The Throne Selected as the Official Korean Movie Submission for the Best Foreign Picture Oscar

For a group┬áthat just filmed a real life historical tragedy of operatic proportions, the cast of upcoming sageuk movie The Throne (Sado) continue to look positively glowing and happy while doing promotions for the movie. Clearly everyone really got along, and now they have an additional reason to be pleased as The Throne has just been selected as Korea’s official submission to the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Picture. Sweet. Makes more sense than Yoo Ah In’s fashion style being submitted to represent Korea lol.

This happening before the movie has been released shows that the submissions committee liked what they saw when given an early showing, and the selection of The Throne is comes against strong competition in well-received box office hits this year with Veteran, Assassination, and Northern Limit Line. The cast was looking super sharp at a movie talk event this week led by Song Kang Ho along with Yoo Ah In, Kim Hae Sook, Moon Geun Young, and Jeon Hye Jin. I still can’t get over how Yoo Ah In positively beams around Moon Geun Young, it’s such cute admiring fawning. Continue reading

The Throne with Yoo Ah In and Song Kang Ho Looks Intense and Riveting in Full Movie Trailer and Stills

September 15th will see the premiere of intense sageuk film The Throne (Korean title Sado), which might end up dethroning the current number 1 movie at the Korean box office by the same leading man. Yoo Ah In‘s cops-and-robbers thriller … Continue reading

Joseon K-movie Update: The Royal Tailor Wraps Filming While Sado Starts Shooting

It’s probably pure happenstance that one big-budget sageuk K-movie wrapped filming the exact same time another big-budget sageuk K-movie started filming. Hopefully the premiere dates won’t be in direct competition because I’m sure there’s enough audience members fans of each … Continue reading