Jang Dong Gun Tops the Korean Ladies Pick of 10 Most Handsome K-actors

It’s the ladies turn to voice their preferences and this top-10 list has quite a few overlaps with the recently released male audience picks. There is a wee distinction, which was likely used in asking the question, as the men were asked which male actor they found the coolest/manliest, while the women were asked which male actor they found the most handsome. While more rugged looking Ha Jung Woo topped the men’s choice poll, it’s original flower boy Jang Dong Gun that the ladies find the number 1 most handsome actor in Korea. Still.

He’s topped various lists like this one in his two decade long acting career so it’s more surprising that the ladies remain enamored with his brand of good looks. Rounding out the top 5 after that are Won Bin, Jung Woo Sung, Jo In Sung, and Kim Soo Hyun, and the top 5 in the ladies poll all made the men’s list in differing positions. Even funnier is the second half of the list are five good looking actors that didn’t make the men’s poll at all: Kang Dong Won, Kim Woo Bin, Song Joong Ki, Yoo Ah In, and Lee Jin Wook. Go figure.

Korean women pick of Top 10 most handsome male actors:

1. Jang Dong Gun
2. Won Bin
3. Jung Woo Sung
4. Jo In Sung
5. Kim Soo Hyun
6. Kang Dong Won
7. Kim Woo Bin
8. Song Joong Ki
9. Yoo Ah In
10. Lee Jin Wook


Jang Dong Gun Tops the Korean Ladies Pick of 10 Most Handsome K-actors — 72 Comments

  1. Wahh I surprised some men didn’t even make it to the list like Hyun Bin, Lee Min Ho or So Ji Sub.
    In my opinion from that list I agree with JDG, JIS, and KDW. Some of the men are more pretty and beautiful than handsome.

  2. He will be my #1 too. Kang Dong-Won will also be on my list. All the others are not even close to being on my List. They are not handsome and not sexy either.

  3. Tbh,KWB is not handsome at all.LMH may be a bad other,but he is far more handsome than woo bin..surprised SJS and Hyun bin didn’t made it.becos they are far more handsome than the last 4 actors there.

  4. Won Bin is one of the most handsome men I’ve ever seen in any race or country (along with JJM, of course). JIS, on the other hand, is the epitomy of beauty in men.

  5. Kang Dong Won is really handsome. Perfect package intelligent, chaebol and handsome. He is manly not pretty. Is she dating Song Hye Kyo?
    Hope they are

    • Sorry, he’s dating me! I’m totally in love with him since I watched “1% of anything” like ten years ago. Is my future husband hahahaha

      • I’m in. Always be Kang dong won and Kim jung hwa shipper ( 1% of Anything Couple )even though its impossible since KJH is already married and has a son.

    • I’d take 1 Kang Dong Won over 10 LJS/KWB/KSH/LMH LOL. He is so mysterious. He got brains and looks. He takes acting seriously. Rumor has it he once dated SHK, but I don’t know if it’s true or if he still dates her now.

      • I thought the dating rumours of Kang Dong Won/Song Hye Kyo was only because they were seen together in Paris but it turned out they were doing a pictorial. .

    • I’m not surprised at all…
      I think Lee Jin Wook is really handsome… and is oozing with sex appeal… plus the fact that he is a good kisser… is it one of the basis for this ranking??? lol…

  6. No Hyun Bin!? Say it ain’t so! He seems to be having trouble getting back into everyone’s hearts post military service. He needs a good drama and FAST!

  7. Why no Hyun Bin?

    Hyun Bin, Jo In sung, Kang Dong Won, Won Bin, Jang Dong Gun, Lee Dong Wook and Ju Ji Hun are my top handsome actors.

      • I’m fine with your opinion but for me he is both handsome and cute, also manly. His face depends on his hair and style, like on his last drama, when he’s robin he looks young and when he’s SJ he looks older. All the actors I included in my list aged well,they all have gotten manly and sexy as they age.

  8. for my list of handsome men there are jang dong gun, wonbin, kim soo hyun, hyun bin, lee jin wook, lee min ho and the list go on. I think i am more to pretty guy compared to tough n rough guy. But dont eat me, i never found kang dong won n jo in sung handsome

  9. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so some that we may think as handsome, may not be the same for others. Apparantly, those 10 have been viewed by many that have similar thinking of handsome.

