The Throne with Yoo Ah In and Song Kang Ho Looks Intense and Riveting in Full Movie Trailer and Stills

September 15th will see the premiere of intense sageuk film The Throne (Korean title Sado), which might end up dethroning the current number 1 movie at the Korean box office by the same leading man. Yoo Ah In‘s cops-and-robbers thriller Veteran with Hwang Jung Min is owning all of August at the Korean box office, and may have the legs to continue its domination into September as that movie is about to cross the 10 million admissions mark soon. In the mean time, The Throne might not be the type of entertaining movie to bring in the viewers but certainly has all the ingredients for success at the awards ceremonies to come.

The Throne will be an acting showdown between Song Kang Ho as King Yeongjo and his son Crown Prince Sado played by Yoo Ah In, who was sentenced to die locked in a box by his own father. I’m excited to watch Yoo Ah In continue his well-deserved film leading man ascendance, and Song Kang Ho can do no wrong for me, but it’s also Moon Geun Young‘s involvement in this film that has me extra excited. I super love the first official still of her Crown Princess role, fiercely protecting her son. She’s not in the full trailer much but the nervousness increases with each scene as Crown Prince Sado gets closer to his destined demise.



Full trailer for The Throne (Sado):


The Throne with Yoo Ah In and Song Kang Ho Looks Intense and Riveting in Full Movie Trailer and Stills — 21 Comments

      • Well, according to popular history,as Crown Prince Sado turns “crazier”, Lady Hyegyeong became very protective of Yi San, future Jeongjo, her son, who was 10 (I believe) when Sado was put to death. She wanted to ensure that Yi San remains the rightful heir to the throne even with Sado gone. So “protecting her son” would be correct.

        Lady Hyegyeong married to the Palace when she was 10, and she bore her first child, Uiso, (who died early) when she was 15. Just because she was only Crown Princess at the time doesn’t mean she can bear the child. And she never became Queen, to be exact.

    • im not that excited for Moon Geun Young to play a mom and in this intense movie. but lets see whether she can prove her ability here.

  1. YAY! I’ve been waiting so long to hear anything about this movie. 😀 Thanks for posting the trailer. Hopefully MGY and YAH have awesome chemistry (how could they not?!)

  2. Yes! So exciting! I hope this movie doesn’t do the normal take on this story as other projects have done for example like Secret Door. I hope they take on the spin that maybe Sado was crazy and deranged because it’ll be a different take and YAI does crazy so well. Great actor!

    • He really does do crazy pretty convincingly (although YAI does most roles convincingly!). I dunno, when I read Lady Hyegyeong’s memoir, it really seemed as though Sado may have actually been mentally ill. Although his dad really didn’t help matters. ;(

  3. YOO AH IN is one of the best young actor of this time, we’ve seen all of his dramas and movies, he delivers very well. Truly the best, make Korean people very proud of him. Keep it up!

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