Six Flying Dragons Unveils Imposing and Charismatic Drama Stills of All the Male Leads

SBS promised me Six Flying Dragons, but from the completed set of drama stills of all the leading men I only count five. Which leads me to assume Shin Se Kyung‘s female lead is the sole lady of the bunch and the final dragon, which is cool by me. After swooning over sexy in black Yoo Ah In as Lee Bang Won last week, this week comes four more sets of character stills that has me ooohing and ahhhing. It’s great to finally see the other male lead Kim Myung Min in character, dressed as a commoner but oozing authority through his expression and physical aura.

The biggest surprise has to be Byun Yo Han, who plays the bodyguard to Kim Myung Min’s Jung Do Jung. I’ve never been partial to Byun Yo Han but this is the first time he’s made me sit up and take notice as he looks every inch the intense warrior. While Byun Yo Han is protecting Kim Myung Min, Yoo Ah In gets his own bodyguard in similar aged and physically imposing Yoon Kyun Sang, who returns to his sageuk roots after being part of the Woodalchi in Faith. This will be great to wash the stink of a terrible character in The Time I Loved You off him. Last but not least is drama daddy Chun Ho Jin as King Taejo (Lee Seong Gye), the founding monarch of the Joseon dynasty and father to Lee Bang Won. Royal daddy definitely looks like he could single-handedly take down an army.


Six Flying Dragons Unveils Imposing and Charismatic Drama Stills of All the Male Leads — 10 Comments

  1. i wish there were more female dragons
    sometimes history “forgets” how important a part woman also took and just all together ignore it

  2. …wow, THAT is what Byun Yo-han looked like, under the dorky/cute hairdo he had in Misaeng?

    I just hope this has a better script than Secret Door, SBS hasn’t attempted a sageuk since but I hope they learned the value of a good writer in that time.

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