C-drama Adaptation of Yun Zhong Ge with Angelababy and Lu Yi Will Finally Air in Mid-September

Sometimes a delay ends up yielding unexpectedly good results, and that looks to be the case with the arrival of the drama adaptation of Yun Zhong Ge (Song of the Clouds). The novel from writer Tong Hua is one of my favorites even if it’s also the hardest to read in terms of the angst. It’s probably second only to her ancient gods novel Ceng Shu Nuo (Once Promised) in terms of the rocks fall down element, but does a good job of vividly painting a Han dynasty romance and political intrigue story with plenty of memorable characters good and bad. Yun Zhong Ge was filmed four years ago but will finally hit the small screens on September 13th, airing on Hunan TV following the conclusion of the hit fantasy drama The Journey of Flower.

The reason I think YZG’s delay is good for the drama is the recent ratings bonaza going on with so many C-dramas, so the audience is clearly back in the game. Even better is the cast have all become way more popular since they filmed the drama – leading lady Angelebaby‘s profile is through the roof thanks to C-Running Man, Chen Xiao hit it big with period dramas Female Prime Minister and Romance of the Condor Heroes, Lu Yi and Du Chun both have gotten more popular thanks to variety show hits, and Yang Rong is enjoying critical praise for her acting in antagonist roles that steals the Candy leading lady’s thunder. I’m back to super anticipating the drama again, and find Angelababy actually doing it for me in all the previews.

Yun Zhong Ge previews:


C-drama Adaptation of Yun Zhong Ge with Angelababy and Lu Yi Will Finally Air in Mid-September — 18 Comments

  1. Don’t shoot… I still am indifferent to Angelababy!!!

    Dont’ hv much affection for her before RM-C, the more after RM-C… don’t like her tactics in RM-C as compared to SJH..

      • i feel the same way. while there’s no doubt that she’s a beautiful lady, (there’s a perfect video game quality about her face in photos,) but there’s something about her jaw that bothers me when she is acting.

  2. Looking forward to this drama been waiting years for its released. But after trying very hard, I am still not a fan of Yang Rong.
    Hope this drama will not disappoint.

  3. I be one happy koala just reading your next chapter of “Lost you forever” English translation than watching angelababy in C drama “Yun Zhong Ge” …..

  4. Yessss!!!!! Journey of the flower was awesome, but I had been waiting for this for as long time! However I kind of wish I didn’t read the book now. Du chun is a great actor, but he doesn’t look the role when the other male leads are much more handsome in comparison.

  5. Would be super into this except for the fact that the cast is all wrong; not to mention making Liu Bing Yi the male lead over Ling-gege just makes my eyes bug out. Will probably still check it out though, I loved this book so much it might be worth it just to see some scenes faithfully adapted.
    On a sidenote, I think the proper pinyin for 曾许诺 should be Ceng Xu Nuo and not Ceng Shu Nuo?

    • There’s something about his lips that also gives me the same impression. It took me a few seconds of staring before realizing that it’s not my man.

  6. I agree with you- after I watched Hurry Up Brother I changed my mind about her but her looks is too modern so she looks weird in here (her face is too slim so doesn’t suit the ancient hairstyles). Not really confident about her acting and especially this drama in Yu Zheng’s hands… Well I’m sure Yang Rong, Chen Xiao and Lu Yi will make up for it.

    Since it’s an ancient drama obviously the outfits and sets aren’t outdated so it should be okay. It’s a pity this drama wasn’t produced by Tangren- most of their productions turn out really well.

    • I wouldn’t mind giving this a try. Tangren did such a bad job with Da Mao Yao, the prequel to Yun Jun Ge. Even if this particular producer is infamous for changing story lines and have plagiarism rumors, I have to say that most of his works are visually stunning though. I am not a big fan of this producer, but at least the color here are bright and not so drab in Da Mao yao.

      • Haha I feel the exact opposite in that I was hoping Tangren was the one who picked up the rights and adapted Yun Zhong Ge instead. Loved their Da Mo Yao drama adaptation and would’ve been interesting to see what they would’ve done to YZG. I really dislike Yu Zheng productions..

  7. Ms.Koala could you do a quick recap for this drama ?
    I have been watching raw episode so far. Some of the scenes following the book but they changes quite a bit in relationship between the leads. In drama, I noticed that Ling Ge Ge actually quite warm towards his empress and LBY have not shown any interest to YG so far.
    I have been desperate for english sub but so far none of website translate this drama yet.

  8. I am as caught up with the series as it has been airing and eng subbed episodes are available on the internet. Visually the drama is very appealing, but so far I’m not feeling much for and between the leads although Lu Yi as Ling Gege makes it up for his acting, and the couple that is Liu Bingyi and Xu Pingjun. Angelababy is surprisingly not as bad as many imagined she could be, I find her tolerable unlike Du Chun as Meng Jue. Granted that it is only aired up to episode 8 so there’s still much left but hoping that rumors of Yu Zheng marginalizing Ling gege as 3rd male lead are not true, and I am impatient for that part of the storyline Yun Ge reunites with her true flame Ling Gege.

    • Wanted to clarify that the LBY-XPJ and their respective actors (other than Lu Yi’s solid job as the ever pining Ling Gege for his Yun Ge) are also one of the few things making up for the series so far.

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