to have lookalikes in the same industry. Sure, the proliferation of plastic surgery in K-ent could have more and more stars looking alike since there seems to be one ideal for visuals for each gender, but some of the lookalikes currently out there aren’t due to knife work and more like serendipity. Ever find yourself curious about a new find simply due to a resemblance to a favorite star? Continue reading