Kim Sae Ron and Nam Joo Hyuk Pile on the First Love Cuteness for Glamorous Temptation

At first glance, I thought a newspaper had just spliced an old picture of Kim Sae Ron in Hi! School: Love On next to a still of Nam Joo Hyuk from Who Are You: School 2015, that’s how much each looks like a character from their previous dramas. A closer look reveals them to be wearing the same school uniform, and fast growing Kim Sae Ron looks noticeably older than she did in HSLO, so this turns out to be a brand spanking new drama still from their upcoming drama Glamorous Temptation (Their Fortress) where they look so visually compatible as cute teenage besties and future OTP.

Airing on MBC Mon-Tues, the drama will be a 50-episode modern tale that would seems more at home on the weekend time slot, but is instead going head-to-head in prime time opposite SBS‘s long sageuk Six Flying Dragons and the one-two punch of Sassy Go Go and Oh My God over on KBS. I’m planning to check out the first ten episodes as those are the childhood portion, and I really love Kim Sae Ron in whatever she does even if the script sucks. Seeing tall Nam Joo Hyuk towering over tiny adorable Kim Sae Ron does bring back all those memories from School 2015 and his performance opposite Kim So Hyun. Sure hope he brings along major improvement for this go-around.


Kim Sae Ron and Nam Joo Hyuk Pile on the First Love Cuteness for Glamorous Temptation — 6 Comments

  1. Kim Sae Ron is actually a really tall young lady, it’s just that Nam Joo Hyuk is also very tall. She’s not tiny by any standards!

    I really hope he learned how to form facial expressions when he emotes though. School 2015 was so frustrating seeing him try to act. …..he can’t portray any kind of complex emotion and his eyes just look blank. He was only good in the cute scenes.

  2. The thought that he was bad at acting never crossed my mind while watching School 2015. There were parts in the drama when he had lacking facial expressions. But I don’t know if that was his entirely his acting or also based on the directing/story. They milked the love triangle so keeping YiAn’s feelings somewhat a mystery might have to do with that. He was supposed to be taciturn based on his character description – so many makjang things happened to him all at once that he even he didn’t know how he felt. His quiet nature, less emotive nature was used to juxtapose TaeKwang who was one to let out all his emotions/feelings. People who preferred TaeKwang’s character connected more with YSJ’s acting so they missed all of YiAn’s subtle development and (vehemently) blamed it entirely on NJH’s acting.

    Well we will see NJH and YSJ in new projects very soon so everyone will have more data to discuss their acting abilities. Unless School 2015’s ending was so traumatizing that some people’s opinion of NJH will never change.

  3. He still has a lot of room to improve, but he looks fantastic with all his costars. That height and his looks really work. I guess it’s the model in him. If he can actually improve he can go far. He’s pretty charming.

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