Bad Guys Always Die with Bolin Chen and Son Ye Jin Drops First Exciting Movie Trailer

Consider me excited now for upcoming Chinese-Korean collaboration movie Bad Guys Always Die (坏蛋必须死). I really haven’t seen a good collab movie or drama since the groundswell of such projects started in recent years, but this one looks as entertaining as any movie trailer can hope to rope in the general audience. Starring Bolin Chen, Son Ye Jin, Kimi Qiao, and Shin Hyun Joon, the movie is almost entirely set and filmed in Jeju and is described as a mystery thriller road trip romance.

Bolin plays a Chinese language teacher living in Busan who visits Jeju when his hometown buddies visit him in Korea. Once they arrive on Jeju, they find themselves embroiled in chases and capers with strange characters, including Son Ye Jin as a mysterious woman who might be a hitman. It’s a smart move casting award winning actors Son Ye Jin and Bolin Chen, both having excessive amounts of acting talent and the good looks to double down on eye candy. The cast recently attended an adorable press conference to promote the movie which premieres in late October simultaneously in China and Korea.

Trailer for Bad Guys Always Die:


Bad Guys Always Die with Bolin Chen and Son Ye Jin Drops First Exciting Movie Trailer — 6 Comments

  1. I’d just like to say that Qiao Zhenyu (who is starring in this film) and Kimi Qiao are two totally different people…but thanks for the article. 🙂

  2. Weird… i did not expect that but I love Son Ye Jin though! I would love to see her opposite Gong Yoo in an action drama or an romantic comedy! 🙂

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