    From all the list though, Only see JDG, KDW and WB are on my list, the rest is okay. And sorry for the fans, Hyun Bin, LMH, CJW will never be on my list so yeah I can understand why these three are not there.

  10. Each individual has his own preferences.To my taste No1 Jang Dong Gun is not even cute and never understood his appeal as a man and actor.
    The guy who played the Alien in’ My Love From the Star” is just a cute boy .
    Kim Woo Bin is handsomely ugly .
    And Jo In Sung is a very good actor and nothing else .

    • But majority of us think otherwise. Try watching Jang Dong Gun Superstar Diary on youtube. Maybe then you will understand the magic and charisma behind the man. Even Cha Seung Won finds him very attractive. He thinks JDG’sn’t human because he’s so flawless, beautiful inside out.

  11. huh?

    I disagree with most haha

    I mean, some were handsome at their peak, but now they are aging, they aren’t looking handsome at all.

    I mean, Jo In Sung, Hyun Bin (who looked great with some weight on) Won bin, Jang Dong Gun (in his last drama I thought he looked weird, with a melted look)

    Kim Soo Hyun (guy is pretty but handsome is… lets see him age, most flower boys don’t age well and look weird)

    Kang Dong Won he has some aura tbh. I understand why some pick him.

    Kim Woo Bin, he has charms but handsome he isn’t.

    Song Joong Ki cute

    Yoo Ah In cute and sexy

    The only two I find really handsome with age and all:

    Lee Jin Wook and Jung Woo Sung. Damn they look great with age, and manly looking.

    I would pick So Ji Sub and Joo Jin-Mo (damn he is sexy)

      • well, don’t matter I’m giving my opinion, don’t care if they find them handsome, everyone has different tastes and I was giving mine.

  12. I guess I’m in the minority here, because I am not really a fan of Jang Dong Gun.. I could see him on this list 10 years ago (I saw an old drama of his) but now… And also the last one, LJW, his face always looks odd to me (bc of his nose?), I can’t watch anything he’s in. He’s one of the few actors I can’t watch at all..

    • You are indeed! JDG will be forever on that list because Koreans love him. His charisma never fails to captivate their hearts. Just sayin’…….

  13. my wonbin oppa.. i dont want to call him ajjussi, cuz i love him. haha..

    i like 9 of 10. i dont like JWS anymore since his breaking up with LJA.i just dont find this guy attractive anymore (even i fell head over heals in love with his character in his movie with son ye jin)

    no LMH? i dont find him attractive too, but seriously, that guy has a good face! i wish to see TOP on that list, but sad, he’s not there.

    omo forgot to mention, healer.. Ji CHang Wook?? no??

  14. Diversity in views and opinion, let respect prevails. Some of you don’t find JDG handsome but he will be forever on that list whether you agree or not. I think most Koreans love him and find him attractive because he is really good looking in person. His photos and and looks on TV don’t do him justice as he is much more attractive in real life. Even photographers say he takes the worst picture on camera but very different when you see him in person. His co stars also see him as so handsome like what Kim Woo Bin said when they did AGD together. Maybe that’s his X factor and his charisma that he always topped most of the surveys since then and now.

  15. In my list: Jang Dong Gun and Jung Woo Sung is are the most beautiful one. The rest are okay looking. I prefer Song Seung Hun in his older age rather than Won Bin now. But I love Won Bin’s looks in Autumn in My Heart years ago. I think Won Bin doesn’t age nicely. Like others, I surprised no Gong Yoo, Jo Jin Moo, Ji Jin Hee and So Ji Sub. They all good looking too. For younger actors, still no one of model-actors could attract me. Don’t know why. Yoo Ah In and Joo Won aren’t that good looking in my eyes, but they have charm when they act. Jo In Sung, Lee Jun ki and Kang Dong Won forever pretty oppa.

  16. Wow. My list would be quite different!!! Quite. Just goes to show the different cultures I suppose. SSH would be very high on my list. I know, I know, the whole ‘actor’ label is subjective…;)

  17. Beauty is subjective. Whilst many people find JDG handsome, I just don’t see it. (no offense to his fans) However, I do find Jung Woo Sung very manly and handsome, Kim Woo Bin has charms and Yoo Ah In definitely find him sexy and has a RAWR factor in him.

