Running Man Releases Upcoming Guest List of Gong Yoo, BTS, TWICE, Suzy, and Song-Song Couple on 1st Day of April

Congrats to the casting director for long running variety show Running Man for earning a lifetime bonus and bragging rights by signing up what is the most incredible list of guests. The production team poster on April 1st today the list of future guest stars including top actor Gong Yoo, pop groups BTS and TWICE, idol-actress-CF queen Suzy, and the return of mega Hallyu actor Song Joong Ki along with his equally famous actress wife Song Hye Kyo. K-ent is collectively losing its marbles over this star-studded guest lineup as am I, this is the stuff of legends. And also the stuff of awesome pranks, Happy April Fools from the Running Man production team and a great one since everyone must have done double or triple takes of excitement before realizing the impossibility of this happening LOL. Continue reading

Chinese Running Man Returns for Season 3 with New Addition Luhan

It’s going to be a fun next few months as Chinese Running Man (Hurry Up Brother) comes back for season 3 of its massively popular run. I personally like watching the C-version more for the awe-inspiring locales around China used … Continue reading

Running Man in Hot Water with Ill-conceived Twitter Campaign to Pressure Yoon Eun Hye to Guest

The bad publicity keeps dogging SBS recently and I can’t help but feel it’s primarily self-inflicted by the bad decisions made by the network. There’s the desperate effort to revive audience interest in the flagging prime time drama Hyde, Jekyll, … Continue reading