Luhan Joins the Cast of the Third Season of Popular Chinese Running Man

If there was a C-star that doesn’t need to be even more popular that he already is, that would be Luhan. At this point his name stands alone in China and doesn’t even need the formerly of EXO in reference. I still don’t quite understand how he got this famous this fast but who am I to begrudge the Chinese public’s love for its homegrown flower boy (Chinese slang 小鲜肉 little fresh meat). I’m actually quite happy with this unexpected casting news, but wanted to preface it by pointing out that the sky probably still has room for Luhan to get even more famous now that he’s just been confirmed as the new addition to the hit Chinese version of Running Man (Chinese title Hurry Up Brother).

Second season addition Bao Bei Er is leaving the show due to scheduling conflicts, whatever that means, and replacing him will be Luhan. It’s the first time the show has a male young’un, and now he’ll definitely be playmates with close in age cast mate Angelababy. The third season of C-Running Man goes into production shortly for airing this fall. I love this show to pieces, mostly for Li Chen but also for Wong Cho Lam‘s hilarious snarks. The show has the best guests among C-variety, and the second season highlights included the episode with all the little fresh meat (including EXO member Lay), and Fan Bing Bing‘s epic no holds barred episode with a Saint Seiya reference, and when the cast of Monster Hunt arrived for a fun treasure hunt.


Luhan Joins the Cast of the Third Season of Popular Chinese Running Man — 8 Comments

  1. I too don’t understand how he got so popular so quickly. Did he even have a hit show?

    Like you I watch the show mainly for Li Chen and Wang Cho Lam. I wasn’t keen on this at the start but I watched the one episode with Gui Gui and fell for Li Chen instantly.

  2. I still haven’t recovered from my bout of depression when I heard this news on weibo. Unlike many typical teenager girls I dislike bands- especially these kind of members. I am probably going to get a lot of hate for this but as a Chinese in England I’ve seen too much One Direction to like any of those idol-girly members.

    One of the main reasons I like Hurry Up Brother so much is that the cast members aren’t particularly famous or have an idol image e.g. Bao Bei Er. I don’t mind if popular people guest star in it but as a permanent member… I really like Bao Bei Er on the show- his slyness and smart ideas and genuinity (when he gave 2 months of wages to Deng Chao for his wedding).

    But now in order to get higher rating from the young teenager audience they’re basically kicking off Bao Bei Er for a more popular star. I just feel it’s not fair- LuHan is already incredibly famous so he doesn’t need this kind of publicity. I’d rather have the supporting actors of the entertainment industry to gain recognition through this show.

    I know he said he was leaving because of scheduling conflicts but I don’t think so- Bao Bei Er isn’t that famous and I doubt he would rather film another supporting role than go on a extremely hot variety show. Plus he was crying so I feel like he’s being kicked out… 🙁

  3. “who am I to begrudge the Chinese public’s love for its homegrown flower boy”

    so OP, you have no problem with a ex-exoer advancing into his homeland’s entertinament business and even get casted into big show and other movies as a lead. But “was underwhelmed by Victoria Song being chosen as a lead” for a some big budget drama?
    LMAO, does there even exist at least one female hormone who can can overcome her prejudice and subjective bias? Looks like no…
    Fan girls are everywhere.

  4. Ever since I saw how you got into fight with commenters and actually revealed people’s IP addresses to the public using your “administrative privileges”, I knew you are just another female hormone (aka fan girl) who can’t overcome her prejudice. lol

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