  18. For me it’s impossible to make a ranking. There are a lot of korean actors who are handsome ! Si I would add So Ji Sub, Hyun Bin, Gong Yoo πŸ˜€

  19. Jang Dong Gun will always be the most handsome man in the world to me. He’s the only reason i even care about Korean entertainment at all. Try watch his old dramas (Model, Medical Brothers,Ghost,AAE) and you will understand Koreans’ infatuation with him. I admit he’s a little thin in Gentleman’s Dignity, but towards few last episodes he regained his weight again and looked fantabulous. Koreans has seen him since 23 years ago, that’s why they know how good looking he is. Love him! Other than him, I only agree with wonbin and lee jin wook from that list.

    • I’m so glad we share the same sentiment about Jang Dong Gun. In general, JDG’s the most handsome Korean actor ever. When media experts were asked who’s the best looking Korean actor/ actress in real life, he topped the list with the most number of votes. Poor second only got 4 pts, singer/ actress Im Yoon Ah compared to JDG’s 12 pts.

    • I’m with you! Fans (mostly the teenage ones) who’ve been watching Korean dramas for less than 10 years and haven’t seen any Jang Dong Geun dramas aside from A Gentleman’s Dignity will find it difficult to understand his charm. They need to see him at his peak (20’s-30’s) and they will be enlightened. Lol.

      He is practically South Korea’s own version of Brad Pete! He is timeless!

      • Well other teeners really did find him good looking when they saw AGD three years ago. I even became friends with some of them through the internet because we all like him a lot. Btw, it’s Brad Pitt not Brad Pete ok?

  20. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…Hyun Bin, Jang Hyuk, Lee Jun Ki, Kim Na Gil would top my list of the most handsomest actors in Korea.

  21. heol~
    where’s my Hyun Bin?
    hahaha this is great, Jung Woo Sung, Jo In Sung, Kang Dong Won, Won Bin was my fave
    if there’s more than 10, I hope it would be Hyun Bin, Joo Ji Hun, Kim Jae Wook, Kang Ha Neul, Jang Hyuk kkkkk

  22. Reading all the butthurt comments of the fans whose idols weren’t in the list had me rolling on the floor. Hahahaha.

    I enormously agreee with the Korean ladies picking Jang Dong Deun as no.1. I first saw him in the drama All About Eve and ever since then, I harbored a huge crush on him. Dammmn, this man is surely aging gorgeously!

    I’m also happy that my hubby Song Joong Ki made it! He is the true definition of flower-boy!

  23. I understand that so many here are thinking how JDG can be that good looking compared to their favorite stars. JDG is not really photogenic but as someone who had met him before, he’s really very good looking in person and very charismatic to the point that you’ll be mesmerised while talking to him.

    • Yes I agree with you. I think most Koreans really find JDG so handsome because they have seen him in person. Some even say that if Song Seung Hun is 100x better looking in person than in his photos, JDG is 1000x better looking in real life than when you see him on TV and photos since he’s not photogenic. He’s a lot more attractive and looks younger in real life. That’s why for me, he’s the original flower boy, my forever eye candy no matter how old he will be. He still is the most handsome Korean actor for more two decades and always will be.

  24. Koreans… I am happy that LMH did not make their list either, but KSH? really? Oh, well, have no idea what they see in him, but it’s okay it is their list. πŸ™‚

    My list would be the following, but only Jang Hyuk stayed on his place the others are keep swapping, but they still stay in the first ten. πŸ™‚

    1. Jang Hyuk
    2. Ji Sung
    3. Lee Joon-Gi (he wasn’t on my list for a long time, but now that he is aging he become manlier)
    4. So Ji-sub
    5. Choi Jin-hyuk
    6. Ji Jin-hee
    7. Won Bin
    8. Song Seung-heon
    9… have no one to think of now πŸ˜› Maybe LSH. He has a very special vibe what I like.

    • I am happy Lee Min Ho did not make to their list, but Kim Soo Hyun? Kim Soo Hyun eyes are not even equal how can he be handsome… so ugly. This list seem to be handsome OLDIES list.. hahahahha

  25. Your list is not a true picture of the real situation. Lee Joon Gi is the most handsome! Incredibly Handsome. His eyes are really something astonishing!

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