Moon Geun Young Looking Pretty and Nervous in the First Promo Teaser for The Village

SBS continues with its trend of running concept promos for dramas and the first one is out for upcoming Wed-Thurs mystery thriller The Village: Achiara’s Secret. I’ll probably be calling it just The Village since it sounds way creepier without the Achiara’s Secret, which by the way achiara is supposedly an old Korean description for a lotus pond. The concept teaser as Moon Geun Young‘s character looking at a picture of two little girls and voiceovering that “I died 23 year ago, you and me here”.

This promos totally gives me The Tale of Two Sisters vibes, except less horror creepy, but definitely flashes back to that acclaimed horror movie since Moon Geun Young played the younger of the two sisters in that film. I find Moon Geun Young’s look so pretty in this drama, I think she’s naturally pretty but not all styles work well with her round face but this face-framing wavy bob is da domb on her. No hint of leading man Yook Sung Jae in this first teaser which is fine by me, I’d rather watch him in action to see if his casting fits the drama character.

Teaser for The Village:


Moon Geun Young Looking Pretty and Nervous in the First Promo Teaser for The Village — 16 Comments

  1. This looks soo good, I’ll just cross my fingers and hope the music for the drama is amazing amazing and chilling. Like how you’ve pointed a Tale of Two Sisters success not only was the story but the gorgeous, sad, haunting music. Crossing my fingers so hard for this project which hopefully will revive MGY career.

  2. I’m missing something here. I was thinking this would be like a murder mystery thing, but murder mysteries don’t take 16 episodes to solve themselves, which makes me wonder what else is the series going to be about.

  3. seeing a pretty lady doing some acting.
    Painter Of The Wind and Cinderella’s Sister are still the two drama’s that dit put Moon Geun Young in a separate league for me, where few others reside. ( For me, that is Canadian Megan Follows,( “Anne of Green Gables”) and Jennifer Ehle , ( “Pride & Prejudice” 1995 )

    According to the enthusiastic posts on facebook and elsewhere, Moon Geun Young has not lost a single fan from olden days.

    • I copied and pasted my previous post not correct, I wanted to add this:
      “Nor every hairdo fits MGY’s round face” . And not every ( poor written) drama does fit her.
      But if it does it becomes a very special experience, going far beyond just watching a pretty lady doing some acting.
      Few actresses and actors, ( either East or West), can take the viewer deep into a drama the way Moon Geun Young does.

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